Reviews for The Rescue
Arielschild chapter 3 . 2/20/2006
Great ending! Picking up where Chapter 2 leaves off we get to hear what has been, up to this point, Cass' private thoughts and feelings. Reading this made me really aware of how guarded he has been in this relationship all along. On more than one occasion Frankie has revealed herself- he knows why she's afraid. He may not have known how badly she'd been hurt in past relationships but he has known that she sees him as "above" her and she's been burned in the past. She knows the sketchy outline of his history- she knows how much he loved Kathleen, but the extent of his fears have not been evident. I like that you let these characters have this conversation. Your interpretation that Frankie would let go of her fears and commit to the relationship once Cass got real with her seems on the money to me. As in the other two chapters, great writing that stays true to the characters and their relationship including a healthy sense of humor. Again I would have loved to see these scenes play on the show! Great job!
FriendlyReviewer chapter 2 . 2/13/2006
Cass and Frankie at their Cass-and-Frankiest!

I especially like the macoroni and cheese scene.
Arielschild chapter 2 . 2/12/2006
Wonderful job! Boy would I have loved to see these scenes play out on the show! There is a long list of things that I like about what you did...

1) Having Cass be his tenderest sweetest self- he still retains his sense of humor and he has some clever dialogue but in this story he is in love and for him, it is all about Frankie- her feelings and what she needs.

2) Seeing Frankie reveal her more vulnerable side- she went through quite an ordeal in that prop room. It makes sense that she is able to open herself more fully to Cass than in the past. I like that you had her tell him that she hadn't lost faith in him. That she'd held out hope he'd come and rescue her.

3) The playfulness of their little food fight and the passion between them that is right beneath the surface all the time.

4) Your use of their history - the reference to the mac & cheese, the reunion, Kris Kringle and squeegie man- things that they will refer to on the show in the future fondly..

5) The dancing and musical references- remininescent of the times they have danced together in the past- great music selection btw.

Bottom line a very nice piece of work- true to the characters and very very sweet. It touched my heart. Thanks for sharing!
Arielschild chapter 1 . 2/9/2006
Very nicely done. I like the way you combined the acutal dialogue on the show with your own. And it was nice to take a glimpse inside Cass and Frankie and hear their thoughts. I like that you have them leaving the hospital together with John and Sharlene's help. You can really feel the love and longing between Cass and Frankie. You alluded to Frankie's guilt over placing Cass in such a dangerous position. Wondering how that will play out. I'm looking forward to reading the next part. Thanks for sharing it.
Laydee-Panda chapter 1 . 2/6/2006

Putting it on my favorites list.

-Liz (Soapnet board- FrankieCass_addict)
Anonymous745 chapter 1 . 2/6/2006
I think that this is excellent..check out my 2 poems and tell me what ya think...Thanx