Reviews for WHEN IN CALEDON; Saints In The Night Part I
Aslan Son Of The Emporer Beyond The Sea chapter 1 . 5/16/2001
Mary Sue...just a tad. But really, the Tome of Tacitus story line is very good. It has a bit of Fantasy with a nice touch of the supernatural. Your prose is very eloquent without being too wordy. You might want to working on the typing errors. I also liked the fact that you're constructing a complex culture based upon the tenents of Gargoyle culture we've already seen. I especially like the naming ceremony and the wedding from your last fic. I'm not sure that I care for Wren all that much. She seems a did Demetrius put it? Plain. Then again, if that was your intent, good job. Demetrius is keeping me on my toes. One minute he's swashbuckling and the next he's playing loyal protector. And good use of tension. I see you still can resist the romantic subplot. But, you're doing a good job so far of keeping it family friendly. Most of your stuff is wonderful but too explicit for my tastes. Anyway, keep writing and I look forward to your future works. By the way...whoever wrote that one review was really ignorant. Ignore Ally what's her name.
Wavels chapter 1 . 5/12/2001
Um, exactly _where_ is Goliath's son, hmm? You keep mentioning him and never have him interact with Goliath and vice verse. Doesn't he mean anything to Goliath? You didn't expect to get away with that easily, did you? Your series is pretty nice and readible(and that's saying alot), despite the Mary Sue chick. To me Goliath and Elisa will always be the best pairing in "Gargoyles," bar none. You should be proud of yourself for writing so well that you kept reading your series(I'm a die hard G&E fan). If it wasn't, I would have totally ignored it. Oh, well. Keep writing.
Ally Anon chapter 1 . 5/11/2001
I actually cheered when I thought this Mary-Sue series was over. Damn my high hopes of seeing it end...Write more E&G fics! p