Reviews for Uncommon Bond
takerfan925 chapter 37 . 1/19/2011
Here Christy has had a heart change for the better an ol'Candace is up to her old tricks,out for meanness,just to see how much havoc she can cause;she's terrible,knows it an doesn't a friend{?} like that you don't need an would make an excellent father,I 'puter is actin' up which is why I haven't been reviewing,it does this every now an again,got to get that dealt ,as to the review;never was I so glad they made up an approached 'normal',I was gladder still for Nathan to be born when she fell an hit her head,my heart just about her memory came flooding back,I was kidnapping made me frantic!I would have loved to have been in that locker room when Batista an Orton came charging in,lol,that was just so ,again,you left me hanging,What happened?Did Dave get re-united with Nancy?What happened to Duncan?Barren?THE papers?THe Congressman? When they were naming the baby,I was reminded of my great-grandfather,never met him,tho'I knew my great grandmother,anyway his name was Galathan David Wright,but when he passed,they-somebody re-arranged his name,rather his initals to D. ,because they didn't want folks to see G. in the church I got a little older I asked my adopted Mom about it an she said "Think about it."Once I did,it dawned on me,have you figured it out, ,it's late an I'm for some me,please,I know that works,at least it has been,lol.
takerfan925 chapter 25 . 1/19/2011
They are so cute,the mock fight,the whole nine yards. I love the fact that Randy is contemplating settling down,bothered that it's Barren who's on his mind,tho'.I think on some level she does care for him,its just that right now,she's using him for a nefarious purpose an THAT I don't Lynn,getting so freaked out about having spent the night with Evan,eventho' he's not a good guy,she doesn't know it;but to be freaked because she acted like Randy,one time is well,ridiculous!
takerfan925 chapter 24 . 1/18/2011
Things are fixin' to get interesting,aren't they{giggle}.How could Barren be so,wait a second I almost forgot how awful she is,because she acts so loving with well,you know what they say,In Vino Veritas,things are fixin' to get real interesting.
takerfan925 chapter 23 . 1/18/2011
Randy was so sweet with Audrey,to convince her that way,he didn't force,just really gave her a choice an she took it,Barren needs to do the for our happy couple,something has GOT to make her remember,either being back with the wrestlers or being with Dave,something I'm about to have mtn. lions waiting for to get her memory back.
takerfan925 chapter 22 . 1/18/2011
Dave's being playful again,watch out Nancy, is going to be an interesting 't it be cute if her memory came back as ol'Candace Michelle is sidling up to make a move on Dave an she-Nancy suddenly remembers an tells her,"Uh,I suggest you keep your hands OFF MY HUSBAND!As in RIGHT NOW!" That would be so delicious,or while she's giving birth,pow! her memory comes it happens,as long as it Lynn best be careful,the"jeweler"is up to no good an she's liable to wind up hurt,physically as well as could even happen to the folks an then she couldn't just blame Randy,she'd have to shoulder some of the blame,wouldn't she.
takerfan925 chapter 21 . 1/18/2011
Before I forget,anI know this happened a while back,an I don't want to open up old hurts,anyway,what I'm tryin' to say is you have my condolences on your Grandfather's Grandfather/Adopted Daddy passed Sept.16 of '83 an my GrandMama/Adopted Mama on Nov.24 of the same ,I know the hurt an pain you felt an probably still on occasion,when you least expect it,still he your maternal or paternal Grandfather?Just curious.I can see Nancy is scared,everybody remembering her an she can't put name to face,frustrating for the same time,it would be good for her to just be with Dave for a minute,just the two of for Candace,she should just hush!MY word for she should just leave them/Dave !
takerfan925 chapter 20 . 1/18/2011
She's-Samantha's havin' second thoughts,I do believe.I looked Randy on wikipedia an this is what I found out,use if you like,or no,your choice;Samantha's maiden name-Speno,he is oldest of three,Nathan an sister,Rebecca/Becky,and he was a Marine.I hate Barren is lieing so to at the same time,I want Dave and Nancy back together,too.
takerfan925 chapter 19 . 1/18/2011
Nancy,may not physically remember stuff,but emotionally,I yhink she is,which is good,'cos physically will catch up to emotionally,really quickly,won't it?At least ,we can hope,can't we? But I like the byplay 'tween them it's cute. But I don't want anybody in the family to be hurt,like Randy's Mom,orDad,you know what I'm gettin' at,I hope.
takerfan925 chapter 18 . 1/18/2011
I realize that Audrey shouldn't hit,people,but then again,Toby shouldn't talk like that, the Coach,he just needs to back off as in now,as in permanently!Just because she has amnesia doesn't mean she wants attention from him. Will you PM me with costs of joining the best of the Batista fc's an what all ya get in joining,'cos I really would like to the Hall Of Fame thing is coming up an HBK is going to be an inductee,would it not be neat if Batista was announced as being an inductee,as ,I think it's an accolade he deserves,but then they don't ask for my am I right you got at some point in time to meet Randy an Dave?Tell me all about it please.I bet it was fun.I sort of got to meet,what'shisname?Brian Knobs of the Nasty Boys on two back-to-back occasions,remind me to tell you about it sometime.I am really enjoying your writing,your plotlines are good an easy to follow an I love the quotes you use, an lest we forget the way you depict Bob Orton Jr. is perfect! I see no room for complaints,leastways on this I any,it would be on some there doesn't seem to be an end,you just stop,see the 4-chapter one you did,frustrating,to me,anyway.
takerfan925 chapter 17 . 1/18/2011
I love it when they get playful with each other,even over the I love it when Audrey goes into protect mode for Vanessa being the total trrn is so cute, I am Irish,or at least feelin' it,with a last name like,Patrick,uh,hello,Irish,much?But that bunch that's after Barren,I DO NOT like in the Dave is such a sweetie,an sexy as don't gots t'do anything,but stand there an breathe an I'd be happy.I get caught up in what I read,an my emotions an feelings get right in there,so I'm ready to scratch Candace's eyes out,just for the fun of it,an defend Nancy should she need tho' I didn't review it,I was too sleepy,I loved the little 4 chapter thingy you wrote,my only problem with it was just that only 4 chapters,an not a satisfying end to it.I know life isn't all skittles an beer,but I like for the stories I read an write to have happy satisfyibg I wanted to ask if I give her a whole new,different look,may I use the names of two of your OC's? Namely Barren and Genesis for an OC of my own?I like the way they sound together on my to the good stuff,now.
takerfan925 chapter 16 . 1/18/2011
I don't give a flyin' fig tree,the female pop. of the WWE needs to back off him!An dadgummit t'Hades NOW!Would they be so quick to try this kind of manure with Trips,I don't think so!Dave is Married,those bimbettes need to focus on that little bitty FACT!Translation,Move off,find somebody else to torment,Dave is no longer on the market!This kind of thing just pisses me off no end!When I can see clearly the storyline,I say it's time for the creative team to re-think,to re-write the now,Candace Michelle needs to find a whole other playpen to get dirty go elsewhere,like TNA to irritate a whole bunch of other Hemme finally did,Katie Lea Burchill did,little miss pain -in-the-buttMichelle can, ,maybe one time before they went out,had sex for a minute-whatever,well now,sister it's done,we are,they are a never was,so back the hell,off!Strictly my opinion of course.
takerfan925 chapter 14 . 1/17/2011
I know it's killing him not to just leap on her an ravish her,but he's giving her time to get acclimated to him,to everything an that's album an the dyd an the describing of everything is what she hopefully she'll come around just that much sooner.
takerfan925 chapter 13 . 1/17/2011
Max is a good didn't mean to speak so harshly,she just wants things back the way they were,that's does Audrey an so does you lose your memory it's a scary thing;the closest I ever came to something like that was,back in '09 or maybe 2010,I disremember ,for about a month I'd wake up an look around my bedroom an wonder outloud,"Where am I?"I looked around an honestly had NO idea,where I was at or why I didn't ,out of th'blue,I'd holler,"I'm in MY bedroom!That's where I'm at!"Then I'd get up to go get some orange juice,'cos that;s what my head said I needed. I'd get near my kitchen an then bam! I'd pass out! This happened at least 3/4 times a week.I was getting scared to go to to the Dr.,finally an lo an behold I was taking too much of one of my meds.,once that was adjusted I was back to being me,an I was so ,I'm an insulin dependant diabetic,Type 2,an I was taking,per Dr.'s orders 80 units of Lantus,fast acting stuff,too high a dosage,I got dropped down to 20 units an I'm I can relate to ,I agree with Max,she's got to at least make the attempt to return to some semblence of maybe,just maybe her memory will kick in an she'll remember everything.
takerfan925 chapter 11 . 1/17/2011
Her being alive,the baby being alive is his present,one that he has an will always cherish an love.I so want her memory to kick in,to come back to is cute an I like Vanessa,but I'm rootin' for Nancy to get her memory back an soon.
takerfan925 chapter 10 . 1/17/2011
Just when I'm ready to dislike her,she goes an does something Randy,needs to,wants to feel like somebody cares about him an he can care for I want Nancy to get her memory back asap,so she an Dave can enjoy the less said about that sheriff the better,as well as that bunch that's after Barren.
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