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SilentStarlightSky chapter 15 . 12/7/2014
I liked your story. Maude McCay is now an inside joke I have with my husband. He liked your story too. Cute.
StalkingForChocolate chapter 15 . 8/4/2014
Thought this story was lovely and well written. Definitely made me laugh out loud a few times too! Thanks!
LordHatredX chapter 15 . 3/28/2014
very interesting story

! ! ! .
Kein Sylvan chapter 1 . 2/17/2014
Hello Ash,

I wasnt planning to comment/review after 5 or more chaps, but here you got me since first chapter.

The incident, the "Squall Incident", was funny XD. But damn, I don't know how Rinoa didnt spelled a Thundaga over Squall naked body (That would be great). But no, she decided to cry in silence. Amazing how a misundestanding could lead a broke up... guess nothing could have helped that situation, maybe the "It's not like it looks like" phrase could help XD, but man, sometimes people has to TALK or shout!

The worst thing is that they dont know why they are hurt. Stupid Selphie...
Lumina Han chapter 1 . 12/4/2013
OMG this is sooooooo good. You just know how to USE rinoa and Squall's chemistry that makes the twilight chemistry embarassed! Sooo excited to finish reading this now.
Summoner Luna chapter 15 . 3/4/2013
I, along with I'm sure many others, figured I would go back and read this since it's getting an epilogue soon, and of course I am happy that I did. The first time I read this was before I knew you, which doesn't really affect anything of course, though I did catch a few jokes that seem to still be in use I didn't before which made it quite fun.

On an actual story-related note, something I really, really love about this story is how dedicated and focused Squall remains through the whole thing. That's something that is very much a part of the way I see his character, and something I've actually been thinking about lately anyway, but his unwavering devotion to Rinoa, whether he knows what to do with it or not. It comes out in plenty of other stories, sure, but he's much more open about it in this one... She affected him so much, so I really like the way he relies on his friends and keeps that openness, willing to do whatever it takes for her, since, honestly, that's really just what I see in him.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the epilogue, but I'm also glad that I went back and revisited this, as it really is just very sweet, and very wonderful.
h8rjk chapter 15 . 10/24/2012
a good read and an interesting story, the blind girl concept and the drama were well thought out. however despite it being a good story, i feel that it is heresy to use it with squall and rinoa, while i understand using ff8 and some of its plot devices, turning squall into a pansy and turning rinoa into a fool is something i can't overlook, i understand that you can't make a good love story without going a little ooc, but this was going too far for the both of them, and i take some offense to seeing their names being used in this story. the story of squall and rinoa is supposed to be a beautiful lovestory, not a teen drama with idiotic misunderstandings spanning years. other than the use of names i enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work if you're still around.
Ao Sekai chapter 14 . 5/26/2012
I salute Quistis the way she handle those two. they are both very stubborn and how did she found out what's going on. Even though she's dealing with the commander and the sorceress, she did not backed down just to solved the issues they're having in
Guest chapter 15 . 1/24/2012
It was a really good story. I just think that the love was a bit unequal. I know Rinoa was hurt and all, but it just seeks that Squall loved her more than she did him. And really, Squall's a 20 year old hot guy and he was so devoted to her but she went off with other men. She should feel disgusted with herself.
Pom Rania chapter 2 . 7/13/2011
The thing with the food processor made me fall over laughing. Admittedly, I was seated on the floor, but still.

And because I know too much about weird topics: there IS a disorder wherein one becomes unable to recognize faces; they can still see normally, they just won't recognize anybody unless they speak. I know it's unlikely for the characters to be aware of that, yet it's still an alternate possibility that sprung to mind.
gleamfang chapter 15 . 4/21/2011
Beautiful plain and simple. Although this story tugged... or rather Tore at my heart strings I must say it is one of my favourite stories of all time. The relationship Squall and Rinoa have here is so strong and how much they grow in the course of the story is a real pleasure to read. I especially love Squall's development (lol sucking up to Maude)

I really appreciate your last chapter being written like an epilogue as it really gives closure to the whole thing. While I wish Rinoa still had her sight, I guess she never really needed sight just her heart and of course her knight. Thank you for keeping me up till 4 am!


Keep writing
effect20 chapter 15 . 2/2/2011
Possession, breaking through appearences, from riches to fame, somewhere inbetween, crash to crush love, to choose, anything by freyjadour, anything by ashbear (and many more) are all great stories. They all have given me entertainment, excitement, and sadness (in a good way).

But this particular fic made me look at life a little different. Maybe its because I'm a little tired (i stayed up all night. Its 6:17a and I have to be at work in 43min...worth it) but after I finished reading I went into my bedroom. I just stood there watching my future wife sleep. I almost cried at the thought of losing her. Either to death or something small as a misunderstanding blown out of proportion. Before reading this its be a very long time since I had any thoughts of losing her. Things have just been so good that i sometimes forget 'shit happens that I have no control over' and just to be there for her when it does. So thank you (and niqsta for recommending this one) for helping me remember. In a fast world enjoy all the little moments that make time stop.
Stealthy Ninja Penguin chapter 15 . 6/11/2010
Uhh... sorry but I didn't like this one that much. It was a bit unrealistic and the characters got sort of annoying. But I really do like your more recent ones. You've really grown as a writer. So please finish either After the Fall, Endless Waltz, or Somewhere in between before I go insane. I kind of really need to find out what happens between them in Somewhere in Between. And in case you never had one, it's kind of embarrassing to admit, it really is, but I'm a male reader. Damnit, please tell me I'm not the only one. Whatever..
Beitrix chapter 15 . 5/25/2010
*sigh* I remember reading this YEARS ago... i still love it...
MRBee chapter 1 . 12/29/2009

it's been a very long time since i have written a review so forgive me if i seem to lose track of thought. but this story and more importantly this feeling i have after reading it tells me i have to review, just to get these feelings out of my chest.

let me just say this is the first fic out of the many MANY fics i have read where i needed 2 attempts. This is my third time reading this and first time completing it.

The very first time was too far in the past for me to remember but i do know i stopped at the same part where i ended on my second try. I am not saying this fic is horrbile. on the contrary you were able to create such a powerful connection emotionally with your readers. well for me atleast.

this round reading it i found myself once again completely enthralled and severely attached to the characters. It was because of this that it impacted me so greatly.

I've been so vague so far so let me get on to the point. Reading Rinoa's past just before her car accident broke my heart. It pained me to learn that she had let herself fall into the man's grasp and had lost something so precious. And the latter attempts to read this fic i felt it even more. As i type i feel a tug in my heart knowing i had read that. There are times where i've read fics that completely pulled my heart strings but this is one of the more severe cases.

i admit a part of me regrets ever reading that portion and to continue reading it allowing it to become factual within the story, but i do not wish to take a word from your story away from my memory.

right now i'm just ranting on so i could bare this feeling out. Not much of a review than it is a rant of sorts.

But back to actual 'review' i'm so happy that you were able to share this story with us. there were just so many elements in the story that i enjoyed so. Whether it be your warm fluffs to the sprinkles of humor or your highly emotional dramatic scenes.

Though i could admit there were parts where i had to think if this is what Squall would really do or act thinking it may have been OOC, but you backed it up so well that i was ready to argue myself away from the thought.

The flow was magnificent and i cannot count the hundreds of times i wish i could pause and just imagine the many many many different things that could have branched out of the story. Like what would happen if Squall did this... if this and that never happened... etc. but i'm glad the way the story fit.

And there were several times i kept thinking i was nearing the climactic scene but knew i was far to early in the story for it to happen. It was such a simple misunderstanding that a single scene of dialogue alone could have resolved the story for the most part, which is another reason i admire the way you were able to wisp around that obstacle. but that did take away from the final revealing. There was already so much drama and so much heated moments that when the reavealing finally came... it was like they were all just out of gas. to tired to continue it. But perhaps this fic didn't need the dramatic climax...

though i did wish, oh however did i wish Rinoa had said nothing had happened with her and *. can't even type his name. I didn't really care if he was a nice guy or a jerk, the fact that Rinoa was with him just turns my insides around. Though i do admit when Squall said it didn't matter that even if that did happen he was still the first person to truly make love to her lift up the burden, it wasn't enough to remove it.

ok i just went back to reread that scene and yes it did make me feel better.

So i should conclude this soon.

Thanks for everything. You gave me a wonderful read. And i'm so glad i took the time to tackle this one. The hype about this being the 'BEST' FFVI fic out there seems pretty accurate to me. I only hope that your other fic "After The Fall" does not include Rinoa sleeping with another man...

Truly i need a hug right now haha but that shouldn't be a problem.



ps. I've received numerous praise of writing "cute" fics and "fluffy" "adorable" ... stories, but my true aspiration is to write one of beauty and captivation much like yours. Wish me luck in this knowingly long adventure.
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