Reviews for Southern Love
tfobmv18 chapter 11 . 8/28/2008
It's good. It's definitely a different take on the Carol/Rogue incident. Keep up the good work.
Star Burton chapter 11 . 2/4/2007
good... and you know the king of hearts maker? :O I envy you!
JessieDevil666 chapter 11 . 6/21/2006
awesome! I loved this story!
KariHermione chapter 11 . 6/7/2006
i realy like this story!
Serenity Usagi Tenou chapter 11 . 6/4/2006
Hey there,

Just finished reading Southern Love, and I gotta say that this is the most original Gambit & Rogue story I've ever read! Plus I thought each and every chapter was beautifully written too. Also, nice take on how Rogue got Carol's powers! So, I hope to read more of your work, later! Oh, and keep up the great work! Cause your brilliant, just brilliant!
Rizzi chapter 11 . 6/4/2006
Your story is very fast paced, and it kind of feels like this last chapter was rushed. I still like it though. :D
Club Boredom chapter 11 . 6/4/2006
Hey! Great chapter! I love the ending. In the comics though or if you have seen the 90's cartoon, the only ones who can harm Mr. Sinister are Cyclops and Havok. There's something about their powers that melts him. Everyone else couldn't scratch him. Just thought I would share that bit of information with you! :D Keep writing more wonderful Roguey stories and I'll keep reading them!
Azeali chapter 11 . 6/4/2006
Hey! I LOVE it! Loves it! *Huggles* It was such an awesome story! I mean, woah! Loving your writing!
Azeali chapter 10 . 6/2/2006
I love the way you write! Every chapter has been very nicely portrayed. You need to update girl! I like this story very much, and you need to hurry up and... update, I know. I should make you update before I will!

*Evil laughter*
Club Boredom chapter 10 . 3/5/2006
Very nice! Can't wait for the next chapter!
a chapter 1 . 3/4/2006
Good story, but some French words/sentences are incorrect. beauguy, bellegirl
Club Boredom chapter 9 . 2/23/2006
Very, very nice chapter! I hope that Rogue and Remy will be okay. I can't wait for the next chapter!
whatevfer chapter 1 . 2/22/2006
at a glance, its ok i guess, i'll have to print it out and read it at lunch break. some people have jobs. but carry on, it amuses.
Club Boredom chapter 8 . 2/22/2006
Don't apologize for the sappiness. I loved every second of it! Another great chapter, I can't wait for more! That cursed Belladonna and Julien! Can't they just let Roguey have their moment! LOL!
greenleaves chapter 8 . 2/22/2006
i want to see rogue get shot at and have the bullet just bounce of her...and then she can rip show assassins apart. okay, but anyway, keep going, and post that other chapter soon.
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