Reviews for You've Gone Away
princetongirl chapter 1 . 9/21/2007
loved it update soon
Victoria Lilly chapter 1 . 3/11/2006
AW! I loved your story and all of your oneshots i've read so far! I have my own oneshot obsessions every now and then too! Plus I love the song! Great job!
alienangel19852003 chapter 1 . 3/8/2006
i love this story...
silentXtears9331 chapter 1 . 2/24/2006
Wow... great song! That was REALLY REALLY good! You sound like a professional songwriter! GREAT JOB! And I loved the parts outside the song, too... LoL of course.
kate-loves-potf chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
wo! the song... amazing! i could never have done that.

i loved the story too. it wasn;t too depressing, it was so good! no great~! lol i loved it
Sultan Peppershaker chapter 1 . 2/23/2006
Trust me, that wasn't depressing.

Wow, you wrote that song? That was really good. And I'm right about that one.

Yeah, good song, good story... good all-round.