Reviews for No Traveler Returns
LeeMarieJack chapter 1 . 4/15
What a great ghost hunt. Great build up, perfect location and a choice cast of characters, including the necessary moron skeptic. This looks like a fun time to be had by all.
lembas7 chapter 7 . 1/25

Just reread this story, which I absolutely adore. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I found you on AO3 and was really excited to have some good stories to download to my e-reader. I was wondering if you were thinking of posting some of your longer works there? (I was hunting for this one, and "Pied Piper", specifically, and was sad to see they weren't there.)

Regardless, thanks again for making your talent available for our enjoyment!
Random Ruth chapter 7 . 1/21
One of the greatest Supernatural fics I have ever read. Just amazing.
Clara A. Rose chapter 7 . 12/9/2013
Honestly, this is one of the few truly awesome complete Supernatural stories on here. It's a proper story. :) Everyone was in character, the banter was brilliant, I almost cried. I really, really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/19/2013
I read this story long time ago and just finished reading it again. I loved it. The way you told this story was so great- I felt that I was there in Charleston with them all. I hope you keep writing- you write, I'll read!
Nadamalki chapter 7 . 7/14/2013
Loved the story from beginning to end, you have such a way with describing characters! I'm not a big fan of stories where there are too many people other than Dean and Sam, but you pulled it off wonderfully here! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
LunaRains chapter 7 . 6/18/2013
that was such a good story, i could tell you put some hard work into it, and i appreciate every word
laily.spenstar chapter 7 . 11/19/2012
Hi there! I've been combing through the community for a hurt Dean and I found a shame for not reading it story was really good! I couldn't leave it,had to read until it's finished.

I love the connection between Dean and Dean looked like sad about what happened to her,I even cried! I love it that Dean cared about her. To be with her for the last time so she wouldn't be alone...

I enjoyed it very you for the lovely story! *kisses*
steepedinwords chapter 7 . 9/22/2012
This. Is an awesome story. I loved every word. :)
mic19671967 chapter 7 . 3/26/2012
Awesome story! I loved all the characters. It was nice to see one that just had to leave because what was happening they just couldn't come to terms with it.

Thanks for writing!

Mic (the wife)
budgiesrule chapter 7 . 2/7/2012
Amazing story! I couldn't put it down!
KusajishiFukutaicho chapter 7 . 11/14/2011


Sorry, but I'm crying because of Bridget here...especially with the last scene of her kissing the Death Reaper's mark away and then...seeing Alex there, waiting, smiling(for sure, though we couldn't see) just...*bursts into tears*

I'm going to go and sniffle in my little corner now about the end of such a touching, chilling, and heartbreakingly(I awesomely invented a new wordXD) beautiful story.
LittleLurker chapter 7 . 10/4/2011
Wow... just wow. I'm lost for words... this was just too perfect. Not only was there a whole lot of lovely hurt!Dean and at times very, very vulnerable!Dean (which I totally love), but also lots of angsty!Sam and even bossy!Sam to a grumbling Dean. Very nice, oh and very well done.

Still not enough with this, you also managed to create an entire bunch of truly original and loveable OCs. Your Virginia (Ginny) Lewis and her grad student troopers were totally cool and I also very much loved that not all of them turned out to be so open-minded towards the Winchester's skewed reality. Made it more believable this way. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this well-rounded and masterfully crafted story. A lot.

Thanks for sharing! ...oh, and keep going.

Cheers and take care, D.
LyNn-6t7 chapter 7 . 9/7/2011
I LOVED This...Its right up there with "In Reverse" as one of my favorite supernatural fanfics. The TOP Fav's LOL

Thank you so much for sharing this and Keep writting Sam and Dean cause your one of the rare writers who have it right. ;)
SeraphimXII chapter 7 . 7/28/2011
my poor fragile ego was hiding under the desk and crying, "Everybody hates it! It sucks! I knew it!"

xDDD LOL That is just cute, also greatly enjoyed the story it was very VERY sweet.

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