Reviews for Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny
Malix2 chapter 39 . 1/27/2017
A very nice story. The ending is somewhat beautiful, some of it is cliche, but there's only so many ways for things to end. Great job. I will say that the whole white dragon thing kind of came out of nowhere, it was neat, but also kind of a deus ex machina. Then again, I can't exactly complain about deus ex machina's as I've seen them before and really liked them anyway, even if some people find them annoying with the way they pop up out of nowhere. Then again, I'd rather something pop up out of nowhere to save the day than for the good guys to fail or mostly die or something. Or succeed at some extreme and/or depressing cost to the point where it no longer feels like a win.
BillBrink chapter 39 . 1/24/2017
Just a wonderful story, and it's the second read for me! Thanks again for writing it. I do hope you continue to use your talent.
Hurricane Potter 123 chapter 39 . 1/22/2017
I feel sad this is over. I hardly ever find a book this fantastic. I think personally you should write a book, I think you'd do very well
Cwhit930 chapter 39 . 1/19/2017
Thank you for the share. Enjoyed the story and have found I like the time travel/dimension in the story. Again thank you for your time
hybridwolf14 chapter 26 . 1/17/2017
So the guy that couldn't even get a family that loved him needed a reminder you don't always get what you. want makes sense. And on that note can you please tell me why predatory animals follow a prey.
angeltrin1 chapter 39 . 1/14/2017
I love your version of Harry Potter! You had such a fun time with the story that we were pulled along with the journey. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us!
HarleyPotter19 chapter 39 . 1/11/2017
I don't often review, I really should do it more often, but this was absolutely fabulous. Very believable, and a fantastic ending. Well done. *big thumbs up*
Rhino109 chapter 25 . 1/10/2017
Yes, let the flames begin in deed. I hate you xD You have embarrassing the Harry Potter fandom, good job, I congratulate you xD (I don't really hate much)
Rhino109 chapter 17 . 1/10/2017
its once and for all, not for once and all. I normally wouldn't bring it up but you use the phrase a lot xD its like that on purpose, once being the time it is done without requiring further battles and for all meaning fir the good of all.
RaesofBaNaNaColoredSunshine chapter 39 . 1/5/2017
*sobs* I'm so sad to see this end! I really, truly am! And I must say I love your story, it had the perfect balance of laughter, mischief and seriousness. This was an absolute pleasure to read :)
aradia1967 chapter 15 . 12/31/2016
how about offloading food
Guest chapter 39 . 12/25/2016
There are so many things about this I love.

Harry and Hermione's unique relationship

How Ron and Ginny were used by dumbledore too

How Hermione was Slytherin, not Ravenclaw

How Neville was Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor

How Luna was Ravenclaw, not Hufflepuff

How Harry was Gryffindor, not Slytherin

The story behind the Baron

How the whole story was Tippy's book
Mistress of Potions chapter 35 . 12/18/2016
"Month Python and the Meaning of life", of course. I am glad to see respect paid to the classics.
Guest chapter 26 . 12/15/2016
I've seen a British Robin fight with a another bird before on vacation to the U.K. and the other bird was at least a few inches bigger then it and the little Robin won. It was an awesome thing to see, I was lucky I was videoing for family memories of the vacation when I spotted the fight. I even go to feed the little robin and I think its mate a little later.
Guest chapter 19 . 12/15/2016
hmmm... popcorn :)
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