Reviews for Right Hand of Destruction
Anonymous Joe chapter 1 . 2/13/2006

I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by... Well first I must say that this is a good first chapter and the Characters seem not to be too OOC. I hope your plot develops well...You have laid a very solid foundation for a great Fan Fic.

Now to keep my review balanced I shall voice my questions and/or comments. I found some of the sentence structure awkward and some grammar mistakes... but everyone has those problems, eh? Also I just wanted to have clarifications on when in the time line dose this take place? Is it after Third impact, or is it in or after the last episodes in the series, or is it a variation on the timeline? Because if you are sticking with the original timeline how did Akagi get out of section two’s authority? Just some inconstancies I was curious about...

Well anyway as I said before this is a solid base for a Fic and I hope you continue. To prove how intrigued I am by this, I will place it on my Favorites list... for now.

Also as I ALWAYS say, "It is YOUR STORY so you don't have to listen to me or ANYONE else!"

Ich werde Sie später sehen!
Forever Rahhel chapter 1 . 2/13/2006
Well their is not much I can say since their is

nothing plot related in the chapter.

Im curious in which direction your story is heading.