Reviews for Out Of Joint
flocken grob chapter 1 . 3/2/2006
An excellent story but why the Lee Enfield rifle?
The Lightning Flash chapter 3 . 2/25/2006
Lovely lovely job. :)

Kilobyte was wonderfully IC while being OOC with amnesia (if that makes any sense).

I liked Elektra (all the OCs, actually), although it seems odd that Ace, seemingly in love with LI, would then go and get Sparx pregnant. It doesn't seem like there was that much time between the eend of canon and the start of the war or whatever, but I may be mistaken.

It was also pretty cool to see some of Mark's old friends all growed up and having to risk their lives to help now.

The Lightning Crew sounds very much like something Americans would brand a group of heroes with, almost comicbooky. Why didn't Ace last very long when Sparx managed to make such an impact? Human emotions?

Anyway, great fic, be proud. :P
SmallInsect chapter 3 . 2/25/2006
…I love you.

I LOVE YOU to bits Sarah!

For gods sakes, put DOWN the law books and call Bloomsbury! They need you!

The story – rocks. Even if you used the ol’ amnesia technique, damn it worked well. You maintained kilobyte’s character and turned his self-concerned and arrogant nature into a believable “person”, rather than a programmed thing.

I was… slightly confused at the end. Perhaps my mind was required to make some logical jumps that didn’t quite reach. I’m not sure precisely what kilobyte did, expect that it destroyed him, (Author’s Notes don’t hurt if used correctly, you know ;)) even if everything leading up to that point made sense to me. I understand how he GOT to where he was, I understand the choices he made. It seems, minus the master programmers total control, that kilobyte did indeed, step outside of his program, as he had always wished to do, but he did so in the opposite way to what he would have expected. Stating the obvious a bit, there but… I like him. He’s still kilobyte, still arrogant and powerful – and knowing it – and anxious for success and victory. And… you actually made me feel sympathy for this guy.

The religious references… I liked it. it was quirky in some ways and deeply significant in others (and if you think I’m being melodramatic there, reread your first chapter :P) I found Elektra (who was not a Sue, though I think quasi sue might be an apt term… if it means what I think it means) rather endearing in her faith and in her nature and how these things were ultimately thrown into question. I appreciate the idea of forgiveness and her faith and goodness, while I also understand that there may have been a umber of tongue-in-cheek references to religion itself through there. I mean, who honestly can picture Sparx as a Christian? Her daughter – yes though, so that was all right. And I realty LIKE Elektra as an OC.

And you use a pairing that I really never had any faith in – and made it plausible. I loved your sparse, but relevant use, of canon characters (and how you used them in a way which meant none of them could ell who Kilobyte was). I AM curious as to what happened to everyone else.