Reviews for Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny
Heksy chapter 35 . 7/26
Ok, I am warped...that made me giggle. However: thank you for giving Sev a good fight. He deserved it more than anyone!
Heksy chapter 34 . 7/26
Argus, you dies a hero! ok...I am 'kinda' into the story. Sue me :P
Phatpoodle chapter 3 . 7/25
Just started this wonderful story - I like it!
Heksy chapter 11 . 7/24
-just a note in between chapters-
I sometimes read the author's notes and am now wondering:
Why do you even spend time and energy responding to idiots?
Who gives a good great **** if a character is OOC or not?
If they don't like your story, they have the option to not read it.
My advice: don't bother with those that are all flames and no talent, dear.
Keep writing as you please.
If they don't like it...tough!
Tilty.bbb chapter 39 . 7/22
This was a fantastic read well done
sjrodgers23 chapter 39 . 7/21
loved this story thank you
hawksma chapter 39 . 7/21
Excellent, thank you.
peteanderica chapter 39 . 7/20
Wow.. ... Loved it... ... Thanks you
gwb620 chapter 29 . 7/19
You do realize Harpies are avian/human hybrids in mythology you are thinking of sirens and/or memories (not sure if I spelled that right).
gwb620 chapter 26 . 7/19
Ok I'll admit I didn't agree with a Robin being his animagus form but only because I assumed it had the same 'flight or flight faster' attitude of an American Robin. You're description of what a British Robin is like made me feel it makes sense. I also think you could say he has a bird as a form instead of something like a lion because he enjoys flying.
peteanderica chapter 11 . 7/19
Your a great writer. Please don't stop because some people are rude.
Shadowmaster Thor Stonehenge chapter 26 . 7/18
I found Harry's form very amusing.
Ladybug-Jojo chapter 8 . 7/18
I dont often review but i had to review this chapter as the Winky singing to Harry made me so happy and so sad at the same time... i teared up... i really like this story and look forward to the next many chapters.
Shadowmaster Thor Stonehenge chapter 23 . 7/18
I'd be in Hufflepuff.
TheFallenAngel02 chapter 31 . 7/12
Can someone explain why Harry and Ron is all giggly and giddy with each other? Ginny might get it, but I don't.
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