Reviews for Forever
Kitsune1797 chapter 14 . 8/4
You kiss under mistletoe not holly just so you know
kurosakiami01 chapter 16 . 7/18
It was a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing!
KAMI chapter 16 . 6/30
ITS SO CUTE YET IT DROVE ME TO TEARS and it was so well written I LOVE this story one of my favorite snarry fics I hope all your story's are as good as this
nightpurr chapter 5 . 5/30
I love your writing & this story is great! I just hope I will be able to put it down long enough to sleep tonight
I would also like to put my thoughts in regards to peoples statement on your Grammer. First I read these knowing I am not reading a story from a published author that has the benefits of someone to edit the story for them. That in itself makes me question those who judge in this manner? I read these because of shared enjoyment. I find myself asking if they have the common sense to tell the difference between something shared for enjoyment & a professional published author that has money for an editor to go over there story? I ALMOST pity those that have to disect a story to feel important. Speaking for myself & I am sure many others I thank you for the joy you take the time to bring to us that read your story with enough common since to simply understand & enjoy it. PLEASE, don't let yourself be swayed to paying so much attention to every small mistake that you loss that special gift you have in writing your words as they come.
whitebuffalowmn chapter 16 . 5/7
great story!
KoreanMusicFan chapter 16 . 5/3
such a touching ending, i love it!
Great story!
rowenasheir chapter 16 . 5/3
Beautiful but sad ending. Their kids and other desendants are at least vampires and stay with them.
Lavonya chapter 3 . 4/29
Damn those muggles... poor Kid...
Lavonya chapter 2 . 4/29
Poor Harry... Disgusting wretched sick muggles!
misuky7 chapter 16 . 10/9/2014
This was so sweet. I adored this quite a bit. Severus and Harry were just adorable together, and I loved their daughter. :3
thewolf74 chapter 16 . 8/24/2014
The last bit of this chapter brought tears to my eyes. I'm happy that Harry had Severus in the end, and I'm happy that remember their family that had passed on. I really love this story.
sandra52519 chapter 16 . 8/18/2014
This is one of the best story's i've read. Really amasing.
PeytonBlackTheOriginal chapter 16 . 7/19/2014
Wow. Just wow.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/18/2014
Wouldn't it be you may kiss the groom. Since its bride
ZianaSue chapter 16 . 6/9/2014
I looooooved it.. Happy endings all around!

The only part I didn't like was the child abuse and rape, and the almost rape again. But I understand that had to happen for Harry to end up mated to Severus so quickly. Otherwise the story might be a bit longer.

Keep up the good work

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