Reviews for Dragonseeker: Heritage
Kitty Savella chapter 1 . 5/24
This is a wonderful start so far. I think I'll be reading more quite soon.
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 1 . 5/18
WHY did you have to make it Draco? Everyone makes it Draco.
DualInsanities222 chapter 1 . 4/1
A new paragraph needs to be started EVERY time someone new begins speaking.
YinKeket chapter 10 . 2/25
yay the dark lord died and that's the end of him. wow really Draco pushing Harry then away then go after him again in wanting him. silly Harry learning what went on while he was in the hospital. wow got jealous over his cousin Sirius and dragged Harry for love making lol. awesome Harry and Draco were loud and Sirius and Remus heard it oh my. lol. lol awesome on Snape running away from Sirius wearing red and white outfit. awww they are going to open gifts. go Harry for the gift he gave on Harry and Draco will have a child together and why Harry kept eating so much. yay Harry is flying what he loves. glad Draco's mother is safe and with for other creatures to have jobs just like everybody else. yay for Harry for wanting another child. yay sexy time for Draco and Harry,
YinKeket chapter 8 . 2/24
Hermione has lost her mind now. too much and she will get sick. whahahahah on Draco bugging the crap out of Snape too funny. poor Snape. oh so Snape is making a potions that can make vampires give birth awesome. that's my Snape for you. good thing Hermione is getting help to feel better. yes i really hope Draco's mother can live through this and see Draco's and Harry's kids.
YinKeket chapter 7 . 2/24
poor Harry having to go though more changes. it's good for them to write down what is going on so they can add more new information about the Dragonseekers. awwwwwwww Snape think Draco as his own son which i can see that. that is a funny sight a drunken Draco creature. glad the students are learning that two magical creatures have awoken. ok weird on Takashi telling Ron and Hermione to meet him in his office. i wonder if Takashi wanted Ron,hmmmmmmmmmm
YinKeket chapter 6 . 2/24
lol poor Harry in his dragon form doesn't like sweets. lol wow Harry would be with child on the first go my my. sexy time. oh man the school is gone into chaos. oh man in the dream they were close to sexy time until Harry was hurting made Draco pissed. man he changed into his other forms to find his mate. go Snape getting Draco to calm down thanks to Draco's mother. glad they are moving him in another room so he won't hurt students.
YinKeket chapter 5 . 2/24
oh my Ron was having a wet dream about Hermione and she is right there lol. lol on her throwing the book at his head and him not knowing what's going on. my my on his hands movement hints the book. well Hermione spilled her guts out to the teacher. go Draco seeing as his godfather Snape knows where Harry is. also know Draco's mate is not a she but a he. how cute Harry really wants to fly as i knew he would. awwww he saw a building he loved so much. ah i see Draco found out it is a male. poor Harry, wait now he changed his mind after Harry wanted a different mate who will loved man so easy having his bed fix like that with magic. wow Draco being a jerk face of having a male mate. trust me when he see Harry in his dragon form i think he won't complain again.
YinKeket chapter 4 . 2/24
yay clothes shopping will be fun for Harry. awww Harry is happy he has some of his father in him. good for him loving himself more everyday. now when he see his mate. oh man things will get crazy one way or another. loving the gifts Harry got from his friends. go Tonks sneaking around and getting stuff. glad Harry is laughing with Sirius here and having fun with his fav Remus is there too sweet. lol ic an see it now Sirius and Remus glaring at each other being cute. lol on Snape wanting to get Draco back for the stunt he pulled. oh man he broke Ginny's neck. i just hope Draco's mother real mother will be alright. go Snape for being epic. awwww tiny dragon Harry and Sirius was having a ball. poor Harry having a hard time getting his wings to work. awwwwwwwwwwww Harry look so damn cute. that is funny and cute Harry checking himself out in the mirror. lol a tiny cute stuff toy i can see that lol. thank you for explaining what Harry is in his three forms.
YinKeket chapter 3 . 2/24
poor Harry having trouble taking a bath. they need bigger shower area for their wings. poor Harry getting used to his new body parts. lol on the story Sirius was telling Harry about his father and him. awesome on the story learning what a Dragonseeker came from. yay his godfather is being close to Harry. oh so Harry likes males and females like his father. epic win on Harry training in the forest. awesome of never aging. lol. shake head Ron is never quite when you need him to be. poor Hermione. awesome the plan to get the Slytherins lol. awww Dean is so cute talking muggle ways. oh damn Draco's other side showed up. oh man all three of them got caught. Snape will have their heads and points. good for Draco trying to save his mother and leave the dark lord alone. i know that will make Harry happy a little that Draco hates his father and the dark lord.
YinKeket chapter 2 . 2/24
wait what the poor mother worried over her son. wow so the older Mr. Malfoy is cheating with Narcissa's sister. sad day at that. yep Snape is pissed, i want to know why. i beloved Lilly's son is awesome and has creature statues. awesome on the type of test to see what Harry is can't wait. oh my keep all males away from Harry then why are you sending Sirius in there last time i check he is a man good luck Sirius trying to tell Harry to take a male mate as his future lover now and forever. hey Harry can fly now in the sky as much as his want to feel this Draco's mother got him the book about Dragonseekers. lol awesome on Draco trying to clean himself. oh Draco wait and see that your mate is Harry. this is going to be good.
YinKeket chapter 1 . 2/24
i am liking the new teacher Takashi. oh Snape lol. oh cool a Veela finds their mate and mate with them for a long time. that is epic mock battle with some creatures. i love this new style of his teaching. oh man Harry's neck is getting blood and being poked at. i swear Harry is in the hospital bed more times than not. oh the man the wall have ears and eyes that is scary. oh wow Harry was in pain the whole night poor guy. wait what a Dragon is on his back. a what a Dragonseeker blood uh my Harry is a submissive. loving the wings on his back. oh man a dominant Dragonseeker this is going to be wow Atlantis was in ruins because of a dominant Dragonseeker, to sad and no males near Harry this is going to be good. oh pretty blue on Harry. oh ma so Draco is a Dragonseeker. hints his name mean Dragon. also when he finds out Harry is his mate. i wonder if he would feel bad for what did to him, but if he didn't do that then Harry wouldn't have his Dragonseeker blood awaken.
bloodedlife94 chapter 10 . 1/10
nice story :)
SlytherinLuv4Eva chapter 1 . 12/23/2014
Ooooooohhh,I like
Lavonya chapter 1 . 11/25/2014
"He" Draco not "she"...
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