Reviews for Those Who Inherit the Will of Fire
WPUrchezem23 chapter 5 . 1/13/2014
You do realize that Shadow clones are really expensive on chakra correct? And its a Jonin level jutsu for a reason? And the only reason naruto could use it was because he had crazy chakra reserves
Guest chapter 25 . 11/22/2013
Seriously, you're going to lose every single reader if you keep updating like that! I mean, your story is really good and stuff, but it's annoying to wait a year or so for a new chapter. I've almost forgotten about your story to be honest. But I'm happy that you at least DID update...
Guest chapter 25 . 11/17/2013
you put millennium to bring new chapter '
Guest chapter 25 . 9/24/2013
Good chapter, I hope you'll update soon! I must admit though that I was a bit annoyed because I had to read the whole story again just to make sure that I remember everything that's important to the plot, but I have to say that your story is really worth it! I'm looking forward to read the next chapter, especially because I wonder if Naraku's going to awake his Sharingan anytime soon...
WhiteWolf Kyoko chapter 25 . 9/18/2013
Loved the new chapter!
Awesome job as always and I can't wait for more. _
Darklight078 chapter 1 . 9/7/2013
I'm so glad I started reading this :)
setosenju chapter 2 . 8/27/2013
i like dude
Guest chapter 22 . 8/10/2013
It has been a long time since I started reading this story again and nearly 6 years since my last review. I love next gen stories and this one has to be one of the very best. I hope you are doing well and will update soon (rather selfish of me). Do you plan to incorporate the new developments in the manga into your story? Eagerly awaiting your next installment. All the best.
Jesse chapter 24 . 6/30/2013
I really enjoyed the ingenious behind the challenges alon with the rest of the story I. General. I did notice a few spelling errors and grammatical errors throughout but they are very minuscule and I look forward to the rest of it. Also on a side note I love how you recreated naruto and hinata through toramaru and shunrai. Hinata is my favorite character from the original series and I love how you handled it
Guest chapter 24 . 4/16/2013
I'm sorry, I didn't sent the comment on purpose...well like I said, this is a great story, keep it up!
And now my vote:

1. Naraku
2. Kwaridane
3. Teigo
4. The blindfolded guy from Kumo
5. Hinako's sister
Reader chapter 24 . 4/16/2013
Great story, keep it up!


4. The blindfolded guy from Kumo
Jess chapter 24 . 4/11/2013
I really like your story, especially that it isn't a copy of the manga, that makes the upcoming events unpredictable. I keep asking myself what's going to happen next, so I'm looking forward to read the next chapter! Keep it up and update soon! (I'm sorry if there are any spelling errors, I really did my best but english isn't my native language.)
Oh, and as for my vote..
1. Naraku Uchiha
2. Buryaku Nara
3. Hinako Nekko
4. Garou Inuzuka
5. Hitomi Hyuuga
89niners-best-team-ever chapter 24 . 3/25/2013
I like this, keep it up!
Jackyl 2000 chapter 23 . 2/23/2013
Loved the beginning with Teigo and Naruto... and the second exam sounds fun! Can't wait to see what, other challenges await them in the tower, but the first one is certainly tough. Hope Naraku will manage.
As always I love the twist on the exams and can't wait to see if you've altered the survival test as well. Keep this up and update soon!
WhiteWolf Kyoko chapter 23 . 2/10/2013
Loved the new chapter, can't wait to see how Naraku handles this challenge. :D
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