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Kelsey Estel the TolkieNarnian chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
Whoa. Cedric... I thought he was just comic relief. He's proven himself to be worthy of arguing with Cifel.

But, don't worry yet, Cedric! They're still alive, and I remember something Echo said about putting Peter into "Dawn Treader" so I think they'll make it.

I really like how you turned Aslan's hint about the bell into a means of escape. He wasn't just telling them to ring the bell, he was showing them a way to safety. Its quite an unorthodox way to get out, but I trust that Aslan (and Echo!) will take care of his kings. He wouldn't have them save Narnia from the Witch only to die a fiery death due to a very disturbed bully.

Writers block, huh? Sledgehammers will work, but that takes a long time. What you need to do is make cracks in the block, then take some gunpowder and fill them up. Next, you shoot a flaming arrow at an apple you have set ontop of the block (be sure to have a fire extinguisher and the number of your local fire department handy). If all goes well, KABOOM! Writers' block disappears. If not... you learn WHY you're not supposed to play with matches.

more soon?

The Old Rycr chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
Wierd, I got two alerts for this chapter, and I thought I already reviewed it...

Anyway, keep up the great work and update soon! I can't wait until they all go back to Narnia!
Kelsey Noel chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
Ahh, a cliffhanger! *bites nails*
acacia59601 chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
Um, didn't you post this once already or am I going insane? Either way, great chapter! Keep the angst flowing!
Stormythomas chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
Finally i can review...couldn't before.

Anyways my first reaction: 0_0

What have you done to the boys *hugs Edmund and Peter*. Have they not been through enough? And! Must update, like right now!1
Sera and Tails chapter 27 . 4/30/2006
FINALLY I GET TO REVIEW! Rutting thing wouldn't let me when I read it ages ago.

My initial reaction:

HOLY F-ING SH-T! And I need to put the swears in there, because good lord that was tense. My face was squished up against the computer screen in anticipation of what would happen. Whoa... Man, you pulled out all the stops. Full on angst, I -loved- it.

Cheers and well done, I -really- can't wait for the next one.

Sentimental Star chapter 27 . 4/27/2006
OhcEEcho, you know I'm just *dying* to find out what happens next, yes? You mentioned in a previous chapter that they'd be going to Narnia soon, and I'm very much wondering if, in fact, Aslan knows of the danger his kings are in, and as such, manages to whisk them off to Narnia at the last moment. And since this is quite different from the books, I'm also wondering if the girls will have to find them. And with Susan as she is...*that* ought to be interesting.

You do realize you're intriguing me more and more, yes? I'm seriously looking forward to what you bring about next. As for this chapter, quite liked that argument between the boys-seems just like them to love the other more than themselves _-. And Peter...*WOW.* Definitely grew up a hell of a lot within these past several chapters (as you said he would), and what he does for Edmund...::points to cheeks:: Tears, see? That was absolutely marvelous-horribly sad and frightening, but marvelous all the same.

Keep it up, m'dear, truly!

Best Regards,

Sentimental Star
SupernaturalGal6 chapter 27 . 4/27/2006
woah...that was an awsome chapter! i loved it! please update soon!
CoveredInGlitter chapter 27 . 4/27/2006
Ahh no Peter, please be ok! Once again, he risked his life for! I loved this part:

“How? Peter-”

“I’ll find a way. I’ll carry you.”


“I won’t drop you, I promise.”

“I won’t let you do this! I won’t let you risk yourself for me!”

So much brotherly love
Siyavash chapter 26 . 4/22/2006

Okay, fine! if you won't tell, I'll be forced to... to... offer up boundless praise to this fic, as well as shameless bagging for you to UPDATE SOON! First to the boundless praise.

Ahem... THIS FIC IS GOLD! UNMATCHED, SUPERB, FANTASTIC, ELEVATED ABOUVE THE LIKES OF LOWLY AUTHORS! There has NEVER BEEN, and NEVER WILL BE any Narnia fiction to EVER HOPE TO RIVAL YOU IN LENGTH AND CONTENT. Note, that I say “length” AND “content” they don’t always go hand-in-hand. “Mistaken Perception” and it’s GODLIKE PREDECESSOR (yes, I was also wondering how a piece of writing could be godlike?... You’re just that good of an author, I suppose) predecessor “Ironic Synchronicity” are… are… indescribable… I now have to go scour Webster to see if there even EXISTS a word for you fanfiction…

As such, it is your OBLIGATION to update it... oh, I wanted to do a bit more with the "boundless praise" (seeing as that wasn't exactly "boundless") but why pass up an easy transition into shameless begging?

Anyway… PLEASE UPDATE SOON! And I’m (obviously) not Aslan, so my definition of “soon” is a bit more rigid than his… soon means… within the WEEK! Tomorrow is Sunday… seven days.

How are you getting these characterizations so abnormally, ridiculously, “oh my G*d how do you do that?”-ly spot-on? Tell me how, and I’ll give you a cookie… at least, I think it’s a cookie… but away with it, I’m not going to attempt bribery with OLD, STALE “EUGH!” INDUCING PASTRIES!

Please update? You’ve got to update… really… you have to update… there MUST BE AN UPDATE! [breaks down and sobs] PLEASE UPDATE! I’M ON VACATION, AND WITHOUT FANFICTION, LIFE GROWS DULL!

Moving to a completely new topic: I have TWO; count ‘em TWO, things that (in my opinion) merit an eyebrow-quirk. 1. This Peers guy is still alive… no actually, that’s not it, as much as I’d like it to be. Peers is very… vindictive, for a classmate. Am I to-… … … … … … WAIT! Okay, epiphany. Never mind.

2. (Well, actually 1. since I figured out the other), you may want to take a look at your summaries. When I first saw the “Ironic Synchronicity” one, I glanced right over it, thinking it was all about Susan and Lucy. It was only on a recommendation (May the Lord bless her and keep her) that I came back to look again. Of course, now I’ve spent yesterday and today (with one really short break for another riding fic) pouring over both of your fanfics, memorizing details and pondering the significance of this or that… and yes, I do look pretty lousy now. I’m not built to go without sleep.

So that’s ONE problem, and it could just be my opinion… I could be totally off.

Kaari chapter 26 . 4/22/2006
Well, I managed to read the other story straight through. It would have been nice for this one but...

I had been wondering when they would get to Narnia. I really like how you protray the brotherly love, although I just want to slap Peter to get him to tell Edmund what's going on in his mind.

Very good story, update soon please.

Stormythomas chapter 26 . 4/21/2006
Yea for Cedric! Save the boys! Save my poor Peter, and my poor Ed. You must save them! Update right now...Just kidding (well kinda):)
lightsabermaster chapter 26 . 4/21/2006
This is a cool story! :)

I wasn't really expecting that much (I'm embarrassed to say) out of Ironic Synchronicity because of the summary, but after finding it in A Amelia Black's and Capegio's "Favorite Stories" files, I decided to give it a try and I must say it was well worth it.

This is a fitting sequel; I love that it's set in the real world, at least for now. Edmund- and Peter-angst are always wonderful and I think you're doing a great job at writing it. ;)

Please update soon!
Loper42 chapter 26 . 4/21/2006
Nice job! I hope that nobody dies or anything. I like the Pevensies, hehe. Anyways, great job! Please update soon!
Vondoom chapter 26 . 4/20/2006
Oops! My comment should have been for this chapter not the first one, clearly I'm not paying attention. But everything I said below should go in this comment right here!
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