Reviews for A Time and Place to Grow
Guest chapter 5 . 9/7
Awww, Snape's getting a puppy...
Guest chapter 29 . 8/8
I just love your story so much its just I can't stop thinking about it it would be aweaome to have a sequel I love this so much you did a great job on this
Nirehtyls chapter 29 . 7/3
The only problem Harry would have at this point with Snape getting the DADA position is that it is cursed. If he is considering adoption, aka last chapter, the question of Snape's evilness no longer applies.
Nirehtyls chapter 27 . 7/3
Snape should play with the two of them all the time.
Instead of the stupid spanking. (Spanking would work if they were 10 years old.)
Otherwise they are divided into these camps of segregation.
Snape would have started to smile a whole lot earlier if their interactions were that much more complete from the beginning.
Nirehtyls chapter 26 . 7/3
"That's not true!"
was a good moment.
And in the most true snarry, that's exactly what Harry and Snape are. Co-parents.
That's the only way to write good snarry.
Snarry is the most difficult, misunderstood, easy-to-get-wrong ship ever. It is so varied, so it's no surprise.
But at it's best. It i L.
So yes. That would make Harry and Snape "co-parents."
Nirehtyls chapter 25 . 7/3
Killing someone is not wrong just because it is an offense.
This story is written well, but it it so WRONG.
Nirehtyls chapter 24 . 7/3
This is a good chapter. But the lack of autonomy is annoying.
Nirehtyls chapter 23 . 7/3
This is a good chapter.
NIrehtyls chapter 21 . 7/3
It's like they are living in a bubble...
Nirehtyls chapter 20 . 7/3
There is no development to Snape and Harry. Why am I reading this? Because I can't understand why the writing is good, but the plot isn't. I had thought that to be impossible.
Nirehtyls chapter 17 . 7/3
Desiderium Intimum. You'd enjoy reading that one.
It reads like this.
Nirehtyls chapter 14 . 7/3
This is stupid again. Snape demands a relationship with Harry, but they don't have one. He is punishing Harry because Harry does not trust him, but why should Harry do that? Trust is a two-way thing. If it is not built, no amount of spanking will get Snape that respect he claims to want, nor the obedience that comes from being respected.
Nirehtyls chapter 13 . 7/3
Whatever happened to good old hard work for the sake of doing it because it needs to be done? Y'know... fix the roof so it doesn't leak and ruin the house, trim the hedges because they are overgrown - at this point, Harry will associate hard work with punishment and will grow up with no work ethic.
Nirehtyls chapter 10 . 7/3
Now that's what I am talking about!
Snape should be just as afraid of Harry as Harry is of him!
I am ignoring the first 7 chapters... they are crap.
But I hope the good fortune of chapter 10 stays put because that's the kind of stuff I want to read.
Nirehtyls chapter 9 . 7/3
The story gets good after chapter 7.
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