Reviews for Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny
Last Harper chapter 25 . 5/24
Just any odd question, what makes an animal magical? I'm sure an electric eel would be considered magical in 15th century Great Briton.
Mimi chapter 39 . 5/22
Thank you for writing this wonderful story. I enjoyed learning how our favorite foursome trained and won the war. I loved how many different creatures helped Harry and friends win the war. I also appreciate the chapters letting us know how everyone ended up!
EdTheBeast chapter 39 . 5/19
A MUST READ TEAR JERKER! It is a fantastic AU. It made tears in my eyes near the end. I believe everyone will enjoy reading it and never be bored. Have fun!
EdTheBeast chapter 27 . 5/19
Luna and Hermione's birthdays were reversed. It is early for Hermione not Luna.
EdTheBeast chapter 23 . 5/19
The problem is that it has changed over the years. I was Ravenclaw Slytherin 2-8. I was more Hufflepuff/Slytherin with a large dose of Gryffindor when in my 8-12 range. 13-16 I was Ravenclaw with a dash of Hufflepuff. Type 1 made me Gryffindor/Slytherin 16-30 with Hufflepuff leanings. Returned to Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff with a sliver of Slytherin/Gryffindor till now. I would be dead in an accident if I had more than a sliver of those two at my age of 60.
A Fan chapter 39 . 5/16
Loved every moment of this story. I don’t mind that there wasn’t a huge amount of conflict in Harry’s life; I don’t read fan fiction to be depressed or angst-ridden (the original books accomplished that well enough). Harry had a hard life and your story had him work hard to achieve a bright, happy future (as well as other characters like Snape and Dobby). I really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/6
Every single one of these founders chapters is fucking trash. You destroyed what was a good story with complete and utter garbage.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/6
The founders are evil bastards. They are causing pain and suffering for no reason. The fours separation is stupid in the extreme. I hate stupid plot decisions that have tons of reasons they should have never been written and zero reason to exist other than the writer being a brainless moron. Going into the painting/past was fucking retarded and everything you write having to do with the founders is trash.
SCORPIOSPADE999 chapter 39 . 4/28
that was a good story.
Jake Crepeau chapter 32 . 4/22
Thank you! You are the first one I've ever read who actually had someone explain the difference between a soldier and a murderer to Harry, and that killing a "bad guy" to protect others does NOT make you just like the bad guy!
william488 chapter 39 . 4/21
not sure if i reviewed before but i must say i loved this store and i have read it several times. One of the best build ups to a fight and the fight itself. thankyou for your time and effort.
Jake Crepeau chapter 29 . 4/19
Oh, that's a funny word misuse! The word for the mollusk is spelled "mussel" - "muscle" is the name for the organs of movement. ;D
A friend introduced us to Wallace and Grommitt back in the 1990s. Love 'em!
Jake Crepeau chapter 28 . 4/17
I don't really know how I'd like to see the toad squashed, but I do have a comment on the thestral problem. I do seem to remember the phrase "leathery wings" in the books, describing those creatures. I'm not sure which book it was in, though it was most likely after Cedric was killed, when Harry saw the thestrals for the first time. So it was either at the end of Goblet of Fire, when they were leaving Hogwarts, or somewhere in Order of the Phoenix, probably when they first arrived at Hogsmeade on the Express.

Yeah, I know; moot point, since the story's already long completed as I write this. It's no skin off my nose that you decided to go with feathers. ;D
Schirman chapter 39 . 4/17
I loved this diary, just remember that you write for your pleasure first cause you can't please everyone, besides it's not like anyone is paying to read this. lol
Jake Crepeau chapter 26 . 4/17
I don't think canon ever mentioned exactly how James was killed, except that Riddle did it. I'm not sure, though, and I'm not inclined to go back and re-read the books to find out.
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