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psique chapter 42 . 8/17/2015
Puts grila! Os dois finais sao boms, mas voto no B, ele me parece mais completo isso sem contar q abre um leque muito mair de continuaƧoes...definitivamente o B.
Horselove12345 chapter 34 . 3/25/2014
PPSSSSSS the person doesn't know what their talking about, lol i love this fan fiction, and you have a great sense of humor. its not a childish plot, its pretty good, when i read the summary I'm like omg not another one but then i couldnt stop thinking about it so i decided to read it and now i absolutely looove it and this doesn't happen a lot to me. (this is also the longest review i've ever typed) i do plan on reading the rest and maybe more of your fics :) i dont think of you as a physco i find you funny, and your grammar isnt that sucky.
CameronLake chapter 12 . 3/15/2014
awww I liked the chapter she stuck up fur the baby and kissed zuko! 3 3 3
CameronLake chapter 7 . 3/15/2014
aww even though katara hates zuko she saved his son that's sweet
CameronLake chapter 3 . 3/15/2014
is the baby a girl or a boy?
CameronLake chapter 2 . 3/15/2014
is goingto a word?
CameronLake chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
that was a short chapter... I wuv it so far tho!
zuzulover chapter 42 . 6/11/2013
Omfg. That crazy hitch is STILL alive. What is she, made of steel ?
zuzulover chapter 28 . 6/11/2013
Your writing is amaziing. I can't wait to see what happens. Omb I am so anxious
Obsessive Consumptive Reader chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
Your picture is really freaky...
starfire-sakura-katarafan chapter 18 . 11/14/2011
BreGyrl23 chapter 42 . 6/17/2010
hurry up with chapter 43 please
SeptemberSkies chapter 5 . 10/1/2009

great story, only issue i have is i think it's a bit too listy

maybe add a bit more description, if you decide to go over it again
pagelupin chapter 42 . 5/6/2009
This was an epic fic. I loved every chapter of it. _
Maroon-dragon chapter 36 . 7/29/2008
Hi I just wanted to say that the story was great. I usually don't read any further after they fall in love because most people make it do you put it...smutty and everything. Your story was thaqnks to that very much fun to read. I absolutly loved that whore you made up. I had to laugh a lot at her parts. I don't know if you appreciate it but maybe you could read the first few chapters of your story because there are a lot of spaces lost there which makes it a bit annoying to read.

once again your story was great ZUTARA 4EVE!

yours truly

maroon dragon
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