Reviews for Child of Four
treena-ivy-carter chapter 79 . 2/7
I am really enjoying this story. This is certainly one of the best written stories I have ever read.

Thank you for writing.

gabycha chapter 1 . 1/27
woow this fic is my favorite. I will that actualice.
i see you
draco7347 chapter 79 . 1/20
really love this story cant wait for new chapters
Kristina chapter 79 . 1/5
This is the end ? Why ?
Nagilover4ever chapter 79 . 12/7/2015
Love it. Update soon.
mushu95 chapter 79 . 10/5/2015
Do you think you will continue your story eventually? I really enjoy it :D
evitavet chapter 79 . 9/14/2015
I have liked a lot your story. Once i bega. It i had to finish it without stopping...i hope you'll continue it. It has a great argument and it'swell written.
VocalAurora chapter 79 . 9/3/2015
I have to say, this is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read. Many people try to approach the subject of what would've happened if hath had been sorted into Slytherin, but most of them just change the story from when Harry finds out he's a wizard. It's amazing how you've gone back and truly made this an alternate universe and changed things from the beginning that would've played a role in Harry's development in order to shape his personality to truly be better off in Slytherin, since his upbringing by the Dursleys made Harry much more humble, and developmentally the equivalent of a muggle-born due to his lack of knowledge of the Wizarding world, and thus probably a target for bullying among the Slytherin house. Slytherins are a proud, pureblood powerhouse that fuels itself on the old traditions and strict rules passed down through generations of old families, and canon Harry had none of that and had to be taught them. You seem to have foreseen this problem and how it contributes to Harry being unfit for Slytherin and changed his history to fix it. I didn't even realize until I started asking myself why you had made those changes. I applaud you for this and I absolutely love this story. You are amazing, and I eagerly await the continuation of this. After all, I've spent the lady few days staying up longer than I should've been to continue reading this, and I'm not ready to stop, but il I'll be patient and wait for your return. :)
mint chapter 79 . 8/3/2015
Love, love, love this fic! I can't wait for an update.
The subplots are enthralling, as is the main, and I'm incredibly invested in the fates of each and every character.
It's been a year since your last update - but I can't wait for a new one! You're truly talented.
cztelnik chapter 79 . 7/13/2015
This is incredible! The unity and redrawing of party lines, still keeping adventure and thrills along with romance. I like dark fics too but it is nice sometimes to keep Sirius alive and the rest of Harry's family. Especially like how Lucius and family pledged to follow Harry and protect family. It is interesting to reverse the roles of Neville and his family and nice to see Hermione and Ron in a negative light yet not vilified. Really well done. Same thing with Severus just opposite. Also nice to see the smart protections James and Lilly put in place for their kids.
OlogyFF101 chapter 79 . 7/15/2015
I need an update!
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 79 . 6/12/2015
Loved the chapter!
Love that nothing seems to be wrong with Harry and Draco's relationship, and I loved that they were back in Severus quarters discussing the plan! :D

Sad to see that this is the last chapter to a wonderful story, please come back soon! I'm gonna check out your other stories and see which ones interest me, seriously loving the way you write and how you tell the story! :D
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 78 . 6/12/2015
Loved the chapter!
I can understand why Harry hasn't thought much of what could be happening to Draco, I just hope when Draco reads the upcoming interviews Harry participated in that he will see what Harry is trying to do. I hope Severus visits Harry soon with what Draco has to say!

And it has been a year since the last chapter was updated, I hope you come back to this story soon! This story is too good to be left abandoned!
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 77 . 6/12/2015
Loved the chapter!
Poor Draco! I just wish Harry can find a way to get Draco and his mother away from that monster! I hope they will be able to find a solution when they see each other again!

And I seriously hate Bellatrix, forget about punching her in the throat, I really want her to die a slow and agonizing death!
SpiderQueen Dez chapter 76 . 6/12/2015
Loved the chapter!
So glad that Sirius didn't die, but I'm worried about the curse Bellatrix struck him with! Good for Sirius to banish her from the family, I bet that ruined so many plans Voldemort had in regards to her being a Black. I wonder if the vault that contains the Horcrux will be given to Sirius or if she will still keep it, I hope it's given to Sirius! If it is then Dumbledore has no choice but to tell the four of Horcruxes! :D

So glad that Harry and Neville got to tag along, I can just imagine the argument that took place before the two were allowed to join.

And just a thought, I'm wondering if the factors of a male getting pregnant involves having unprotected sex with their soulmate, that would make sense since I think you've mentioned that soulmates were rare. I hope this is the case! I wonder who will end up pregnant, my guess is on Harry, but I'm also hoping it's Draco! :D
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