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b l a c k r o s e 9 chapter 28 . 1/4/2004
i read this fic at the beginning ot the year but i never knew it had actually been finished. amazing. im grinning now. Terran was such a cunning bitch and its nice to see shes on the road to redeption. good to see deck got back what he dished out. i love your characterisation of him. he's such an evil bastard. well done. wonderful fic.. i had chills running down me reading these last five chaps. i can remember no why its one of my fave fics.
Denise Nicole chapter 28 . 4/11/2003
To be perfectly honest, I did not like this story when I first read the parts you had posted (up to when Max went to NO, I think). I was disappointed because J&J is so good, and this just didn't seem up to par. I never came back to it as you continued posting chapters. I don't really remember what rubbed me wrong, just that it was enough to keep me away.

So, I've been slogging through some of my old favorites, and looking by author instead of by story. I saw that you had finished Terran, and decided to give it another shot.

Am I glad I did.

I think it really began to come together towards the end. And once the action began really picking up, it carried me along with it. I've been left wondering how Terran will adjust to the new life she's faced with - again. But with Vic andOnyx by her side, at least she's starting this time with family.

I don't know if you'll ever do a sequal to this story. If you do, I will definitely be up for reading it. If not, this was still an amazing run, well worth reading.
Nevermore chapter 28 . 10/21/2002
A great ending, as Terran finds some sort of redemption for herself. Great job on this story.
Faith chapter 28 . 10/20/2002
I am so glad that you finished this story!

Terran is such a bitch and yet I feel so sorry for her. And I'm really glad that everything worked out for her in the end.

Your writting is fantastic and I can't wait for more stories!

dleep chapter 28 . 10/18/2002
This is a great ending to a fantastic story. I've enjoyed reading it, kind of sad to see it go...

Terran is-was- (whatever) a fantastic character. Messed up, insane, but likeable!

The story line was packed with action and moved at a great pace, with twists and turns that had me dying in anticipation.

I love your Gen X and J&J, but from the first chapter of this story, I was hooked, and always got a little more excited when 'author alert' told me it was this story that had been updated.

Well done Cat, and thanks for a fantastic story.
dleep chapter 27 . 10/18/2002
I'm gonna make this quick, 'cause I'm dying to get to the next chapter.





Absolutely perfect- Lydecker and Renfro as well as the amazing character that you've drawn in Terran. This is a fantastic story! Well done, Cat!
red34 chapter 26 . 10/18/2002
wow cat, i've been coming here from dark angel fans and i love it, it has been fantastic, there was a time when new chapters were far between but now it's finished i'm sad. it's up there with j&j and gen x6. though teran was a calculating bitch you could see why and in ways you felt sorry for her, the last line was was great, it was as though she was finally telling the truth to her friends

"My name," I said slowly, "is Terran."

keep the writing going there's loads of people reading it, thanx for a fab fic


Nevermore chapter 26 . 10/18/2002
Wonderful. Though it feels more like the beginning of a story than the end of one. Is there a thought for a sequel bouncing around in your brain?
Faith chapter 26 . 10/11/2002
That was beyond wonderful!

Sometimes you read books and they are really good but then the ending is a huge let down. But not this story! I have no doubt in my mind that you, Cat are the best author in the world! Because there is no way that any of your stories could be any better!

Enyone who hasn't read this story or any of Cat's stories you have to! They are the best you will ever discover! :)
dleep chapter 26 . 10/10/2002
As per usual, Cat, you've outdone yourself. This chapter is fantastic, I loved it.

Terran's character and everything she said to Max was perfect. I loved the ending too. (Is this the end of the story? I assume it is, it works well as an ending!)

Terran was certainly an X5 worth meeting!

cheetahluke chapter 26 . 10/10/2002
this story gets better and better every chapter that you write! i guess it's come to end now (unless there is still an epilogue to come, but i think this is a great place to leave it!) which is kainda sad, but all in all great work!
abregaza chapter 26 . 10/10/2002
Wow, that wasn't what i expected, hope there's more soon.
dleep chapter 25 . 10/9/2002

I love the J&J series, as well as Gen X, but every chapter of this story has blown me away. It's great- fantastically written and I love the characters- especially Terran.

Well done Cat. Can't wait to see how this ends.

RPGirl17 chapter 25 . 10/8/2002
I'm so glad that this story is going to have what appears to be a happy ending. I'm only a little sad that Logan had to come in before Max's and Terran's dance :-) That would have been fun to read about. Anyway, great story. This is like the only non-shipper story I've read in ages. I can't wait for the next part.
Be Boring chapter 25 . 10/8/2002
You finally updated! I was looking forward to Lydecker finding out about who Terran really was. This was a great chapter, update soon!
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