Reviews for The Seventh Horcrux
Alwin-nl chapter 15 . 10/20/2023
I can’t stop reading this utter train wreck of a story, just out of sheer curiosity of how much worse your characters can get. What a bunch of Mary sues haha
Alwin-nl chapter 14 . 10/20/2023
Pussy potter to malfoy: “I’m sorry”. He should’ve added “can I please suck your cock, master”?

I’m actually starting to hope the little whining bitch gets killed by Voldemort by removing all his flesh from his bones. Perhaps then we’ll be able to see if he even has a spine.
Alwin-nl chapter 13 . 10/20/2023
Some people actually LIKE malfoy? Huh.

Guess some parents toss the baby and raise the afterbirth.
Alwin-nl chapter 9 . 10/20/2023
Information or not, I’d have chucked the malfoys out on their ass. Let them get killed, or better yet, kill them before chucking them out and dump them someplace public like diagon alley. They deserve death.
Alwin-nl chapter 3 . 10/19/2023
So Harry is still a whining little bitch with a temper even at 16. Check.
Alwin-nl chapter 2 . 10/19/2023
Sorry man, but Hermione isn’t a naive 12 year old anymore. She’d never try to “build a friendship” with a pos like petunia. Especially after she’s seen how Harry is treated.

This story is way too convoluted for its own good.
kcrump88 chapter 33 . 12/23/2022
You even have Dumbledore greeting him! I am constantly amazed by your powers of prognostication!
kcrump88 chapter 32 . 12/23/2022
In all of the hundreds of FF stories I've read that is the first time I've read that solution. It's unique and is completely plausible. Very well done!
kcrump88 chapter 25 . 12/16/2022
You did it again! Look at you not only correcting who would die but having them found hand in hand. Well done!
kcrump88 chapter 6 . 12/15/2022
I just looked at this story's date and the release date for Deathly Hallows. Supreme Kudos for figuring out Horcrux Harry before the book was released! Very impressive!
wiebenor chapter 1 . 11/9/2022
good book, but could use a proper book cover, or perhaps one exists that I could download from somewhere to update my epub copy with? either way, this has a permanent spot in my epub library, and if I ever lose it, I always come back to redownload it...
Elly chapter 1 . 10/27/2022
I tend to take a peek at reviews before I start a fic just to get a temperature and holy shit I am so irritated with the one before me that was unable to read that the fic came out in 2006, which is a smaller number than 2007 and they're both "AD" dates so logic would say that nothing in Deathly Hallows was canon at that point so it was a canon fact that Snape was actually a traitor. I doubt the author still reads these but I had to get my frustration out :)
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 37 . 7/23/2022
Dudley one hundred percent killed his parents. But why? Also, why didn’t you make James’ middle name Sirius or remus? Not Harry? That’s dumb. I’m glad everyone got their happy ending. Great fic. ;)
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 36 . 7/23/2022
Wow. Draco enjoying jet skiing is surprising. I love jet skiing. Sadly we had to give our jet skis away. Love that Harry and Ginny did it! And Hermione knew! And of course Ginny was going to tell her all about it. Lol. I’m glad they’re all going back to complete their final year, well for Ginny it will be her Sixth Hear. Though I’m sure they can make an exception. Love that Fleur noticed that the love did wonders to Harry and not the sea. Great story! Fantastic fic. Even if Snape should’ve been good because he is. :)
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 35 . 7/23/2022
So Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione are going to stay with Andromeda and Ted and Draco? Lol. Thank god Harry’s getting better. And no one else died?
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