Reviews for As Long as we Both Shall Live
WalrusMongler chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
God damnit man, I want more! I know you published this, what, 6 years ago but still. Every time I play through the Polaris side of things I, not so secretly, hope that there will be some sort of love between Mu'Randa and "Myself". Even though I feel Ory'Hara gets a little douchey and cocky towards the end, but I suppose he has every right to. Anyways, great story man. And to be honest, I was waiting for something a bit more sexual to happen; some hot 'n' passionate shit, ya know? But hey, whatever.
Lomoco chapter 1 . 1/12/2009
One word: "Superb."

...there's another for my Subscribed List...

Yes, you have a real knack for capturing the same feeling that I'm sure most all of us felt as we played through the Polaris storyline. I strongly think you should write another work in addition to this one (picking up where this one leaves off). I know that may seem a bit difficult, but I'm sure you'll think of something...

Yes, I know that it seems rather easy to just end it here, but hey, more is always good. Perhaps you could somehow tie in the return of Krypt... That would be interesting...

...hmm... Other significant figures... Wraith? Not a lot is known about them, maybe you could 'weave' them into a story... Start with background history (you'll make most of it up, intelligently), then another conflict between them and the Polarans...

Looking forward to future works! (Maybe even a full book about the life of Ory'hara start-to-end... and beyond?)

Also check out /s/2077696/2/OryHara_Unabridged if you haven't already. Might give you some more ideas.

Best wishes!

ScFiAddict3291 chapter 1 . 1/11/2007
Great story, and download the plugins that port the other two to E.V.N. it makes life much better.
Scout29 chapter 1 . 10/4/2006
Woah... pretty neat, that's for sure. But also sad... the way you portrayed Mu'randa as hiding the fact that she was disappointed at her own failure was very good. Perhaps I'll put you on my author alert list, eh?
Rhynim chapter 1 . 7/18/2006
sweet lil story, i was wondering if any 1 would write somthing like this, any who for the other story line the aurun story line has a far bit of romance, or the wild geese played as a female. just some hints :)
Ardonius-Servant-Of-Zeta chapter 1 . 4/22/2006
Polaris storyline was great, but I did the Vell-Os one first. I'd have to say, all of them are pretty good, except the Pirate storyline. Aurouran campaign was especially good, but I have to say, Polaris does take the cake.

Of course, at the end of the Federation storyline you get to rule the galaxy...

Anyway, You wrote the characters out well, I would like to read more of your work, especially in Ev Nova. I think I'm going to go speculate on the happenings of what happens when someone lands on Kont's ring...which is supposedly some crazy gate...
GameGuardian2x chapter 1 . 4/4/2006
This is the only good Ev fanfic on this site so far. I blame nova. It's not as condusive to fics as overide or the original EV, and most of the old EV/EVO fanfic cres is long gone.

In any case, excellent work. Wish i could get some EV stuff done, but i just never seem to be able to finish a fanfic ever.

Interesting pairing there. Then again, I'm the guy who had Bibly X Rebel Dockmaster dude browing in the back of my head, so I shouldn't talk
Arc Trader chapter 1 . 2/28/2006
Eh, not bad!

Of course, bear in mind I'll probably be the only one who reviews this, considering that there are few other hardcore EV Nova fans like myself.

BUT! I was already warming up to the concept of the story. I was just waiting, just *waiting,* for something to happen between Ory'Hara and Mu'Randa in the Polaris story. But it didn't. Must be because what would happen if Ory'Hara was a woman... huh. But c'mon, you could get some with Savard or Jestorna in the Auroran story depending on gender...

The archetype of the "ordinary man becomes a god" is played out well here with Ory'Hara... or Ryushi, in your case, having all the omnipotence of a god but not the omniscience. A dangerous combination indeed, and it is no surprise he is so insecure about his abilities. That everyone else is terrified and in awe of him is completely understandable, save for Mu'Randa. After all, she knew him back when he was still but a mortal.

If I have to criticize, I'll say that Ory'Hara's subordinates didn't really seem like they had a point to the story. "Oh, make sure no one intrudes on us." Eh, he could do that himself.

And some of the dialogue between Ory'Hara and Mu'Randa felt a bit... repetitive. But... still sweet all the same.

As for EV Nova in general, I liked the Rebel storyline the best. The Auroran, Polaris, and Vell-os stories all had you becoming an incredible legend and transcending matter and reality. The Federation story was awesome as you were evil, but... you were evil. And the Pirate story was too short and simple. The Rebels, you did what you had to do, no, the universe isn't perfect, and you simply faded away into the shadows. My kind of deal.

And you were also Ory'Hara. Whee!


- Phantom Kensai