Reviews for Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny
Jangel0982 chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
I definitely agree with you about Harry waking up with super powers. I do love to read them but something different is cool. Update soon!
Jangel0982 chapter 7 . 2/14/2006
This has been a very interesting sorry. I don't usually read Manipulative!Dumbledore stories but I do like Harry and Hermione together so I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. I also love the idea of Harry learning the magic and costoms of the goblins and elves. I hope you will be able to continue updating more than once a week.
JWA chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
Great Chapter! If Molly finds out what her children are up to and that Dumbledore used them without her being consulted; don't want to be there when that happens.
DaveInACave chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
Omg *heart*!

Hehe, great work with the story, I admit it is a BIT of your standard manipulative!Dumbledore story, but it's got it's own quirks that make it unique enough. The goblin magic was pretty unique as far as I know, I haven't read many stories with that in it, and while the rest was pretty standard it's been toned down enough that it's not as ridiculous as you get in some stories (ie. Sirius leaves 86523150 galleons to everyone and their dogs, cats and pet fish, Harry gets 4 new pets including a Phoenix, Basilisk, Dragon and Nundu along with enough new magic toys and weapons to turn him into a godling even with no training ect.). So it's nice to see a bit more realistic story for once.

Nice work, I can't wait to see what happens next.
Turnlach chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
I'm going to take a stab and guess that the pensieve that Dumbledore gave Harry is some kind of linked pensieve so that whatever Harry puts in it copies either to Dumbledore's own pensieve or straight into the old man's mind. That way he has another method of keeping an eye on Harry and what he's up to.
vicky0958 chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
this is good it goblin magic is helping him pretend he is innocent but at the same time it is dangerous im waiting for what things he will be able to learn from the elfs...
MortyM chapter 8 . 2/14/2006
Great chapter. I like how everyone was acting "normal". I don't remember Ginny coming onto Harry in the 5th book though. Am I missing something?

Until the next update (which I hope is soon),

Morty M.
athenakitty chapter 4 . 2/13/2006
Will Harry read a certain book that details how one should deal with in war situation? Just how long is a person's life as a witch or wizard? Too bad that there's isn't a spell or curse lets the backstabbers feel what they did to their victims.
athenakitty chapter 3 . 2/13/2006
It would be extremely funny for Harry to sue the crap out of Dumbledore. Also, there should be at least some humilation for those that stole from Harry. I wonder, if there's a life/blood debt that Ginny and Mr Weasley owes Harry. Would Harry double cross the traitors?
HeWhoComesWithTheDawn chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
Great Chapter!

I am kinda surprised that Dumbledore didn't try to enter Harry's mind just to see what had been happening during the summer. Even if he thought he knew how Harry's summer went wouldn't he still check?

And Ron and Ginny... can't wait until this blows up in there face. Should be pretty good to see. :-)

I really can't wait to see what the House-Elf's train him in. It should be pretty interesting. Especially the entering of Tom's mind and being able to use that ability to learn what his plans are. :-)

Keep up the good work and update again soon.
coffee2lover chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
Love it!
bandgsecurtiyaw chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
great work i love the caring winky
Newind chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
I love this story! I like how you take your time with HHr relationships, but giving the impression that something is brewing (no matter how small!) between them. I like Harry's tolerance and I sure can't wait until Harry gets more magical enhancing abilities! Strong protecting the weak.

Anyways, keep it up! Can't wait to! from ya again!
imgonnadie chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
Good chapter. Please conitnue to write. I await your next chapter.
gaul1 chapter 8 . 2/13/2006
good chatpter, wonders what the pensive does, and if luna's loonieness is an affect of an external force, byes
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