Reviews for Binary
arabella15 chapter 65 . 3/15
Absolutely fantastic. I normally really dislike Erik and Christine stories because of the way Christine is normally portrayed. Let's just say you hit the nail on the head. It's really been a pleasure to read.
Kalia of Camelot chapter 65 . 2/1
Wow. What a story. Well done
electronic.neko chapter 65 . 1/21
I can't agree with Christine's decision to coerce Erik into taking off his mask. It was especially unfair to ambush him and make him decide on the spot. He might not have agreed if she asked in advance, but I think the more mature approach would have been to secure his permission BEFORE the ceremony. And if he wanted to get married with the mask on, that's the kind of decision he should get to make for himself. I don't think it is particularly loving behavior to force someone into a corner the way Christine did, because she thought she knew what was better for Erik than Erik did. Yes, in the end he chose to acquiesce, but in my opinion, that was not an auspicious way to begin their married life. Given a similar opportunity to pressure Christine into making a decision "for her own good," Erik made his opinion clear but left it up to her.
electronic.neko chapter 63 . 1/21
Oh no, Meg had to beard the lion in his den! I suppose it was fair that she had to come to him, given that he had to go out of his comfort zone just to hear her apology. And meeting in public wouldn't have been "neutral territory" for Erik. But what a way to heighten the tension of what was already going to be emotionally charged encounter (for both of them).
electronic.neko chapter 59 . 1/20
I spy another LOTR reference...
electronic.neko chapter 58 . 1/20
Oh dear, that combination of people seems to be an awful lot of stress to put on Erik at once.
electronic.neko chapter 53 . 1/20
electronic.neko chapter 50 . 1/20
Ok. I forgave Meg when she said told her (horrible) boyfriend to tell the police she deserved it if Christine and Erik killed her. And when she cleaned up so they wouldn't have to. But it's fair that Erik and Christine are still pissed. She needs to do some hardcore apologizing for her carelessness.
electronic.neko chapter 49 . 1/20
Pff. I laughed a little at Erik's prejudice against cursing; some situations simply demand it. And in certain hands, it can be quite an outlet for creativity.
electronic.neko chapter 47 . 1/20
The actual f*ck! Meg had better be prepared to grovel, after all the damage that slip did.
electronic.neko chapter 44 . 1/20
Very sweet. I'm glad Christine didn't end up on the couch, even if Erik had to be hopped up on pain medication to keep things chaste.
electronic.neko chapter 43 . 1/20
All the characters are so devious! They all mean well, but I'm not sure I'd care for the constant plotting.
electronic.neko chapter 42 . 1/20
Awwwww. Nice to see Erik's fedora has a dual function in insulating him from the public.
electronic.neko chapter 41 . 1/20
I got so distracted by the note at the end of the last chapter I forgot to squeal over Erik's LOTR reference! It was wonderful.

I don't really blame Erik for answering insults with punches, really. He has a short fuse and it would be infuriating for anyone, being repeatedly called out for something they had absolutely no control over. I'm a little tickled to see Erik's steep learning curve applied to fistfights, actually. I suppose that given the damage to his face, he had a particularly strong incentive not to let anyone land a punch on him; I'm guessing it would be particularly easy to break bones in his face, since he doesn't have much in the way of padding from muscles, fat, etc. The history of fighting also explains why he spent time in jail.
electronic.neko chapter 38 . 1/20
I was feeling that it wasn't fair of Christine to make things contingent on Erik. But, it seems to have inspired his sense of theatricality, so now I'm happy.
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