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Messenger777 chapter 1 . 9/6
If you can see what's happening in the world today, since it's all over and the problems are only getting worse, just know that these are the end times; the days Jesus warned about. He gave us signs to look for which can be found in Matthew 24 in the bible and told us to watch. To not let these times come upon you unaware.

Understand that the rapture is at hand and can happen any moment. Jesus is coming like a thief in the night and you do not want to be left behind.

I encourage you all to come out of this world and to seek the father in heaven while he may be found since 1 John 2:17 tells us in the written word of god aka the bible:

"The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."

A lot of popular anime, games, movies, books and etc is of the devil. You don't want to be indulging in something that has no place in the kingdom of heaven since it will only hinder your walk with Christ. 1 John 2:15-17 and James 4:4 is important to remember since you can't be holding hands with the world and Jesus.

Realize that fiction by definition is "invention or fabrication as opposed to fact" along with other definitions out there... and you want to be careful. I use to be a fanfic writer myself but I gave up a lot of things because a lot of it was related or connected to the world.

There is nothing wrong with writing... but when you're writing about worldly things or fabricating stuff, you're putting yourself in danger since we're to walk in truth. Liars won't inherit the kingdom of heaven so you want to make sure you're speaking truth at all times.

Jesus told us at John 14:23-24 that if you love him then you'd obey his teaching. He also says at John 14:15 that if you love him then to keep his commandments.

I'd get away from fan fiction altogether and focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ since it's important but that's a decision you will have to make.

Just know that all the issues going on in the world has already been foretold in the bible.

If you are awake and aware to everything going on, then please: seek the father in heaven, repent of your sins, let go of this world and follow Jesus as mentioned at Matthew 10:37-38; everything we need to know is in the word of god so please read the bible for yourself. You don't want to be deceived since a lot of churches out there isn't doing what they should be doing.

Know that there isn't much time left but don't adopt the spirit of fear since greater is he that is in you than what is in the world. You need faith since without it, it's impossible to please the father in heaven so never let the devil steal that or your peace. Just draw close to the father in heaven and he will draw close to you.

Jehovah is the god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob but nobody comes to the father but through the son Jesus Christ so you want to accept and follow him since it's by his blood we're redeemed back to the father in heaven.

Take care and keep your eyes on Jesus. You want to be ready. Unless you're born of water and the Spirit, you won't see the Kingdom of God.
UnLike Us chapter 19 . 10/8/2016
This was a super enjoyable read. Throughout the story there was a sense of realism and suspense.

The terror of the remnants psychotic and unpredictable as well as horrifying predictable behaviour. The tension between them made for a very interesting and frustrating dynamic. The fallout with Jenova and Sephiroth’s uncertain standing in the whole matter seemed really realistic and was pulled off wonderfully. Finally the planets and Aerates subtle and illusory involvement in the whole matter added another level of mystery and mysticism.

I really love the way you wrote Yuffie. Though she comes of as clumsy and childish, her strength of character and battle experience really comes through when it counts. Her diedr situation would be enough to send anyone over the edge with anxiety and panic, but she manages to keep her wits about her. At the same time she is very much of her dangerous predicament and is perfectly capable of feeling fear and horror.

All the potentially sexualised situations that tend to be overly emphasised and a bit forced in this genre, like the confiscation of clothing and the kiss in the bathroom is gone about in a very smooth and mature fashion in your writing. This reflects very well on the characters. A maturity combined with the fickle nature of emotion impulse and logical reasoning.

Some like to overpower one side and render the other helpless in these sorts of situation, which is easily done. However I feel that you managed to find this delicate balance. Yuffie, though skilful in stealth, escape and precision fighting is still very much on a human level as well as perfectly acceptable levels of clumsiness. And Kadaj, inhumanly strong, fast and graceful is still prone to underestimation, inattentiveness and moments of weakness.

I rather like the other Avalanche members as well. Though their presence aren’t as prevalent in this story the relationships unexplained complicated and dedicated to each other as they are came through really well. Clouds unconscious dismissal of her at the same time as he shows warmth that he wouldn’t to a stranger. Cid’s distrustful concern when she called him and he was convinced that it was some sort of prank but he called her back to check anyway. Tiffs misguided looking out for her and the strange thing going on with Vincent.

Finally the ending. It was very sad as it was at the same time reconciliatory. Though the implication of mark it will leave on Yuffie still ways heavily in me even as I write this review. The threats and pain. The unwitting betrayal of his attempt murder. The passion, the unsaid, the forbidden but sacred feelings stirs within. The redemption at the end. But as you say, it may really be for the best. Peoples natures are not changed so readily. If he had lived, no doubt there would be many more tears and bruises. Blood and relationship strains on the people around them. Even though in stories new purpose may be found in the love for another, in reality it is not so simple and the shadow of the lost legacy may not have ever faded away completely.

This is really a superb pice of work and I thank you for sharing it with all of us as well as seeing it through to the end.
heredia chapter 1 . 4/26/2015
i dont think he would be interested in this stupid bitch
Bumblebee Madness chapter 19 . 10/10/2014
But.. but.. but... QAQ


That's really it? ;-; No surprise ressurection? No nothing?

*bawls in corner*
Rin Shirosaki chapter 19 . 5/25/2014
I feel so sad that Kadaj Dead Q_Q I would like you to have altered the end that Kadaj alive and he was happy with Yuffie _ They deserve it ))
Qyresh chapter 19 . 8/28/2013
You! Asshole! You made me CRY! TTATT
I'm sorry but it can't be helped, thank you *continues to cry*
lilith dracul chapter 19 . 6/2/2013
Oh my muffins I'm tearing up I love a ending like that so perfect so freaking epic and so sad
colaabear chapter 8 . 3/27/2013
I remember reading this way back when...why did you change the story though? It was good the way it was! :( Yuffie is a bit annoying now -_- she runs away TOO much; like seriously? Is she suicidal? I don't get it. Lol
Take.a.walk.on.the.wildside chapter 19 . 7/24/2012
Ohmygosh! I loved this fanfic. Thank you so much for this! Everything was just perfect and just right. The ending fits like a puzzle piece. You kinda did what square couldn't and gave the remnants true characters and real emotions, from beginning to end.
Saya Kaneko chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
MAKE ANOTHER STORY WITH KADAJ and YUFFIEEEEEEEE please I will pay you they need to have way more sex
SHADOWoftheFOX chapter 19 . 3/6/2012
I love love love this story, even though the ending makes me so sad. This was so emotional and very well written. Thanks for writing this!
Allycat2090 chapter 19 . 1/6/2012
Wow. You did a good job with this story!
fip chapter 19 . 10/3/2011
I am having so many conflicting emotions right now ffffffffuck. This is my third time reading this and the feelings are still the same and it just gets to me everytime. One of the very few fanfics that could move me so. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites. God, let me go cry myself to sleep now. Shit.

The tears streaming down my face should be a crime.

Lovely writing, lovely story, you are lovely.
Chris Talonflight chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
Hey. ive read this story aeveral times and each time, all i can say is... Wow. Awesome work here. You definitly make the top 5 writers in my opinion
loveaustralia chapter 19 . 8/7/2011
As much as I wanted a happy endning to this, just like Aerith and Zack, sometimes it takes a tragic safrice to make the biggest difference. Brilliant story.

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