Reviews for Right Kind of Wrong
musme chapter 11 . 11/29/2018
I like it
Guest chapter 11 . 2/25/2018
Is there any chance you would be updating this? I wish you do. This story is utterly beautiful
DrarrySxRLover chapter 11 . 3/9/2016
ur killing me!
tigergirl-moonstar chapter 11 . 3/5/2016
Please update really need to find out more Stacey
SpazzledPrincess chapter 11 . 2/24/2014
I'm french, and I don't speak very well english but... I have read this fiction in french (thank you, Sorn !) many times, and it's just an ordeal do not knowing what happens next T_T

So please, please, please... Can you just say if this fiction is finished, or if there is a possibility to be continued ?
Thank you, it's really a very good fiction, I adore !

Goldynwings chapter 3 . 10/27/2013
"Love me or hate me it's still an obsesstion love me or hate me that is the question if you love me then, thank you,if you hate me then f *k you"
- lady soverign
although i probably like " Hoodie" better.
Lawrena chapter 11 . 9/29/2013
What the hell is "this" ? T.T Please... If you don't continue this fanfiction, tell me ! x)
Guest chapter 3 . 7/13/2013
Harley King chapter 1 . 7/12/2013
Looks like my plans of going to sleep will just have to wait until I finish this, now.
parsimonia chapter 11 . 5/30/2013
Why did you left it, it was such an amzing story! Coninue it!
RS15 chapter 11 . 5/3/2013
I agree with so-
adorabloodthirsty. Spent a whole night to read this, when will you update anyway? :(
WolfstarIsMyOTP chapter 11 . 4/17/2013
So good..The story so far is so good. I'm anxiously awaiting the new chapter! :'D 3
IWLTxo chapter 3 . 3/7/2013
I like this story a lot already!
so-adorabloodthirsty chapter 11 . 7/24/2012
Well if you'd updated, I think it would have been Remus' tie...
NeverthelessTwin chapter 11 . 5/19/2012
Kill Tom Stoppard, please. That man nearly killed me, I mean, why can't he end his plays?
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