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jrrm64 chapter 3 . 4/24/2012
read the first and loved them both and now reading this... great. I wish I had found them sooner.
Guard of the Heradi chapter 22 . 9/1/2009
I think you're a contender for FanFiction Writer with Highest Death Count.

Effing hell, you're good...
Umaguma chapter 22 . 1/24/2008
Dam that was good!

That was more engrossing then any Star Trek episode I can think of, reminded me of Battlestar Galactica with it's more realistic depiction of command and casualties (although BG can get pretty darn over dramatic, you got just the right amount of drama).

They had alot of potential with this show that only the last season barely tapped into, shame because it ended right when it was getting good, or at least better.

Amazing job, I can't wait to the next story.
cherryblossomjen chapter 22 . 8/19/2007
I love the end. Reynolds has to be among my favorite original characters ever.

I feel a great loss at how many lost their lives, although with great heroism. I love the way you contrast the tragedy with love, humor and friendship.
Lilith Kayden chapter 22 . 5/1/2007
Once again a wonderfully written story. Now to go on to the sequel.

-Lilith Kayden
Tangerine-Alert chapter 18 . 12/26/2006
Oh dear...why don't they use the stuff that they use to seal off engineering in the doors that seperate engineering from the rest of the ship...

it's not as though the ship weighs anything in space.
Tangerine-Alert chapter 17 . 12/26/2006
That's all manner of not goodness.
Tangerine-Alert chapter 4 . 12/26/2006

I did think for a moment 'huh' at the mention of the Intrepid...since I kinda thought that the Intrepid class was...Voyager and...Intrepid and Belerephon...

But a quick visit to memory alpha fixed that...I didn't know those ships actually had a name.

Great chapter.
firebirdgirl chapter 22 . 4/13/2006
A good way to end a sad story(and a well written fic), reading this made me long for fic when everyone is alive, but alas alak life and that friggen attempt at a finale/Old TNG epi they showed last May don't always turn out that way...I liked the way you made us thought Paul had passed on. Happy writing!
Admiral chapter 22 . 4/10/2006
Finally got around to finishing this. Excellent story, perfect ending!
Rigil Kent chapter 22 . 3/25/2006
Once again, your comments are pretty indepth, KTR. I'll try to cover them:

* Since I don't know where or how I'll be able to cover this: Vrax was a moron. He had NO business being in command of a squadron. He was being used by Valdore who had a twofold goal: he wanted to get ahold of an NX-class AND he wanted to seize the system. Since the BoPs in Vrax's squadron were scheduled for decommission anyway, Valdore saw no problem with "throwing them away." I saw the weird tactics by the Rommies as due to conflicting orders being received from the command ship (Vrax.) The commanders of the BoPs were more frustrated than you can imagine. And, as to tipping their hand, that was also part of Valdore's operational plan: he knew that the Endeavour would be on-station (damn those spies) and wanted to get his hands on it. And get a little revenge for that whole holoship fiasco...

* Yes, that is the equivalent to the 22nd century version of the Warbird.

* Regarding the weird moment that Trip had regarding the meld, combat stress does weird things to you. In Desert Storm, during a firefight (when I should have been concentrating on what was going on), I specifically recall thinking about the last football game I had attended.

* The core containment was something I just sort of pulled out of my butt. It WAS a stupid thing to do ... but, as your example points out, Starfleet doesn't always do the smartest thing. I mean, seriously, putting your infantry guys (Security) in bright red shirts? What's that all about?

* Regarding Phlox, you have to remember that he has been working nonstop since Vigrid started. When the suicide bombers started blowing stuff up on the station, he went into action and, basically, hadn't stopped working since. Regardless of their sleep schedule, that much constant work would HAVE to take a toll. Especially with the amount of radiation victims he's been trying to save. I kind of suspect that Phlox really needs to just sit down some place and decompress for a couple of hours.

* I haven't quite pinned down SB-1 but I'm kind of assuming that it's in orbit over Berengaria VII. Personally, it makes no sense to me to be called “Starbase” and NOT be in orbit. If it was planetside, it would be Fort So-and-So or the SF equivalent.

* YV-class is what the Intrepid is - the ship that showed up in “The Expanse” and the vastly overrated “Twilight.” It's a typo and should be "NV-class". My bad...

* Archer is squared away 'cause this Archer is mine and not written by a bunch of idiots who don't know what actual leadership is. Remember, this is SUPPOSED to be Jim Kirk's hero not the (all too often) moron they gave us on the show.

* Hey, I'm American and I don't get the dogs playing cards! Or the velvet Elvis thing...

Oh and I am working on another sequel: 'Endeavour: Icarus" ;)
Lei Fon chapter 22 . 3/25/2006
WOW! Thanks for writing this wonderful story of captain Tucker. :) Although I know nothing about either technicalities or military actions, you made them seem so "doable" to me, its rare to find actions scenes so well written. Also liked the changes of POV and Trip/Tpol relation. Hope youll continue with this saga.

Please? Soon? :)
Kevin Thomas Riley chapter 22 . 3/22/2006
Some thoughts, obeservations and questions for acts 4-5

* While you mention that the Romulan tactics are strange they are never satisfactoy explained in RAG. Why did they act as if the almost wanted their BoPs detroyed? Why did they not focus their assault on the Endeavour and instead went after the Boomers? Why did they tip their hand and revealed that they were the ones behind all those other attacks on shipping lanes?

I can understand that they decided to change tactics because they wanted to gain the strategic point in the Vigrid system (nice touch about the nexus of "warp highways" there) so that may have made them not care about being exposed as the ones behind the previous sneak attacks. But it still doesn't expain the odd bit about attacking the Boomer ships and not concentrating on the Endeavour.

* I liked the description of the Romulan battle armour with the body glove containing acid. Nice touch to keep their identity concealed as canon dictates.

* And I really dug the MIRV torpedo. All too often I see rather unsofisticated weapons on Trek; Weapons with no real targetting capabilities and no real counter-measures. The Remora torpedo adds a little to the sofistication I wish we'd seen more on Trek.

* T'Pol showing her Vulcan strength when she lifted that metal girder off her pinned down mate was great. I like seeing T'Pol as a strong woman in that sense too. There was no hesitation on her part.

* A new and bigger Romulan ship type was also introduced. I suppose that is the 22nd century version of the Warbird, equivalent of the NX-class in size and strength? Hope to see more of them in future stories.

* I really, really liked how the Trip and T'Pol melded to overcome their grief and grow together after "Terra Prime". Very revealing and very poignant. But I do question the inclusion of that type of reminiscing at the very height of battle. It somehow seemed very out of place and could probably have worked much better to have been included in a previous or later scene when they weren't on the verge of getting their asses kicked.

* I have to ask about the core containment coming from the impulse drive. Is that something you made up or was that established on the show? At any rate it seems a very stupid thing to do, to have core containment being dependant on the impulse drive instead of as an independent system (it's akin to chenneling the phasers' power through the warp engines as they did in TMP).

* I so understood the grief that came from having to seal off the engineering section, even if it was necessary. Also having to watch helplessly as the Romulans destroys a lot of Boomer ships couldn't have been fun.

* Phlox is overworked, I can understand that (nice reversal of roles between Trip and Phlox, btw). But I wonder about Denobulan physiology. They don't sleep like we do, they just have a couple of days hibernating each year. So when does a Denobulan get tired and exhausted and what do they do for rest when they're not hibernating? I don't think they can work around the clock for 360 days.

* Where is Starbase One located? It seems to be in space but from TOS I got the impression that Starbases were ground-based. And in "Bound" it was hinted that the first starbase was to be built on Berengaria VI (the planet of dragons).

* I like that the ugly Daedalus showed up, but what is a YV-class ship? Is it a converted Y-class cargo freighter like the ECS Fortunate?

* Archer and Trip had a very nice scene and I like how Trip was suffering and blaming himself for all the deaths. That was very much in character. And I liked that Archer made him see how Trip's actions really saved a lot of lives instead. Now why couldn't we have this kind of Archer on the show more?

* A big aw to the last Trip/T'Pol scene. That was so very sweet and tender. And she brought him noodle salad LOL. I love that scene! But I have to ask about the dogs playing cards thing. I'm not American and I'm as clueless as T'Pol about that. Nice Romeo & Juliet reference too ("the streets of Verona")

All in all, an outstanding fic as usual, Rigil! Awesome work and I look very much forward to your next story! :thumbsup:
bluedana chapter 22 . 3/21/2006
This was a rollicking good read, very exciting, tense, and complex. I thought you incorporated both Other Characters and Main Characters well, although you are kind of brutal about killing people off! Even though I usually focus my interest on other ENT characters (who are more in the background or, at this point, dead, in your story), I did get into your characterizations here. Even your minor characters and villains were smart, for the most part competent, and interesting.

Your knowledge of military tactics (and even inventing stuff that sounds so real) is astonishing. I can't usually get my head around military strategies OR 3-D physics, so the fact that I could follow - let alone enjoy - this story speaks well of the clarity of your writing.

(And since I always have an idiot question, here goes: What happened to Paul? Didn't he die, but then later wasn't there a Paul offering a beer to Nate? I just missed that completely.)

Anyway, I wish there were a way for you to publish this trilogy in a hard copy novel. I'd buy it. It's that good.
archteri chapter 22 . 3/18/2006
Wow! I loved this whole story. The action scenes were so compelling, the dialogue was great. You intertwine humor with sadness so well. One minute they are up, the next remembering a fallen friend. This was an amazing read from start to finish.

Not only were the main characters fleshed out, but your supporting cast was great. Still love Eisler and the "Professor" too.

I hope I can look forward to seeing another story with Trip as captain again. This was wonderful. Thank you so much for writing. You made my morning!

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