Reviews for Joy and Health
CoralDawn chapter 1 . 2/20/2006
This is awesome! I am so glad you decided to write your view about this incident.I really do think that it really must have gone down something like this - given Hephaistion's embarrassment and Alexander (normally a superstitious person) trying to cover it up! Having it told from Crateros' POV is a stroke of genius! (I wouldn't mind, though, the same story told from Alexander's and Hephaistion's POV too!)

So many wonderful things about the story - the misty-eyed young pages going about saying "how beautiful", a thoroughly sneaky Hephaistion, Crateros' total irritation with the whole Philalexandros/Philobasileus thing, the wonderful contrast between the stolid Crateros and the sensitive Hephaistion, the bawdy jokes by the Comapnions and finally, the tantalizing thought of a glimpse beneath the fur!
Tionsbabe chapter 1 . 2/20/2006
Hilarious! Hephaestion was quite convincing, wasn't he, looking all forlorn and what not? Crateros must have felt quite the fool after he amiably slapped him on the back, and offered advice about the merits of finding a good woman. LOL I was dying over him calling Alexander a 'witless mooncalf'. LOL!

Loved it.

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