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Tiramisu chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Please update! This is great. Your writing is very eloquent and I'm very curious to see where this plot line will go.
SlyShadow13 chapter 4 . 2/28/2010
yes someone else whos favorite character is Sephiria. This is the best story I have ever read about Black Cat. Also I think you're right about the anime. Sephiria looked so weak in it compared to the manga, it made me so mad. Any ways best story ever again and I hope you can update sometime and realy realy hope you can finish this too.( not trying to make you update)

rurouni007 chapter 4 . 8/13/2007
Wow, this is probably the best Black Cat fanfiction there is, with depth and an actual plot, unlike many others. The plot so far is amazing, and I love the style! The characters all are in-character, definitely! That alone is hard, but you managed to keep each personality perfectly intact. Like you, I despise the anime-verse. I tried watching the first episode, but I just got confused and they completely skipped the parts before Creed comes into the picture. The manga is the best. And, I think that Sephiria, Rinslet, and Eve are some of the best characters!

Kell Shock chapter 4 . 11/16/2006
This is good. Update soon, please!
Requiem17 chapter 4 . 8/11/2006
ok. i luv ur story. its so much better than mine. each sentence is deliberate and not dumb and random and a half-beat useless. damn it all damn it all damn it. not pushing u to update but i hope u do. ur extremely good at writing and i cant wait to hear wut the plot is behind the scenes. hahha. well! and even tho im not a janus/rins fan and more of a rins/train fan im sure i can handle it. cant wait to c wut happens and ill review no matter how long it takes!
dragonzair chapter 3 . 4/30/2006

Just noticed that half my review got cut off .;; PEH.

Anyway, YEah, I gotta say, the second last chapter had me going crazy. XD And that part where Sephy-nee was about to get killed by Creed, and she had that bracelet thingy, she was saying something like "Belze, I'm leaving the rest up to you" ;_; XD

Anyway, I'm lovin the latest chapter, but are you planning on making Charden/Tearju? XD Seems like it was implied. XD I'm more into Tearju/Sven LOL XD Completes the dysfunctional family of Eve. XD

Just saw everything of the anime and I have to say, everything was destroyyeed. O_O

Have you seen the extrea chapters of Eve getting a sweeper liscene though? XD It made the Eve/Leon shipper in me almsot satisfied XD You gotta read it. XD

btw, have you noticed how Sephiria and Charden looks alike. *_* Thet could be siblings for all I know. XD

Please update soon *begs*
dragonzari chapter 3 . 4/9/2006
And I quote you "Notes: Yay, Black Cat scanlations are finally complete! (Stoptazmo has them, I think) And... I eat my words! No. XII did show up in the manga, at the very end, for about three pages. I must have skipped over them when skimming through the raws about a year ago. (I adore this scene, btw. It practically makes Sephiria/Belze canon. XD) Ah well. XII in my story will still have my own spin (versus the decidedly strange anime take), as we really don't see enough of him to have a good grasp of his "canon" character."
Requiem17 chapter 3 . 4/7/2006
hey! i liked it. . even tho im a trainslet fan.. o well. haha. sounds exciting to say the least!
undercoverchad chapter 3 . 4/7/2006
Shimizu, you know I love your characterizations. That hasn't changed.

Black Cat has ended? Wow, I've really been under a rock lately, that or a mountain of paperwork. :/ I see I have a lot to catch up with.

I too, absolutely love Sephiria/Belze canon. 3 Now will there be any in your story or will I have to write them myself? XD

Now I shall go read the rest of Black Cat before I can come back and give you a real review worthy of this story! (I might be rather slow though, so don't hold your breath. Wouldn't want you to - God forbid - pass out from lack of oxygen. Who'd write the rest of this story then?)

Huggles from Chaddo )
dragonzair chapter 1 . 3/23/2006
When are you updating this? *bambi eyes*
rin chapter 2 . 3/18/2006
Nice drabble ne~

Though I hate Rinslet [sumtimes he bitchiness annoys me so much I cant take it anymore] I like Eve, Kyoko and Saya [she died though] better~

on the other hand, I like Jenos [not because of his looks, no] but beacuse of his sense of humour~ XD so funny~

Wai~ I hope you write on ShaoLee... Coz I love him~ XD X3 Coz, up till now, i find no fanfic about him at all~ sadness T_T

Yay~ It's Eve! XD Can't wait for it!
Chibi Tsuki chapter 2 . 3/2/2006
Regarding what you said in the previous chapter, I must admit that I too am one of those anti-anime people (and yet for some reason I still watch the anime - perhaps so that I can flame and complain at every single minute of the show).

Back to the reviewing. Towards the second half of the second chapter, or more precisely, Rins' thoughts after running seemed to be cut very short. The flow of the story seemed very rigid because of the lack of paragraphs. This also happens after the main of Rins' and Janus' conversation.

However the tone of the story is well set through, not only the conversation, but the setting of this chapter.

I've enjoyed reading your fanfics.
dragonzair chapter 2 . 2/19/2006
I was only able to download up till chapter 170 since that was only till where the translations were. T_T

But I got tempted and read the japanese scans of volume 19 and 20. Which was quite stupid of me, for one thing: I got spoiler. Second: I didn't understand a thing.

But I was able to get a few bit of details, although I don't get the ending.

Can you please tell me how it ended? As in, what exactly happened to Creed, and...what the hell happened to Sheldon *top hat guy*. coz from what I see, he still looks like he's got something against the Chronons, yet Yabuki didn't say what happened. It's like...a huge Cliff hangar in a way? T_T

And I wanted so many things to happen. I wanted to know about Sephiria's childhood. I mean, Yabuki drew one page of a young Sephria, and I thouht he'd give us a short story and all. And I wanted to know what happened to Tearju, to alot of other people. T_T I actually believed her and Sven were to pair up. Oh well...

How were you able to obtain the English translations of these chapters! XD

Oh. And thank you so much for starting of with Sephiria. She's my most favourite character. I wanted to see her relationship with others ended so soon. THANK YOU! And Eve is also my other favourite, along with Sven.

Keep up the great writing and good work. XD
undercoverchad chapter 2 . 2/17/2006
Don't worry, you got the sense of chaos and confusion across perfectly. Characterisation was perfect. Loved both Rins and Janus in the manga, love 'em both here. (Always had a soft spot for them.)

I'm not up to date with the latest manga, but I'm hoping to amend that soon. Can't help but agree with you about how different the characters look in the anime compared to the manga. And to think I was so excited when I heard there was going to be an anime...until I actually saw it, that was.

To think they turned Sven into this cartoonised...thing. *very cranky about that* Someone oughta pay.

But I digress...this was a lovely fic, and I shall eagerly await the next installment!
Hitokiri-san chapter 1 . 2/11/2006
Nice characterization of Sephiria; she is one of my favourite characters after Train. Let's build up this Black Cat fandom together!And I agree that stories in different POVs would be most welcome here.
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