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JaceDamian23 chapter 19 . 4/26/2008

i dont like this whole remus is a death eater thing. though I have a feeling that lucius,snape,draco and him are good
RedsAttic chapter 28 . 4/25/2008

Is there an epilogue or sequel?
JaceDamian23 chapter 10 . 4/25/2008
“So, who did that one?”

She looked up at him and in a very serious voice, she answered.

“I ran into a door.”

She watched one corner of Lucius’ mouth turn up into a sneer of amusement. Apparently, he did not believe her and she couldn’t blame him. It did sound like a lie. She didn’t argue with him about it though.

One day you will know I was telling the truth.

haha funy
JaceDamian23 chapter 7 . 4/25/2008
Suddenly, Draco pushed roughly passed her. Anger flared in Lucius. No, not because he realized this was his Hermione…she was a Mudblood after all—a lying Mudblood at that. No, he was angry because he never taught his son to hit any female—Mudblood or not.

“Happy Birthday, Mudblood.” Draco stopped in front of her cutting off her path. “So did your parents send you anything good…oh…wait…no, I guess they didn’t.” He smirked at the look of despair on Hermione’s face. He leaned in a bit closer. “Oh…I am sure Aunt Bella sends you birthday wishes as well.”

With a self-satisfied smirk, Draco stepped back. He was unprepared for what happened next. She hadn’t realized her fists were balled up at her side until her fist flew threw the air and made sweet contact with Draco’s nose. He stumbled back and in what sounded like a war cry, Hermione launched herself on the blond Slytherin. It was ten times worse than in her third year—she wanted to hurt Draco. Lucius did nothing but watch in amusement and amazement. Has she always been such a little firecracker? Even the first time he met her as an adult and her as a child? Yes, he answered himself.

Wide-eyed Harry and Ron rushed forward and each grabbed an arm and her waist, pulling her off Draco. Without her arms, she kicked her legs. Nothing was going to keep her from pounding the ferret. Trying to get himself off the floor, he sat up only to have Hermione’s foot make one last furious contact with his nose.

“Hermione,” Harry yelled as they pulled her away.

She calmed down enough to allow the boys to pull her away. Ron was shaking his head.

“Bloody scary is what you are,” Ron mumbled on the way out of the dungeons.

Hermione was still catching her breath as other students parted to let them through still in shock at the mangled Malfoy. Warmth suddenly spread through her with a central point being her lower back—where Lucius had placed his hand.

what a jerk lol. go mione
JaceDamian23 chapter 4 . 4/25/2008
“Now do not forget your strength will not be up to par yet, so no traveling around the cabin yet.”

Lucius looked at her as he placed the phial down, irritation growing. Who did this Mudblood think she was? Hermione noticed the detestation Lucius held in his eyes while he watched her. Her eyes narrowed in return before she turned to leave.

His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, stopping her. Using all his strength, he pulled her back. She fell back over him, landing on the other side of the bed. As quick as a flash of lightening, Lucius turned, pinning her wrists to the bed. He hovered above her, sneer in place, with nothing short of malice in his eyes.

Hermione’s heart was pounding. Panic was washing over her coming close to overwhelming her. He leaned so close to her that as he moved to whisper in her ear, she could feel the heat from the tip of his nose caressing her cheek. Hermione held her breath.

“You are correct, Miss Granger. My strength is not up to par. Just imagine what I can do when it is.”

thebfsgf chapter 28 . 4/5/2008
I absolutely loved this story! I was reading it so fast, I read it in about an hour and a half. I loved it!

Rebecka M.
gennastar chapter 28 . 3/13/2008

Only once did I find myself saying, "NO!"

Severus trying to make a move on Hermione while Lucius looked on. That was not nice.
16palindrome18 chapter 28 . 2/27/2008
i loved your story

you stuck to everyones true form-somethings many dont do

i'll admit i was hesitant to read this but i am so very glad i did.

i'm out to search for more like this or by you.

keep writing.

LadyShard chapter 28 . 2/23/2008
It took me forever and a day to finish this story but honestly I relished in it. You gave not only an honest portrayal of Malfoy but you kept us wanting more. Bravo! Please keep the good work and know that there are very stories with Lucius/Hermione that a girl can really sink her teeth into :) YAY
GoGothGirl chapter 28 . 1/12/2008
once upon a time, a 17 year old girl sat staring at her laptop with the page staring back. that girl took a glimpse of her Jason Isaacs poster and decided to read something new, something she have been avoiding for sometime now: LM/HG fic.

there she was, browsing and browsing but not quite finding the right fic for a beginner like her. asking for a friend's help, the friend sent her a link to a story by Dragon Fire10, called Evanescent Memory. Two days later, the girl sat on her bed, crying her eyes out at the sheer brilliance and simplicity of the final chapter.

So here she is now, typing this painfully long review wishing and hoping that the author understands the impact this story had on her. also she would like to point out to the author that this story has set the girl's love for LM/HG pairing in stone and that she will proceed to read the other LM/HG fics by the same author and others whenever she isnt buried under school work.

much love,

ladymalfoy1 chapter 28 . 1/4/2008
Somehow, after reading the story, I don't feel closure, just an empty spot where Evanescent Memory was. Beauty
It doesn't matter chapter 28 . 1/4/2008
I have had tears spilling down my cheeks for hours-just thought you should know how powerful your words are.

Amber Athame chapter 28 . 12/13/2007
I just wanted to say that I love your work. This is the second story that I have read of yours (the first was In The Rain). I seriously could not walk away from my computer for any real length of time. Just wanted to say awesome work and I'm looking forward to starting another story. _
Grayhart chapter 28 . 9/27/2007
I know it's been so long since you finished this story, but I just found it and I totally love it! Oh my Gawd, what an adorable almost made tear up. And that's hard. I'd really encourage you to write some of your own fiction and get it published - while still coming to FFnet of course, we'd all miss you too much! Cheers, Eponine**
SpeedDemon315 chapter 28 . 9/24/2007
Finally...! It took me forever to finish this wonderful story but it was well worth it. I enjoyed reading it through and through, right to the very end. I am looking forward in reading some more of your other stories, I want see how you make Severus/Hermione work out!
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