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Needtodelete chapter 10 . 7/22/2010
So in this chapter I was sitting her singing their argument/conversation. Why? I don't know, I guess I felt like it should be a song. I wanted music and such to randomly happen.
JennMel chapter 23 . 1/11/2010
Epic story, really good, and totally believable! :D
sam chapter 8 . 12/22/2008
heehee. sex on a muffin. *snorts*
Dreamer22 chapter 23 . 6/18/2008
very well done, I have greatly enjoyed reading this story!
Spice of Life chapter 17 . 3/14/2007
Okay, at the beginning I really liked this. Then Mimi came in, and Roger was such an asshole that I couldn't even bear to read it anymore. Not that it wasn't good, 'cuz it was...but oh man, I just wanted to punch Roger. I can't even finish reading this because I hate him so much in this.
TheFinalBoy6990 chapter 23 . 8/29/2006
Wow! What an amazing story! It was simply amazing. It was sad, happy, emotionly, fluffy, etc. I just spent my entire day reading all 23 chapters. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it.
TheOneYouCallWe chapter 23 . 6/8/2006



This fanfic is excruciatingly incredible and I adore it. I was so enraptured by it, that I read a full 20 chapters of it in one night/early early EARLY morning. Gosh, you RULE.
EvilEatingSanta chapter 23 . 5/23/2006
Ze last chapter... ze very very last chapter of zis wunderbar story... Oh that fate dealt such a cruel card as this! Oh that all good things must, sadly, regretebly, come to an end!


Mourning period over and done with, I promise. I just had to get that out there...

Anyway. Jade! You fool! a story? What's up with that, huh? I thought we agreed that this story would never ever end. :( I feel betrayed...

hehe, no, not really. But I am quite sad that it is over. It was my favorite. Ahh, now I'll just have to latch onto Eyes Of A Young Boy... Damn, right? :P

Starting the review now.

I like the first paragraph a lot. The first sentence sort of strikes a chord in you: "It's weird to say that she's finally gone." Because it WOULD be. I mean, we never think about that sort of thing. I mean, sure, being mortal we think about death, but do we really think about all that that entails? Do we REALLY think about what we leave behind, if we'll be forgotten, that an entire lifetime of memories will be gone? It's weird, and I love that you had Roger say that it was. It's a strange thought, and not one that occurs often. Love it, as I've said.

The only thing I think I needed a little bit more of was more thoughts on Mimi by Roger. I mean, within the same paragraph you have Roger thinking about Mimi being gone, and then you turn around and have him start thinking about Mark. I dunno. It was a little too soon for me, almost like I wanted more about Mimi.

Love, much love, to Roger thinking about what the future has in store for his and Mark's relationship. How he knows that the next thing they'll have to go through that will be this hard is going to be when he gets sick, when he finally dies. Naturally Roger would be thinking about when he's going to die, after witnessing Mimi's. It was perfect placing, and I really loved reading that.

Incorporating the muffins again, Jade? Silly, silly. I giggled into my Diet Coke. XD

Thinking!Roger rocks ass. I love how you can tell how...just, I don't know. He seems so cold, almost, like how he talks about how he came in and sat calmly on the edge of his bed. CALMLY. I don't know, but something about how you wrote that in there made my heart hurt for dear old Roggy Rog. I can just see him totally stone-faced and just...not really there. It's sad. And how he doesn't want to sleep anymore cause he's scared to...that was so pathetically sad. :( Poor baby. I love him to little bits and pieces.

Aww, I love reading motherhen!Mark. How he's so worried for Roger is completely adorable, and totally in character, of course. I just totally get all giggly when they're all worried for each other. It's so damn cute! XD

Roger starting to cry when Mark smiles was a huge "AW" moment for me. The poor guy is trying to hold himself together and to keep himself cool and calm and collected, and just when he sees Mark smile for him, trying to comfort him, he just loses it. I love how you said "it breaks me". That was perfect wording, and really got your point across clearly. That he obviously hasn't cried all that much for Mimi and just feeling so safe and secure with Mark allows him to get that all was just so cute. I loved it a lot.

But, then, of course my heart hurted for Roger, cuz he was crying... Let's see how Jade fixes this...

By Mark comforting him, of course!

I love love love how Mark just immediately knows what to do. How he just pulls Roger into his arms and is so patient and calm for Roger, even though he's probably desperate to know if there's anything he can do to help... it made me love Mark so much, for knowing what to do with an upset Roger. What would you do for an upset Roger? Er, klondike bar...

Aww, Mark doesn't want to talk about losing Roger...poor guy...JADE! This is so sad! DAMMIT! It's the last chapter! Make it happy! XDD

Anyway, kidding. It was good to have that conversation in there, because it is really important for them to be able to talk about it. And I don't mean that they should bring it up in daily conversation ("Soo...Mark. I might get a cold tomorrow and die." "Didn't we talk about this yesterday, Roger?") because that would be morbid, but for them to just acknowledge it, even once, is just so important.

But having Mark not wanting to talk about it, but Roger pushing them's just so in character. Which is kind of weird, seeing as Roger would rather talk about his own death than Mark would want to talk about somebody else's...anyway, it's cute. XD That that is so. And you know that Roger is only talking about dying because he doesn't want Mark to be totally devastated and completely hurt and broken when he dies. So cute and perfect.

Roger? Selfish? Naaww... :P

No, but that whole paragraph about Roger needing to learn how to comfort him, and him needing to *learn* in general was perfect, because he does. And it's awesome to see how he realizes that there still is so much he doesn't know, and all the things he can do to help Mark along the's just so lovey-dovey and adorable to have him thinking about their future together.

I love that Roger wants Mark to be able to go on after he dies, but he's still jealous of whoever Mark gets with. XD Silly Roger! Mark will always love you! Even if he gets with *cough*me*cough* you will always be his number 1!

Aww, when Roger says the vulnerable part of him is taking over...he was doing so well, too! That was sad, because then afterwards he apologized for wanting to talk about his death. Good for Roger that Mark was adamant in letting Roger know how he felt! Go Mark! You DO wear the pants in this relationship! Hooda thunk it? XD

The kissing, as always, was muy bueno. Sehr gut. Tres bon. :)

AWW! And we have a title! I literally squealed when Roger said "I have always loved you." That was so so fucking cute! I wanted to cry from it's cuteness. Seriously...

A year and a half ago...that was a good plot device. Go Jade! Use whatever artistic powers you have as a writer and make me ...umm...joyous! I really liked that flashback into their past relationship, even though for a little while I was worried that it would be one of those Mark-is-only-a-replacement types of stories, when you mentioned how Roger missed April, but you completely proved me wrong and it was amazing. Everything was. I love that Roger yelled for Mark, even though he was so far gone with the drugs, how he was almost ready to shoot up, but then how he thought better of it. It's like...when you're that close you can't physically stop yourself, and I love that you had Mark do it for him.

Gettin' pretty emotional here. End of the story, this wonderful story... XD

And yeah. That's about it. WAH. It was so amazing, Jade. I wanted Mark to say "I love you too!", cuz usually when I read stories where one of them doesn't say "I love you" back I get sad, but it somehow really worked with your story. It was amazingly perfect, and just...*sigh*

Jade your story was great. I loved it from beginning to end, and I can't believe it's over! *Cry* Well, that's all, she wrote...

Never forget that you're an amazing writer, because this story definitely proves it.

Love you so much!

-Carrie- (no, you don't need to say it. I'd like to thank this story, too!) :-D
xIcexQueenX07x chapter 23 . 5/4/2006
This was by far the best story I have read yet. I love it. I am watching the movie while reading this and actually saw parts that fit in with your story. It was so realistic.

Whatsername9890 chapter 23 . 4/23/2006
i cant believe its over. but it had to end sometime and it was one of the best stories i've ever read. your welcome for reviewing. i think i've reviewed close to every chapter but i cant be sure. ok that was a HELL OF A GREAT STORY! and i'll remember it.

bye bye!
Whatsername9890 chapter 22 . 4/23/2006
i dont have much to say. and all i have to say is going to be insanely repetative: "good writing" and "that was really sad". there. cant wait to read next chapter.
L Ducky chapter 23 . 4/22/2006
wait woah woah woah... its the end? T.T

i love this fic... its so beutiful. and i cant spell
Ragazzabella chapter 23 . 4/20/2006
Omg u how no idea how tired it makes ur eyes 2 sit down and read this long of a story in 2 sittings but omg it was so good i just couldnt stop! I finally convinced myself at like 12 last nite 2 stop, and then i got home after school and couldnt wait to finish it! you did such a great job! I loved it!
Sparrow's Someone chapter 23 . 4/20/2006
it was beautiful. absolutely beautiful. i'm so glad you wrote this... and i can't even think of anything else to say. but i loved it!
mysterious-muse chapter 23 . 4/19/2006
Bravo! I completely loved this entire thing! You are an incredible writer, and this story is amazing. I'm glad I read it, and I'm glad you wrote it. Very nice job! Bravo...
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