Reviews for Leaving Her
Selinat muchanga chapter 4 . 7/11/2016
Type your review finish it plz
Seline chapter 4 . 6/27/2016
Please write this charter its so fucking sexy
SheWhoDancesByLightoftheMoon chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
pretty good, needs some editing and revising though. Also, sorry Love, but It's Orgasm, not organism C

The Dark Knight's Revenge chapter 4 . 1/3/2010
Pleas eplease please please please pleas 4eplae please lease

update soon!
LunaxXmoongoddessXx chapter 4 . 4/30/2009
hry please update soon, this story is really good and i want to find out what happens next,... i Hope Sasuke come's back and i can't wait to find out what's wrong with Saku.. awesome though
darkangel'sblessing chapter 4 . 7/25/2007
i'm gonna go on a limb here and say that sakura's pregnate cause of wat happened between her and sasuke
kattylin chapter 3 . 11/10/2006
hi my email ad is im just too bored to change my ad anyway can i like continue ur stry seing as u hnt writen a single chapter in abt 1 mnth i have lots of ideas if u wnt allow me its ok but if u ask me...i have lots of ideas i can type on the spot i luv ur stry and its just a dream if ul let me do the next chappie and oh yeah, can teach me how to submit a stry its ben one of my interests to write my stories but im to shy to put them in paper or in writing so i just keep em in my head so please say YESYESYES!
kattylin chapter 4 . 10/14/2006
you so have to make her pregnant! i will so die if you do! plz plz pretty plz? sorry if i'm persisent
latest-blooming-sakura-blossom chapter 4 . 10/12/2006
OMG update soon!
GlowlyInsanity chapter 4 . 10/6/2006
Please do it soon.I like the story so much.
cast14 chapter 3 . 10/6/2006
great story i hope you will update it soon its a great story and very interesting
cast14 chapter 2 . 10/6/2006
great story i loved it
ElephantRoom chapter 4 . 10/6/2006
well i hope you can update soon! i like this story!
Living-Universe chapter 4 . 10/6/2006
Yeah sorry... sorry won't fix it! (jk)

-Hinata's Inner Universe-
Sakura Haruno 123456 chapter 3 . 10/4/2006
OMG! This is an awesome story! Please add another chapter soon!
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