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ficwriterjet chapter 10 . 6/11/2011
It was lovely to see Cole make the right choice. :) I loved him killing Anders in a ball of flame. And I liked the way Clara and Cole disappeared along with the whole cabin before they could speak to any of the Charmed Ones or Leo. It was a nice touch to leave the two collected souls out of the cabin for Leo to deal with. And I loved that Cole found a way to contact Phoebe and let her know he was working on getting better with Clara's help, and that he felt that someday they could still end up together. Out of all the lovers she'd had on the show, Cole was by far my favorite.

Very satisfying story, and a much better exit than the show gave him. I'm glad I read it. I think you're an excellent writer. I would make one suggestion. When you're changing from one scene to another, it would be good to put a couple of extra spaces or maybe a line with a few stars (***) to indicate a new scene. Thank you for the entertainment. :)
ficwriterjet chapter 9 . 6/11/2011
Well I can't say I'm surprised that Phoebe laughed in his face, but I was glad she admitted to her sisters that what he offered was appealing to her. And it made me happy when she immediately thought about Cole, and worried that he would give up his soul. I think that shows love that she still has for him, even if it is only a friendly kind of love. I LOVED Clara stepping in between the two men, and saying this line:

"No! It's like watching someone taunt a quadriplegic!"

That's great. I liked Anders knocking her out, and Cole saying he was the host. Can't wait to see what happens in the last chapter. :)
ficwriterjet chapter 8 . 6/11/2011
Oh no! Phoebe alone with Anders can't be good. While Piper and Paige were looking in Clara's shop, I kept thinking - Go home! Go Home! LOL I found Anders' arguments to be quite persuasive. Even if Phoebe says no, a part of her would want to say yes, because I do think she loved Cole, and she does have a dark side. To be able to have that dark side let free without feeling bad about the things she'd do, has got to be appealing on some level, even if she knows how wrong it is.
ficwriterjet chapter 7 . 6/11/2011
Good idea to have them use magic to track the soul collecter now that Jimmy's dead. I find Clara's statement that Cole had an addiction to Phoebe very insightful. Because while I'm sure there was love there at first, it did turn into a kind of addiction. And how sad that Cole doesn't see the difference at first. I liked how Clara refuted his statement that humanity held nothing for him without Phoebe.
ficwriterjet chapter 6 . 6/11/2011
Wonderful conversation between Clara and Cole. :) I loved hearing everything that had happened to him from Cole's perspective, and I thought Clara did a great job of pointing it out when he needed to see things a little differently. Nature vs. Nurture is one of my favorite things to explore, and it's made that much more interesting when there are supernatural forces at play as well. I liked this line from Cole:

"Phoebe's will to do good is as strong as mine is to do evil. Stronger. People look at her and think, 'Oh, how cute,' and they have no idea."

Poor Cole. He did save her life so many times, and not only does she vanquish him, but when he comes back, the reaction he gets is fear. :(

Now that Jimmy's dead, I wonder how the Charmed Ones will find the soul collector. Hmm...

I'll read the rest of your story later today. I have to go drive the kids around and clean house. Ick. :(
ficwriterjet chapter 5 . 6/11/2011
Wonderful conversation between Clara and Cole. I loved Cole talking about Phoebe and the way he felt for her. I also loved that Clara could see some hope in his soul when he was talking about her not being able to kill him either. I thought it was telling that Clara's opinion of a man with no supernatural abilities was so vastly different from Cole's opinion of being human. And I felt so sorry for him when he said this:

"What if destruction is all you're good for?"

I can see him believing that, but it's so not true! I hope Clara can make him see how wrong he is.

LOL to Piper getting all dressed up and sexy to go get information out of sleezy guys. And LOL to Piper thinking Leo might blow HER up for letting Piper do it. :) It was nice to have some humor put in since the stuff with Clara and Cole is so emotional and serious.
ficwriterjet chapter 4 . 6/11/2011
Beautiful set up for Clara and Cole to have some time alone and work some things out. I loved the way that Clara said she wouldn't leave Cole. I also loved the way the sisters decided to use that to their advantage. It was especially nice that Paige pointed out that Cole wouldn't kill just for fun, and that they could trust him both to protect Clara and not hurt her. I thought it was prefect that Piper warned Clara that she was trying to heal a man eating lion, not a dog. :) And I loved that Phoebe showed Cole some kindness in telling him that she wanted his soul to be healed.

I like the setting for the two of them to talk, and I loved the way she kept asking him what had happened, not letting him get away with not answering. And looks like I did remember correctly - Cole is half human. Can't wait to see what happenes next. :)
ficwriterjet chapter 3 . 6/11/2011
I was glad to see Clara made it to their house without any problems - it was very sweet of Darryl to check her car first - that seems like something he would do.

It was interesting the way Jimmy got away because of a car accident, that I'm sure was somehow arranged by Anders. Interesting that he doesn't directly kill - that seems like the kind of rule a soul collecter would have to live by. I was surprised when he gave Jimmy money and let him run off - I wonder if he knows Jimmy might lead someone like the Charmed Ones to him.

Hooray for Cole arriving. It was nice that he had a legitimate reason to visit. I loved that seeing his soul made Clara almost physically sick. I wonder if she'd seen his soul when he was first in love with Phoebe if it would have been less disgusting. I found it amusing that Cole said that wasn't the reaction he usually got from women. :) I find the actor quite attractive, so it's hard to picture someone being repulsed by him, but I'm positive that if I could see souls many attractive people would become repulsive.

Great story so far. :)
ficwriterjet chapter 2 . 6/11/2011
Nice Chapter. I liked that Clara wouldn't let anyone be bait for her. I found it in tune with the show that they would get Darryl involved. That's the perfect set up, to have them all hiding at first, so that Jimmy never sees Piper or Leo. I found it believable that Jimmy would fight back. I liked that Darryl had to work on subduing him. I loved that Clara could see the cage around Jimmy's soul now that he'd sold it. And I'm worried for her, since Anders is across the street watching.
ficwriterjet chapter 1 . 6/11/2011
I don't normally read fanfics that don't include my kink, but since you so kindly reviewed a couple of my stories, I thought I'd come and see what you'd written. I was so pleased to see that you've written some Charmed and Supernatural, because I enjoy both of those shows. And I hated the way Cole left the show. It was just irritating. So I'm excited to see where you go with this.

You're a great writer. Excellent details in description, which made the scene easy to see in my mind while I read (something I feel my own writing often lacks). I love Clara's gift, and the way she described seeing the souls was very believable. I loved her reaction to seeing Leo. :) And I also loved the way you described her seeing a demon - especially when she realizes she's seen one before in a crowd, but didn't actually believe that was what she'd seen until she'd been up close and personal with one. I can't help but wonder what will happen when she sees Cole, because if I remember correctly he's half human, and half demon. Maybe half a soul somehow? Or a tiny soul?

I'm off to read more. :)
brolly501 chapter 10 . 3/8/2008
good story
Wicked R chapter 10 . 11/11/2006
after careful would've still broke people's heart if Cole left this way. the main thing is he's not there, for whatever reason. but I would've probably preffered it this way too if it had to happen.
Wicked R chapter 7 . 11/11/2006
never thought of counselling Cole. but ur right, it could work
Wicked R chapter 6 . 11/11/2006
wow, what a well thought out story
Wicked R chapter 3 . 11/11/2006
wonder why nobody else came up with the idea of writing him out the "right" way. new idea with Clara too
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