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JohnnyG33 chapter 26 . 4/24/2014
After reading the Bleeding Through series for the fourth time, they still haven’t lost their touch. This series is one of best I’ve read in the Kim Possible fandom and by far one of the best series on . Here’s why:

The Plot: The overall plot in this series is original and extremely creative. Perhaps the most amazing part of this series is that every aspect of the plot connects to the original canon of the Kim Possible Universe. (The series takes place up to and after the movie 'So the Drama', so anything that happened in season 4 is non-existent, but that is OK.) While the plot is much darker than anything you’ll find in Kim Possible, it doesn’t deter from the show or character’s charm while offering terrific character development and depth. Readers will be riding the emotional roller coaster along with the characters as they work their way through the plot.

The horror in the story is perfectly done, slowly building up throughout the series and then suddenly all hell breaks loose. The horror element makes readers feel small and helpless and keeps readers on the edge of their seats, constantly wondering what will be the fate of our heroes. This story also succeeds at keeping readers on their toes, trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

The other elements also represent themselves quiet well in the story, but I’ll let you figure out what those are for fear of saying the other tropes or elements would give too much away.

The Characters: This is the best aspect of the entire series. The characters stay perfectly in character from start to finish while adapting to the new situations that the plot throws at them. I do not want to give anything away about the characters, but I will say the attention to detail, even to the background and those in the background are amazing and only add to the depth of the story. I will also state that my favorite character was Master Sensei, for of all of the characters in this series, he was portrayed beautifully, 100% in character.

Cannon vs. Fiction: Creativity is the name of the game in , and Mattk pulled no stops while connecting elements of his fanfic series to the original KP canon. If readers stop and think about some of the connections made in the story, they will find that the connections make sense and could have very well happened in the canon, (if Disney wanted to take the series down a darker path).

All in all, this series is a master piece. Do not let the lack of reviews or favorites deter you, this is a hidden gem that will be a joy to read from start to finish.

Mattk, I don’t know if you still read reviews, but nonetheless thank you for writing and finishing this series. It was a wonderful stroke of luck that I found it, and a privilege to read it. I am currently reading your other work and am enjoying them immensely. My only question was what were you thinking while writing the epilogue? Were you originally setting up another series in your KP universe, or were you insisting other readers to continue it while you turned your focus to personal work? Again, thank you so much for this wonderful story and for the all those that you haven’t written or published yet.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/24/2013
I just read through all your Blood series, and I absolutely loved it. I especially liked how Kim and Ron grew up a bit and started to develop a deep, mature relationship. Great job.
oldandnewfirm chapter 25 . 1/31/2013
I re-read "Thunderheads..." through "Bleeding Through" for the second time after being out of KP fandom for a few years, and I was delighted to find that it's just as great as I remember it. It's an ambitious tale that delves into a level of maturity that the show couldn't have accomplished even if it wanted to, and melding the comparatively carefree cast with the harrowing, bleaker world you've crafted isn't easy to pull off, but you managed it beautifully. Though there are some rough spots- I thought that the several chapters of Kim and Ron training at Yamagouchi dragged a bit, for example- it's overall a wonderful story, and one that really sticks with you long after it's over. Reading it again was a true pleasure, and I look forward to re-re-reading it in another five years!

One question, though- as you've left fandom I don't expect an answer, but perhaps one of the other reviewers will pipe in- what exactly do people remember about Drew and Sheila after the Unshaper's defeat?

It's clear that Sheila et al still remember being Team Go, which makes sense: they were Team Go long before they knew that the source of their powers was the Unshaper, so their memories would revert to a point before they became aware of the Unshaper's influence on them. In Hego, Mego, and Wego's case that would be before they were called in by Global Justice, and in Sheila's case that would be before or shortly after she slept with Drew.

My assumption was that the world's memory of Drakken and evil!Shego would be erased as well, but the Crash Damage epilogue specifically mentions that Shego was reported dead after the battle at the Space Center. The problem is that Sheila is still very much alive, so unless the world has been made to forget that the Gomez family were Team Go- which seems unlikely, given that no one seems surprised that the Gomez family was present in the aftermath of the battle- then it won't take people long to point out that reports of Shego's death were highly overrated. And also to point out that she's still a wanted criminal, along with her partner in crime Drew Lipsky, both of whom would have no idea what their accusers were talking about.

I know, I know, I'm thinking too hard. But I just can't work out how the magic could erase Sheila and Drew's memories of being Drakken and evil!Shego without ALSO erasing the world's memories of that as well. It's been niggling at me for days.
holydemon00 chapter 20 . 1/24/2013
I'm sure I should have recognised the name " " but I can't. Who is he?
holydemon00 chapter 14 . 1/24/2013
Was the scene in Middleton a reference to Stephen King's the Mist? Bunch of survivor stuck in a supermarket, surrounded by weird shit (for some reason I was pretty fascinated when Kim used the words, btw)
holydemon00 chapter 4 . 1/24/2013
Well, I see a flaw in Sensei's logic. What about Monkey Fisk, DNAmy, Dementor, Killigan, the Seniors, are they all infected by Evil Dark Magic? In particular, the Senior becomes evil because of Ron, and they aren't above dropping a chained Kim, sealed in a coffin, into a bottomless pit filled with water and sharks. I bet every spies and agents around the world would prefer getting raped and tortured to such scenario.
An chapter 4 . 1/19/2013
Okay, man.

Nothing kills childhood magic better than explaining it. You can re-invent it. You can change the scene and pace of the world.

But to keep the same perspective of the TV show then try to make it adult? That's different. That's disgusting. That's what you're doing.

When does it show?

When Sensei/ author info dump starts rationalizing Rufus' intelligence by magic, starts introducing this whole Drakken "sucks because he wants to suck" shtick. Fuck that noise.

Turning Drakken into a villain because of an STD sucks. I can deal with that Unshaper energy thing. Makes sense. Hero turns into a villain. Great.

Personally, I like it better that she left because she was bored. That's even more rational. But that's negligible.

But bitch, turning the essential badness of the Doctor into a side effect of Shego's creepy meteor crabs is weak. Drakken's fine with his obsessions and insecurities. It's comical and accurate.
Shebali chapter 26 . 10/10/2012
Well. This took me longer to get through than Bleeding Out, but it was definetly time well spent. I'll have to reread this story sometime later, 'cause I was in such a hurry to get to the end, I think I might have missed some stuff. Oh well, more fun for me later.

In the meantime, just let me say that I enoyed your story immensely (all of your KP stuff is great, really) and I'm ever so glad I checked the tvtropes recs. Yep, didn't think one could have a KP story starring an Eldritch abomination. Yep, you did it. In a really awesome way, too.

Any new story you write, I'll be there to read it. Even if it's not from the fandom I'm currently interested in.

Seriously :)
Tragic warrior chapter 26 . 11/24/2011
To reach the end is such sweet sorrow. You need to do what you need to do. Great story.
Tragic warrior chapter 25 . 11/24/2011
The Possibles, being a scientist and doctor, are unlikely to understand magic and the effects they have. Perhaps it's for the best. Good job on this chapter.
Tragic warrior chapter 24 . 11/24/2011
How is Felix walking again?
OhNoaBear chapter 26 . 9/9/2011
It took me a while to figure out how to properly review this series. Throwing a review on everyone of the stories seemed disingenuous, but not reviewing was a crime. After a time, I decided to throw this where I do for most stories I read: at the end.

First and foremost, want to say that this is a fantastic story. From beginning to end, it is a work of craft and artistry that was a thrill to read as a person who fancies themselves well read and informed. It is not, however without its flaws.

My main issue lies in the pacing. This series toes the line of the ideal interest curve, but misses it by a fractional amount. By the end, I was reading it mostly to get it finished, not out of any sort of involvement in the story. That is not good. Contributing to the relatively mild pacing issues was a slew of fairly derivative and vague phillosophical insights that I have heard before and better from other sources. They aren't bad, they would probably work fantastically on a less experienced reader, but they are very much "been there, done that, faced the madness of the human soul" for me.

This was an ambitious project, and as such cannot be expected to be perfect nor condemned for falling short of perfection. The work itself is where much of the greatness of this comes from, and it is great work.

If you are stil reading these, I wish to tell you you have accomplished great work at least once,

O. Noah
Rye-bread chapter 2 . 12/9/2010
Again I revisit this superb cycle. There’ve been others in the KP community who’ve applied themselves to writing fic’s that fuse the Kim mythos and classic myths from humanity’s religious history. Some, like

LoveRobin, and your most presumptuous reviewer, have sought to construct a backstory for the whole MMP mythos, or Michael Howard in his story Undercover allude to the Cthulhu mythos, have done it independently. Some, like Screaming Phoenix, acknowledge your influence in his story Twin Flames Of Darkness. But as far as I can tell, you were the first.

I’m also liking your take on the Ronicus story. Many of us have tried our hand at that. Mr. Wizard has a whole battery of stories. But again, you were early in the game.

I’m impressed even by the allusion to the enmity between the Celts and Romans. You took the time to research and incorporate real world data to lend your tale the authenticity. Like the name Siobhan. It’s from Irish Gaelic Celtic stock. The name I chose for my Kim char (which I won’t mention here) in my Ronicus variant is Saxon. And Romanic Britain was centuries away from Saxon influence. Will I rewrite? Nope. Having established my conventions, I’m going to live with the damage.

I hope it’s not gauche to mention other names of fanwriters and fanstories. I do it with the intent of averring that you set the bar.
Pojko chapter 26 . 12/5/2010
A wonderful, well thought out, and original series. Great job.
vase chapter 1 . 11/29/2010
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