Reviews for The Seventh Horcrux
Someone chapter 4 . 7/2/2014
I really like this fic so far! Please don't mind me being a perfectionist but I just want to remind everyone that Ginny's patronas is a hoarse, not a tiger. So sorry for my useless critism and I hope u get many more people hooked onto this story :)
Ani chapter 21 . 5/17/2014
Eu de MOrtification? Oh my God...that was the funniest thing I've ever read...even better than some of JKR's Gred and Forge oops! Fred and George
mctwist chapter 1 . 4/29/2014
Dear Melindaleo,

I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I must write anyway. I, like many, many people, first read this exceptional fanfiction back in July 2007, when it was passed around as what was supposed to be an early-release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was created via PDF, with the official cover, and no author was given, so readers were meant to presume it was the real deal. It was passed around torrent sites like wildfire in the lead up to the launch of DH.

I acquired it, though I forgot about it and didn't begin reading until well after DH had been released, by which time I obviously knew that it was a work of fanfiction. Being a fan of thorough DH rewrites/prediction fics, etc, I read it anyway and enjoyed it immensely. It was lovely.

As I prepared to begin reading it again this week, I thought that I would attempt to track down the anonymous author. With a bit of googling, I ended up here, where the story was obviously originally uploaded, and with proper accreditation no less.

Do not be upset that someone has done this with your fic- after all, if they hadn't, I probably never would have read it. But regardless, thank you for this masterpiece. It is a wonderful alternative to Deathly Hallows, and I think it speaks volumes to the quality of your writing that this could be shared so widely as a legitimate Rowling novel.

Best wishes,

Guest chapter 37 . 3/21/2014
Oh dmmit the next lord idiot just what the world needed. Just fabutastic

Can we just skip to where james kills him
Epeefencer chapter 23 . 3/6/2014
Though I can kind of see the Wizengamot turning to someone like Umbridge in a misguided attempt to bring control and stability to the Ministry, I also think that once her demands and restrictive measures made things worse they would get rid of her just as quickly. Though a few Aurors may have a desire for power, most would probably resign as soon as her policies began to cause widespread deaths of their ranks. If the Corp resigned enmass she'd have no one to enforce her decrees. Her plan for negotiating with Voly would also not go over well with the majority of Ministry and the Wizengamot. To many deaths. I see it as a weak plot device. Up till now a strong story, but it is weakened by this.
geekzgalore chapter 6 . 10/23/2013
Wow. You hit the spot there with Harry is a horcrux guess. How did you arrive at this conclusion?
anasveltana chapter 37 . 10/16/2013
I can't believe I found this fic. My bro thought it was the real book and brought it home. Its really awesome and I almost believed this to be the real book, though its not JKR's style. This is really interesting read. Favoriting
Heidinanookie chapter 1 . 9/5/2013
Fancy finding this here! Do you know that this was the very first Harry Potter fanfic I ever read? Back then it was circulated as the leaked seventh book in the forum I frequented. I was sceptical but when I started reading, you had me convinced almost instantly that I was reading the real thing! Brilliant job at imitating JKRs style! It took me quite a while to get my first doubts because of certain words and phrases that JKR would never use... but anyway. I was so immersed in it and so excited about the ending that my parents thought I was mad. I remember it quite clearly. :D The couldn't understand how I could get that worked-up about a book!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the great time I had reading this back then!
GinnyHarry4ever chapter 37 . 8/3/2013
One of the best Harry Potter fan fictions I have read, by far. Awesome writing too! I almost cried in some parts. I love the way you're able to get the characters' feelings across to the reader! I really hope there's a sequel even if there's another Dark Lord coming. I saw it coming, but that didn't stop me from groaning. Poor Harry and Ginny can never catch a break can they.
Jenetikitty chapter 37 . 7/24/2013
This was absolutly perfect... except for that "to be continued"! :) still, the promise of a sequel (that I dearly hope is written) us deeply enticing!

Thank you for the fantastic ride!
Jenetikitty chapter 32 . 7/24/2013
oh wow, didn't see that coming, how AWESOME :D
I'm still kinda bummed that Snape didn't get a last minute reprieve there... I understand that that this was written between books 6 and 7, and that the author had to make up their own mind about Snape and his motivations and actions... but I guess, here in 2013, Snape's love of Lily and conflicted nature are my favorite parts of the character, so other depictions of him-ones without those aspects-seem false or hollow to me. Not that, of course, I'm accusing the author of mistreating a character or writing something wrong... just one point of tarnish for me in an otherwise amazing story that has kept me up FAR too late :) Of course, arguably, expecting.. hoping for Snape to still be one of the good guys arguably improves the story because I'm not sure what's coming :)

Anyway, this was a fantastic read, and I"m looking forward to reading the rest... as to the question about harry making his own horchrux - I love it. Makes more sence to me, even, then what happened in canon. :)
Jenetikitty chapter 23 . 7/23/2013
This is such an awesome fic! I feel so bad for Percy :C And I hate so much that Snape seems to be an evil jerkface... but, I have faith in the author! :D (faith that a good story will result, I'm not expecting an 11th hour reprieve for Snape or anything, though, pleasant surprise if that happens!) ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER :D
Jenetikitty chapter 2 . 7/20/2013
The last few weeks, I've been trying to nibble through a fanfic that promised to maybe eventually get better. Page after page of drivel and character bashing and mary-sue-harry-whodoesn't-act-like-harry-at-all... I didn't realize how terrible it was until I read the first two chapters of this. Good writing, I forgot how sweet it could taste. 3

This is a lovely story so far.. :D I'm enjoying it considerably. I love magical!dudley :D and peacemaker!hermoine! :D
atty.jannie chapter 37 . 6/24/2013
WOW! This is one great fan fiction! I seriously love reading this! I sincerely hope there is a sequel! Want to read more!

Congrats on a job well done!
Nifty Niffler chapter 37 . 5/6/2013
NO! It can't be over! I'm crying now. kidding. but I am sad it's over. Well, I'm assuming Dudley was involved in some fashion with his parents' deaths. Question is, is he on track to be another Voldemort type? Wish there was a sequel. Great story.
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