Reviews for Little Piece of Heaven
knxle chapter 1 . 6/26/2020
Guest chapter 1 . 6/11/2020
I’m glad you’re going back to update this fic (I say update and not FIX), but remember you can’t please everyone! Some people don’t want to see Sakura falling for the arrogant, hot-shot bad boy, and some people DO! It’s just taste.
burrblefish chapter 12 . 6/9/2020
This is maybe my tenth or eleventh reread of this story and it's one I enjoy every time. Don't mind too many of the other reviews; no author is perfect and no story is perfect to everyone. It's difficult because I adore Neji and NejiSaku and it made me love this story all the more to see him as the competition (SasuSaku is a more complex pairing I enjoy delving into). Beautiful piece!
kaykaymichelle chapter 3 . 6/3/2020
so happy you haven't forgotten this story!
EndlessCycle chapter 1 . 6/1/2020
No wonder it felt odd that some of the dialogue was different from what I remembered. Yay to revamp! Let it journey restart again
summerheartfilia chapter 6 . 5/26/2020
this story has these little cutecutecutecutecutecutecutecute parts that makes me happy inside
Ana chapter 9 . 5/18/2020
Sakura isn't very smart in this fiction, it is so obvious that Sasuke is interested in her. In addition, he is jealous.
Ana chapter 6 . 5/17/2020
It is the first time that I read a good fiction with this bias. Usually, I'm always a bit skeptical. I am well aware that Sasu/Saku is not an ideal relationship, far from it. But fans who don't approve of their relationship are quite numerous in the Occident. And I find that they clearly lack objectivity. It is an evidence in the manga that Sasuke has feelings for Sakura, especially when they were genins.

I think you managed to describe a realistic friendship that could have developed between them when Sasuke returned to Konoha. I like it. However, I don't have the same a priori as you in terms of the treatment of Sakura by Sasuke in the manga. Even so he repeatedly told her that it was boring. I never had the impression that he was mean and disdainful towards her. Sasuke is awkward. He pushed her away because he didn't have time for that. But he always appreciated the fact that she was his and that she loved him.

It's interesting to see Sakura in a very different way than usual. She is very independent and presents herself as a feminist. Even if it is a shame that she resents him so much, her change and her reactions are appropriate for the path you have taken. As for Sasuke, he is exactly as I imagined him. I like the fact that he takes his decisions for her while it annoys Sakura. It's so fair. Sasuke is definitely not easy going, but I don't blame him after what he went through.

I will continue reading tomorrow and I really hope I can read a great story.
BubblesToo chapter 26 . 5/12/2020
This fic made me cry holy i could feel sakura’s emotions but i really wish sasuke would acknowledge her strength more, and the ending ok maybe just me because I’m a sap but i wanted to read moreee, i love the ficc
Guest chapter 26 . 5/1/2020
Loved it! Sad to see it end!
Boa-Avadara chapter 1 . 4/26/2020
This is one of my first Fanfiction, I think is the first that made me falling in love of the stories in this site. I won't ever forget this.
cl9763 chapter 7 . 2/19/2020
Um...this is so not shinobi like.. and i dont think sakura would be so weak as to not being able to handle 2 shinobi even when she's exhausted, especially since handling several sick patients shouldnt even make her tired if the war was anything to go by...
Sheen792 chapter 26 . 11/22/2019
Awww that was so sweet & the ending was really good
Sheen792 chapter 25 . 11/22/2019
Sheen792 chapter 23 . 11/22/2019
Yes he deserves that. Take that sasu-chan
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