Reviews for The Seventh Horcrux
tagalonglovers chapter 4 . 7/19/2007
I swear to God that when Ginny and Harry were dancing alone I started to cry. My sister looked at me funny and all I could say was "aw". I love your writing so much it's so graphic and imaginative. It's postively lovely. Thank you!

rawhsucker chapter 1 . 7/17/2007
hey, i'm not sure if anyone's told you this already but there's a download on the internet which claims to be the leak of the last harry potter book, but it's actually your story.

that's gotta be a compliment, eh?
Lexie-H chapter 37 . 7/17/2007
i'm rather perplexed to have read this story on your website, dropped by here to review (since i'm already a member of and to discover that the story seems a little longer/different? i had to read it all again! (not that that is in any way bad).

I think you've done an absolutely spectacular job. Beautifully written, and just the right sort of story to read in the lead up to the release of Deathly Hallows. I loved it.

I did notice two typos, although i only have the chapters for the story as it is published on i'm afraid. in chapter 31, and in the epilogue, you spelt surrey as surry. also, in chapter 33

"His mind had been gradually dealing with the end of Voldemort, but he still fond the idea of a magical Dudley Dursley as unfathomable. Never mind a magical Dudley Dursley who corresponded with Draco Malfoy."

i think that the fond was supposed to be a found )

i figured you might like to know that (although i'm sure i'm not the only one who picked it up), and to have only those two mistakes in such a huge story is also terribly impressive!

anyway, i absolutely loved this, more than i can properly express. absolutely amazing. completely in-canon, and it followed through with almost every bit of unfinished business that JKR has in the series (although i'm not sure if wormtail repaid his life debt, or if the importance of harry inheriting lily's eyes, was covered - you did a spectacular job in tying up so many loose ends, regardless!). this is truly an effort worthy of JKR. the epilogue tied everything up very nicely, and the mysterious deaths of petunia and vernon? i think its lovely you ended your story with the same characters the series began with, although its a bit sad they had to die.. and the suggestion of dudley killing his parents, very sneaky, leaving everyone all thoughtful! you even ended the story (if we ignore the epilogue) with 'scar' - just wow. i'll stop babbling now (lol)

ehsurewhatever chapter 37 . 7/13/2007
OMG! This is freakin' amazing! It started off with me browsing around and when I stumbled across this story, I just got sucked into it like a vacuum. O_O

I absolutely LOVE this story! I spent the entire day on it. and the ending with the word "scar" was done beautifully. I was pleased even more as I was reading the Epilogue. I nearly cried thinking about how Harry is elated to the fact the his family was growing for a change.

And the end about the "Mysterious Deaths in Surry" was superb and an even more interesting way to end the story. Now, the question about what Malfoy and Dudley has been up to is driving me crazy.

I admit, this story leaves me speechless because it is so well written, and it makes me jealous. :D

Sorry, if my sentences are a little awkward because I'm just spewing my thoughts out at the tip of my fingers. :)

Definte Favorite story in my collection!
Gaila chapter 37 . 7/13/2007
...and the next dark lord begins to rise. Sad but realistic. And Hermione was SO in character this chapter. Thank you for a great story.
Rafique chapter 8 . 7/12/2007
My god!

I really lost half my interest of buying 7th book...

This is most superb one i have ever read.

AND MAINLY you made harry survive unlike other stories for which i am thankful...

I fell it bad cos you aren't continuing the story.

But still i liked the ending very much.


Gaila chapter 14 . 7/11/2007
Thank you for this story. It is definitely one of the better 'Hunting for Horcruxes' stories that I've read and one of the very few in which Harry doesn't completely separate himself from the Order. It's amazing the number of details and open ends from the books that you are able to incorporate into the story.

As far as this chapter goes: Poor Draco! I realize that he's not 'nice', but it's hard not to feel sorry for someone in his situation. I can completely understand why he lashed out at Harry the way he did.

One thing that you may want to look at is your use of the word 'blonde'. 'Blonde' is used to refer to a female with blond hair, while 'blond' is used to refer to a male. Thus, Narcissa is a blonde, while Draco is a blond. As an adjective, Narcissa could be described as a blond woman or as a blonde woman, but Draco would always be a blond boy.
xorachel63xo chapter 37 . 7/10/2007
this is the most amazinamest harry potter - no ANY- fanfic ive ever read. YOU ROCK. great. another evil guy ] lmao. well it wont be hard to find him. hes so big. ]
Lafeschieda chapter 1 . 7/10/2007
I was unsure where this story came from I thought is was the real deal but I posted it here on this site just to see if I could find the person who did write it. I've found you so I've deleted your story from my list I am sorry if I have caused you any inconveniance during this time. By the way I loved your fanfic, J.K. Rowling herself would have been hard picked to find the difference between this and one of her own works.
xorachel63xo chapter 33 . 7/9/2007
aw ] i loved it. YAY! VOLDYS GONE! ]
xorachel63xo chapter 30 . 7/9/2007
oh no.
lordtrayus chapter 37 . 7/9/2007
This story was brilliant! It was you that encouraged me to write my own! I really enjoyed this story. Im just sorry i couldnt find it before, but i could never remember the name. Youre a brilliant writer. Well done
xorachel63xo chapter 26 . 7/9/2007
Ginny remembered a giggling Tonks saying something about her mum maybe not being the world’s best expert on contraceptive charms…

i started reading this on Lafeschiedas page. and then i found out it was yours. you are an amazing writer. i hatechu. ]
plasterwork chapter 33 . 7/6/2007
Oh, you had me in tears! You know how sometimes what you're reading and what you're listening to just comes together? That totally happened here. When Harry first saw his parents, Coldplay's Fix You started up, which just fit the scene so much. And then when he said goodbye and hugged Dumbledore Coldplay feat. Michael Stipe started playing! Tears, woman, tears! You've totally messed up my 'going out make-up'!
LoquaciousQuark chapter 2 . 7/4/2007
HAH! I haven't even finished the chapter yet, but I just had to tell you how brilliant the opening to this is! "I think you have the chance to really build a relationship here, Harry." LOL! That's so perfect; I can totally see Hermione saying that. Genius writing-if only I could read faster!
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