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Ann chapter 6 . 9/13/2006
Oh, so close. Kid nearly found out that Yugi and Yami have nothing to do with the emerald. Darn lightning enhanced temper tantrum.

And I really hope that Kid DOESN'T get stuck in the shadow realm. After all, Mokuba's not the only one who wants to see how he copeas with the Kaiba brothers' handywork on top of everything he has already been through 'cause of this heist.

Finally, I have to point out that I completely blame this story for the fact that for the past month, I've been singing 'Dos a beer' at work every night, all night. Help me. :)
Iniora Nackatori chapter 6 . 9/6/2006
Forget It's Raining Men. It's raining goats.

...I'm kinda suprized somebody didn't start singing a rendition of that...

Anyway, this is fun! Don't know a thing about Kaito (SP?) Kid, but I'm still having a blast with this! Keep it up, please!

Till next time, this is Iniora Nackatori, signing out!
E-san chapter 6 . 8/21/2006
YAY! You updated! *does a little dance* I liked this chapter alot. This is a wonderfully complex crossover, with a lot of potential, if you choose to continue it past the initial story. If not, it's still a great story. Update again soon!
YumeTakato chapter 6 . 8/13/2006
XD Oh.. I just love your works and humor. Really. Anyway- (what about Windfall..? Windfa~ll? I don't like asking about other fics, but still. It's been half a year. /) See you next chapter~!
nnf chapter 6 . 8/13/2006
I lurve you...
Lady Mirror chapter 5 . 7/28/2006
Wonderful, wonderful update. I really enjoy this story, and I printed it off and put it into my little (huge) binder of fanfiction goodness that I lend out to get people hooked.

Incidentely, this fic is wonderful for getting people hooked. One of my friends who hasn't seen an anime in her life was handed this, was explained the basic plot, and then shortly thereafter was choking on her food. When school was still in she would ask me every day if the next part was out; now that it's out she just calls my cellphone. One of these days I'm actually going to get her to watch the anime.

I'm really wondering what's happening to Kaito. Will it carry over, I wonder? (oh, the possibilities.)
Snickerer chapter 5 . 6/20/2006
*dies laughing at Nakamori's dream*

"And apparently bored Shadowy Red-Eyed Magical Emerald Guardians were getting to be on the cranky side…" XD XD XD I think it's a tough call which of them is currently the most fed up with the whole situation!

By the way, forgot to digitally thwap you last time for that truly atrocious hidden pun with the Scapegoats and Kid. ;p

And...aww. Poor Yami. And Kaito being empathetic is so oddly adorable.

"You s’pose the occupant’s out there wandering around?" I think Yami's got a bit of a nasty suspicion there. *grins* And yay! We get Yugi again.

"Purple Eyes was throwing two shadows." XD I LOVE how you got that in there!

"Silence; Kaito looked at the empty, blank space inside each cartouche on the walls and asked no more." ...-Oh-. I see...*sympathetic wince*

"Long enough, however, to allow Kaito to learn several new words in what he presumed was ancient Egyptian, and for Red Eyes to eventually stand up, cross his arms, glare and quite literally threaten the gameboard’s miserable little life in a long, hissed stream of invective after all of the pieces had not only switched their placements around but their colors as well –for the fourth time." *keels off chair laughing maniacally* Oh, -nice-!

And I absolutely love Kaito's odd but absolutely present sense of honor. Or empathy, or just plain decency, whatever you want to call it when he lets it out

"like an Escher drawing that had been turned 3-D and then gotten royally drunk." XD That's...really a very apt description!

"whether or not the occupant’s in residence or out stalking Cairo or whatever." Oh, I cannot begin to describe how much I liked that whole passage. Really, the whole part with Kaito finally explaining his side of things (and some of your Philosophy of the Phantom Thief *grins*) was just...-yes-.

"…I shouldn’t know that…" Ooh...

"‘Cause I don’t think we’ve got time for me to have a nervous breakdown right now." -Aww-...I'm really not being very coherent right now about how cool I'm finding this whole thing, so let's just say I really like what you're doing with all this and leave it at that.

"I am NOT some sort of—of—imaginary monster from a piece of paper!" *keels off chair laughing hysterically*

Ooh. I'm going to have to look for this 'Great Phantom Thief' card; souds like it might be more appropriate for something I had in mind than the ones I found...

"Probably not too many people, Kaito thought a moment later, had ever heard Red Eyes laugh like that…" XD XD XD Can't blame him! Loved that whole conversation too, if you couldn't tell.

"really short detectives…" XD

“Don’taskjustRUN!” *cackles* Right!

LOVE the reaction to Kaito's talents with ropes.

And the whole thing with applying the card to Kaito was very, -very- fun to watch. Hat! *grins maniacally*

"The elder Kaiba sibling added a note reading ‘Pressure-plates—watch out for incendiaries’ in the Center’s main hall" ...*has to thump self on chest to restart breathing after hysterical giggling* Oh, -dear-...
E-san chapter 5 . 6/8/2006
*dances like a loon* Yay for updates! Do it again! Again! Again! *dances some more, before pausing* . . . . update, I mean.
the bird of the chapel chapter 5 . 6/8/2006
AWESOME you update _ Kid is still hilarious as EVER xD LOL I'd like to say I love the ending of this chapter when Kaiba thought of the booming stuff with all their traps going kaboom XD
peppymint chapter 5 . 6/7/2006
Poor Kaito, his day just keeps getting worse and worse. At least he is getting over his fish phobia. I can definitely see him hugging the members of the Kaitou Kid Task Force, plus various detectives, in the near future. Kiss the ground and all that.
YumeTakato chapter 5 . 6/6/2006
X3 YES! Awesome! -lol- (Wondering when you will return to finishing up your Detective Conan fic[s] though- as much as I absolutely LOVE this little gem of a fic)I loved the whole thing. See you next chapter!
Ocianne chapter 5 . 6/6/2006
Ok, I do too much stream-of-consciousness when I read, so I have the review box open as I read this chapter for this first time. If I don't, all probably be too full of good-fic to think properly and leave a real review. I love this fic. I'm so incredibly ecstatic that you've updated again. *poings in little ball of happiness*

Slightly disturbed by the title, because it makes me think of poker, pirates, and skeletons simultaneously, and there are so many weird places to go with images like that...

"Bad thief, no biscuit." *snickers* Perfect Nakamori. And the fact that he doesn't say anything coherent for the whole scene works so very well. I look forward to what the Kaiba's are getting up to... Poor, Nakamori, though. No coffee just makes everything that much worse. I would also imagine that right about now, he's _really_ want a smoke.

Kaito's train of thought works well, the way he fixates on and repeats things. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't start counting steps, and then start counting out loud, and get a pissed-off pharaoh growling at him. Again. *grin* I also like how he Radiates things... not everyone can pull it off, but Kaito's definitely a master.

I like seeing the hints of the Yu-gi-oh universe as Kaito discovers them. I wonder how much he'll understand by the jounrey's end - and how much of the Shadow Realm will stick around after; I can just see the shadows following him, nosing around him like a curious puppy... Is Kaito a creature of light, or a creature of the dark? He seems at home in either one.

Ha! Fraser screaming like a little girl. Curses, now I want to watch Mummy again, and it's nowhere to be had. And only Kaito would take Ma'at for an English name, in the middle of Peudo-Egypt. I also like that Yugi has two shadows; it's not normal, even for canon or fandom (I think), but it's fitting.

To bad about the Senet game - it would have been interesting. Shadow Realm definitely has a sense of humor though, and it's about time Yami had a less than perfect game. Heh. Yami's Escher-esque soul room makes my think of Labyrinth. Good to see Kaito's still smart enough to keep his temper - I really can't see him every get enraged, it's just not really in him. Not for most things, at least. I find myself wondering, however, how much the rules of Phantom thieves are canon, and how much are fanon. Must look it up.

Woot! Yay for Kaito-weapons! And shadow magic getting into his head. O.o Is that because he's been in the Shadow Realm so long, or an after-affect of helping Yami get through losing, I wonder? Ooh, and Yami's Looks. *grin* So good to see the Looks alive and well.

Oh dear. Kaito's a card. Again? And he steals cards, too. I like it. Poor boy, though. He never seems to catch a break from the whole becoming-a-card it. Maybe someday he'll find the cards first, and became a Duelist rather than a card. The not-so Heroic Escape was also quite good. Maybe a little _too_ much Mummy lately, ne? ;) Love the fact that once they've started getting past the whole Hate-thieves and What-the-HELL-is-is-going-on? bits, they've got a nice banter going. :D

Seto and explosives. "Boom, for instance." *hearts*

Ok, this review has reached scary size, so I'll stop here. Bottom line, love the fic (an omake). Can't wait for the next chapter, but thanks a lot for putting so much effort into making this a good fic. :D

jistjasper chapter 5 . 6/6/2006
omfg, i think i love you.
Laryna6 chapter 5 . 6/6/2006
So funny! Love the omake. Is he really on the calendar? That rocks.
Inu chapter 5 . 6/6/2006
His companion sat silent for a little, thinking. Off in the distance, the muffled sound of the dragon’s roars were beginning to lessen and grow more spaced apart; apparently it was getting discouraged. “Do you feel any different than before?” Red Eyes asked; the dark voice was calm. “And can you recall when you began knowing things in this manner? I will not lie to you; while this is potentially useful now, it may make it very difficult for you to leave this place when our Game ends. If the Shadow Realm is changing you into one of its creatures, it—”

Dark blue eyes went very wide. “WHOA. I,” he gritted his teeth, “am NOT some sort of—of—“ (Red Eyes raised an eyebrow; he could tell) “—imaginary monster from a piece of paper! I’m real, dammit! Do I look like somebody made me up to use in a game?”


I'm suddenly reminded of "WHITE MAGICAL HAT"
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