Reviews for Fire to Earth
Edelin chapter 1 . 6/6/2007
i liked it so much really good especially the water i love janet
somethinguntraceable chapter 1 . 9/20/2006
I never thought of it this way. How odd. I loved it. It was...beautiful, and definately a faves. I especially loved the beginning, Fire. It literally knocked the breath out of me, and I see now that the rest was just Cat's...Cat's journey from that Earth.

It was. Just. Bloody - beautiful.

(Water was also gorgeous - just simply gorgeous - that feeling of sinking under into a different world.)

"Sometimes I wake up, and it is my own skin catching the sheets alight."

"Julia goads me until my magic flares, and then she smothers it with her handkerchief and tells me how to do it better. Roger beats me at soldiers, and when my vision tunnels we scramble and wrestle in the grass, or on the classroom carpet."

..."and when my vision tunnels"...god. How beautiful.

"And I combust into flames at tea one day."

"It is in France that I finally learn to swim.

But until I do, I remember how to drown. The water swirls around my arms and legs, seductive, like the third life I lost."

"Gwendolen’s arms wrapped around me. Pushing me under/holding me up."

"Janet still holds on, holds me up, and helps me to the steps."

You seem to capture their relevance and their importance to him so perfectly. Nothing is over or underdone.

"“I trust you, Cat,” he says, and the nervous fluttering reappears in my stomach. His smile is beaming with the Italian warmth I know Janet lusts after. It charges the air between us, and before I can reconsider I lift us both into the air."

"He entangles our fingers once more, stepping or swimming across the air towards me. Then his lips brush the corner of my own and…We drop."

"Tonino laughs. A single sobbing hic-up of relief. Then he kisses me again, and our feet drop seven inches to the ground."

"We collapse into a pile of living, human flesh, and I sob as well. Then we laugh; we laugh so hysterically we cannot stop for what seems like hours. Our cheeks hurt, and our breath comes in gasping gulps."

"I slide from Autumn into Summer, and the dark-coloured mud seeps up between my toes."

"They all know I was in the Garden, but it is as much my Garden as Christopher’s."

This is so...such a curious ending, such a curious way of putting such a curious idea. I love how Cat thinks of him as Christopher now. It's so...interesting.

Anyway. If my regurgitating most of the fic back at you didn't prove that I absolutely worship it, I fear nothing will.
mewling chapter 1 . 4/12/2006
A well written story with interesting and rather novel themes. Confusing, you betcha. But highly enjoyable all the same.
BigfeetCelia chapter 1 . 2/22/2006
I really like this, the first one in particular. Poor, poor Cat, the things Gwendolyn put him through... I hope you continue writing Chrestomanci fics, because there is a definite shortage! Good job!