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slytherinsal chapter 29 . 3/8
Chuck has a noble lineage; Shakespeare uses 'sweet chuck'
slytherinsal chapter 28 . 3/8
Thestrals do have Bat wings, JKR did specify, I think it was in the lesson on them when Draco was in such a blue funk about the forest but I wouldn't argue it too much, knowing Hagrid some thestrals might be half thestrals to increase the herd.
slytherinsal chapter 26 . 3/8
a moustache? yuk, like a spiv, never trust men with moustaches, they haven't the balls to go all the way with face fungus and they have no aesthetic taste.
I like robins, they are brave, loyal and mate for life and are very clever. They are also friendly and ready to trust and extend the, er, wing of friendship. Very suitable.
slytherinsal chapter 23 . 3/8
You asked about how we would sort. Despite my nom de guerre, I'd be Ravenclaw. I have very little ambition beyond having enough for my needs and the good of my family, but hand me a juicy piece of research and i'm hooked. I mean, who else do you know who would squeal with delight over being handed the census details of medieval Italians?
slytherinsal chapter 21 . 3/8
Actually braes - kinda like bermuda shorts with a drawstring - were used by some men back to Saxon times, bearing in mind that hose were two legs and did not have the 'panty' bit until the early 1400s. There are extant pictures of peasants wearing braes and nothing else to work in fields. Not for girls though! their shift was longer and was supposed to take the place of braes for them. the male shift, later called a shirt, was usually hip length, though some men wore mid thigh length ones under robes in preference to braes because it was more comfortable [it is too, I've tried it, if you have a really fine linen shift]
slytherinsal chapter 16 . 3/7
I thought it was pellucidly clear why Lavender dumped the punch bowl on Ron's head, the way he was behaving and I laughed out loud at the viagra. Which I also happen to know means Tiger.
slytherinsal chapter 15 . 3/7
I LOVE the nipped-out, er, ferned-out fairies! and LEGO is the best. I can still be seduced to playing with it and I'm 51. I want grandchildren so I have a good excuse to get the 5 30litre boxes of it out of the loft.
slytherinsal chapter 12 . 3/7
LOL and I'd give you a load of 18th century ones if it wasn't too late
slytherinsal chapter 11 . 3/7
I am wondering what Dumbledore gave to Snape charmed to make him hate Harry... that level of hatred seems a little excessive if not encouraged...

oh, and you write fine well, and I AM a professional author, I make enough from it to pay the bills and as I started for practise on fan fiction I write one fanfic book for every three commercial novels because I owe it to my fans. I fully follow your moves out of canon character according to circumstance and according to the premise of Dumbles interfering. It goes further than I've had him go, but I can see it, alas. Hubris Pride Arrogance is more nearly his middle name than Percival Brian Wulfric
slytherinsal chapter 7 . 3/7
winkin blinkin and nod... lol. Fascinating take on house elves and definitely original.
FF has eaten both your percentile marks [it eats sup and superscript too] and your spellchecker has made Winky have palatable relief having changed it from palpable hehe at least I assume that's what you wrote, noticable, not edible
slytherinsal chapter 5 . 3/7
I like it. And when people review anonymously or when FF won't let you go to answer reviews and swears that no such page exists, how else ARE you supposed to answer reviews?
slytherinsal chapter 2 . 3/7
this is very interesting
Midots chapter 39 . 3/7
very good read. question though? what of Hermione's mum. what happened to her.
Tttt chapter 27 . 3/3
I just read the wiki entry for the european robins and honestly they dont seem to fit harrys personality, i would say pre trained neville because they are called gardeners best freind and they arnt that brave. Yes they appriach boars but its probably like when crocodiles let birds into their mouths to clean
writersblock159 chapter 11 . 2/27
You're a fine writer. As the saying goes, those who can't write edit, those who can't do anything useful, flame. If they don't like how you write the character then they can write thier own fanfiction and keep it to thier specifications.

Don't stop writing.
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