Reviews for Old Soldiers Never Die
EJ Daniels chapter 26 . 7/18
This story is always worth another read! Having served myself, I really enjoyed the exchanges between the old vets and how they looked after the youngins.

Kind Regards,

EJ Daniels
atxpyro chapter 6 . 7/13
I just started reading your story, very interesting. One point if I may, pay close attention to the difference between "then" and "than".
jagen heie chapter 5 . 7/11
why is it every time i find myself rereading a story on here it seems to be one of yours or one other guys. ive read this like 3 times now and im starting it yet again. you are a fantastic author.
PGHammer chapter 3 . 7/3
How soon we forget about the Home Guard - dates back to Big Mistake Number One and functioned as the Brit equivalent to the US Army National Guard. Still around today. As to "why a regiment", it leaves room for growth - the 95th currently is not even a company in strength. The OPFOR (Death Eaters) discounts the effectiveness of Squibs, let alone Muggles and their weaponry - which Riddle in particular should know better than to do.
Guest chapter 24 . 6/29
nut us lol love it
fantasyinmymind chapter 26 . 6/24
Second time to read - just as good as the first!
Dr.Chryzantemy chapter 1 . 6/10
I love this story.
PristinelyUngifted chapter 26 . 6/3
Well done.
EvilMagician chapter 26 . 5/20
This is one of the dumbest stories I've ever read and it was excellent. It was extremely fun reading it, thank you for the break of people trying too hard to write a perfect story.
Blade of Ink chapter 7 . 5/17
Too bad it was a omake, the thought of Harry Potter teamed up with Ken McCoy and Gunner Zimmerman is terrifying! Voldemort wouldn't even know what hit him. Maybe Harry should start carrying a baby Fairburn up his sleeve LOL
otterylexa chapter 26 . 5/6
Rereading for the I-don't-even-knowth time. Still a fun story.
Eriza-chan chapter 26 . 4/10
excellent story!
jagen heie chapter 26 . 4/1
this is without a doubt my favorite story on fanfiction. its one of the few ive read twice. one of two ive read three times. and the only one ive read four times now. my only complaint is i wish it were longer.
articuno13 chapter 16 . 3/31
as a professional dog trainer specialized in abused fear aggression dogs I can tell ├┐ou: I'm none too pleased with Harry's analogy that rubbing a dog's face in it's own feces is helpful. IT. IS. NOT! all that does is make the dog in question fear the one doing the rubbing. Also sometimes a dog will be so scared it loses all bladder and bowel control; how is it then helpful to scare it even more? a dog can only be punished for an accident if you catch it in the act. and even then it is better to redirect him to the proper place instead of punishing. in other words: ignore when wrong (within reason), praise when right. It can not remember making the mess after 5 minutes and thus will only see a person (one he sees as alpha or pack leader if you prefer that term) being angry for nothing. it will not understand why.

other than that I'm really enjoying your story :)
Monster King chapter 26 . 3/30
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story.
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