Reviews for Transgressor
Delta immortal chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
...the fic wasn't really as creepy as it was sad. Times changed, and Siren didn't know. Things had morphed and GFs had suddenly not been the center of their worlds- now they were like guides. It was a painful lesson for Siren.

And I liked it. hehehe. :p. And Zell was sad! I liked that, too, though the memory loss also made me sad as well. Dunno what it meant as a dream. Not all dreams have to mean something, but if you feel it did... well... then it did, I guess...

It was a good fic. I enjoyed it much. Thanks for writing it.
Eoko chapter 1 . 2/17/2006
XD That would be such a cool dream to have! Well, except for what you didn't feel comfortable writing. But such a coherent, well flowing dream! I've had some like that. Hmm, now I must simply attempt an interpretation.

I can see why it befuddles you. It is definitely not a very straight forward dream, not that dreams often are. Let's see. The female controlling of the male. That was a key element. The female bending the male to her will. Women being at a superiour level to men, one of the mind. I don't know how that would relate to your life though.

Or maybe in the sense of the author and the character. In this case you would be Siren- oh goody, right?- Well, I could be Siren too. Anyway, Siren is the author's will. Siren has a wish and a desire to fulfil. Zell, plays himself and represents the character, the written actor of the author's will. Now, the character does not always wish to follow that of the Author's desire. The plot may not suit them and they may refuse to cooperate, creating a "writer's block" perhaps.

So, Siren's will, or that of the author, is in opposition to the desire and personality of the character. I'm liking this interpretation more. Well, maybe that one has more meaning to you. In any of your fics are your characters not happy with the plot, or are taking it off on other tangents?

Other than those two possiblities I, myself can't think of anything other than the obvious things you probably caught upon waking. So, maybe that will help, probably it won't. I've interpretted dreams before, but sometimes they just don't mean anything too.

Great writing too, by the way. -happy eyes- FF dot net has a new name.
sivasixthreeoh chapter 1 . 2/17/2006
Wow. Really, wow. That was brilliant. Your use of language is so fluid and some of your imagery was enough to make me melt (yes, I do get a bit too involved in literature sometimes).

My favourite descriptions were: "...rendering him no more than an intermediary — a conduit, through which healing passed."

...and: "...a sweet, pure voice whispered, words shivering like a glissando teased from a harp."

I was really taken by those (well, I was taken by the whole thing, really, but those two pieces of imagery were the most outstanding).

Very well done, an interesting piece executed with conviction and style (look at me being the pretentious reviewer!).

As for what caused your initial dream: I have no idea, but don't try and find out what's causing such dreams or you might accidentally cure yourself of them! I'd kill to have dreams as perculiarly hot as that one (especially such vivid ones :p).

Anyway, peace, and keep writing! You're doing some awesome stuff. ;)