Reviews for Speak of the Devil
Hazmatt chapter 4 . 8/6/2015
Great story! I enjoyed it!
jessi chapter 4 . 1/7/2013
Very funny!
3 fries short of a happy meal chapter 4 . 8/27/2009
this story was amazing! i laughed out loud
Olafur Neal chapter 4 . 4/8/2008
That was great. It was so cute! I really enjoyed it.
VampirateLycan chapter 4 . 2/19/2008
Nice, would like to see more of Mac, Jack and Johnny-Boy if possible, maybe how that science lab burnt down. *hinthint* hehe :)
ALittleinlove chapter 4 . 9/26/2006
A great fic full of humour and romance at the same time. Thanks for the great read!
FORD B chapter 4 . 9/1/2006
This was really funny and worth the read.
Dreamer22 chapter 4 . 6/8/2006
::squirms around in computer chair while laughing at the Davils:: tehe abslutly fantastic, very well written, I love it!
Rhysel Ash chapter 4 . 5/25/2006
cute story... but I couldn't stop laughing at the fact you had Mac, Jack, and Jack, because there is an ale I like called Mac and Jacks... yeah... anyway.. very cute
Rose Stetson chapter 4 . 4/6/2006
Hee hee! I wouldn't mind an epilogue. (hint, hint)
MajorSam chapter 4 . 4/3/2006

Great Story :D:D:D:D The "O'Neil with ONE L!" has finally been explained!

Oralindie chapter 1 . 3/26/2006
Yay! Jack and Sam! And German Chocolate cake too. #drools# I want some... ; )
Natters chapter 4 . 3/16/2006
“Can I burn them?” lol. excellent work as usual
NicoleKennedy92 chapter 4 . 3/4/2006
Aws that is so sweet you gotta love the origanal SG1.. i loved your story...

kdlaxgoalie chapter 4 . 3/3/2006
Sequel please!
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