Reviews for Lullaby
Jesstabulous chapter 1 . 8/7/2008
I have read this one-shot at least a dozen times over the past few years. And it never ceses to make me cry. It is so beautifully written and very much what could realistically happen. You kept the characters in character, and I loved her little mind verse, everyone grieves differently.

I really did enjoy this fic, I think you are an amazing writer. It takes skill to write something so emotionally moving.
Enfleurage chapter 1 . 7/27/2008
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this already. I've read it at least half-a-dozen times and it's a bookmark in my Firefly fanfic bookmark because it's so beautifully written.

Pure Zoe and Wash, heartbreakingly so. You've captured the love, the private relationship, the humor and the shared grief so beautifully that I tear up just thinking about it.
Disappearing1 chapter 1 . 3/9/2007
:-( My words wouldn't do it any justice. All I can say is

"thank you".
MmeMozart182 chapter 1 . 6/19/2006
Heartbreaking, elegantly written and beautiful. Wow. Wash's dialogue was the sort that you have to laugh at, even through the tears. My heart just shatters for Zoe. Amazing piece.
spotless-mind chapter 1 . 4/11/2006
Guh. Good bloody guh.

Am nowhere near coherent enough to give more of a response than that.
Cryptic Illusion chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
I must begin this review by saying THANK-YOU. Honestly, thanks for a Zoe/Wash story set post-Serenity that actually makes sense and has Zoe in-character. I absolutely adored reading this.

Zoe and Wash are easily my favourite couple in the whole of Jossverse - maybe even of any fandom - and oh, how the idea of a post-Serenity verse hurts. Your fic made me hurt all over again, but it was a good kind of hurt if that makes sense. It was amusing and desperately sad at the same time, and kind of painful because I adore Zoe and Wash so, but it was a beautiful piece - exactly the kind of reason why I like the couple so much.

I especially liked the way in which you wrote Zoe - managing to make her both visibly devastated and in character all at the same time, something which not many people can actually do. There were so many little things, nuances of character and attitude that just made Zoe RIGHT, and the same with Wash.

There were so many lines that I loved in this, that I can hardly pick one or two out... I'd end up quoting your story back to you. It was, in short, a lovely piece of work, one I shall be coming back to read regularly. :)