Reviews for Four Hands Around
Teddy1008 chapter 4 . 1/21/2015
Great job! I loved it.
jerricho chapter 4 . 2/3/2013
I enjoy your stories. so sweet and sad at the same time.
FireFly07 chapter 4 . 5/8/2010
The change should have been jarring, but somehow it wasn't. I'm impressed at how you switch between the good ol' days in Aman to the angsty end of it all. The last moments of Ambarussa were really sad...but it was still impressive. Good work on this.
FireFly07 chapter 3 . 5/8/2010
Aw. It's nice to read a story where the whole House is together and having a good time, with all those little uncomfortable moments destroyed by someone or the other. Personally, I like how you gave Finarfin a somewhat loud attitude...heehee. I still love how you write, and I was really amused when the adults all went, "No!" when Maglor suggested Whoop Whoop Whoop! Great piece of work!
FireFly07 chapter 2 . 5/8/2010
I love your stories! They all are well-rounded, balanced with solemnity and mischief. I do like the parts where they were waiting, there was just enough of both!
And a crying Maedhros! *sob* I agree that there should be an award for the story that makes you cry the most. Great work!
You also made it easy to understand Nerdanel and Feanor respectively, and for that I must make you one of my Fave Authors. Now, onwards to the next chapters!
Lindale chapter 4 . 4/25/2008
I need my tissues, do you aim to make people cry at withthis story? *sobs ALOT* There should be an award for the story which makes you cry the most!

So beautiful! all of it, from the calm of chapter 3 to the pain and death on chapter 4. Maglor and Finarfin are the peacemakers it seems.

I can see why this was so highly recommended to me! It is so very very emotional and incredibly well crafted.

Nice charactization of the house of Finwe thought. I loved the way Indis was portrayed as the Grandmother who never was. Maedhros was shown as mature but nervous of the past and his Grandmother and her fate.

The way you described Nerdanel and her one fea thing was very interesting for I have not seen that reason before. It truly makes them seem one. Live and die together as one.

I think they should have the Best of Favourites on here because this would certainly qualify!

IVIaedhros chapter 4 . 5/2/2007
A touching bit of characterization-

"Maedhros took a deep breath and offered the candy to the twins on the palm of his left hand. The twins looked at the candy and then at Maedhros, and he hoped that they did not realize that he was offering them sweets from their own pantry."

For some reason, that just summed up the whole sad situation. How the mighty have fallen indeed.
Rhaella chapter 4 . 4/3/2006
Loved it. I'm very glad you did choose to play with the meaning of "last sons," and I think you fulfilled your aim.
the surly mermaid chapter 4 . 3/27/2006
The switch from the happy Feanorian family to the slaughter at Sirion was quite a shock, but the contrast worked well, I thought. I would have liked to see more in-between moments, but I always want stories I like to be longer. Even though Sirion has been written about in plenty of fics, your version was still captivating. I look forward to reading more of your stories!
ZizziHungarian chapter 4 . 3/25/2006
So sad ending but the whole story is bombastic! Thank you to show it to us! Congratulation!
Ellfine chapter 4 . 3/22/2006
Excellent story! Very well done. Very emotional and very sad at the end. Nice job ont eh characterizations of all of the house of Finwe. Kudos to you!
Ellfine chapter 3 . 3/17/2006
well done! You have captured the family dymnamics of Finwe's children perfectly. The tension is real and the kindness of Arafinwe always settles and brings calm. Wonderfully done!
ZizziHungarian chapter 3 . 3/16/2006
Nice chapter again! But Feanor is a little bit arrogant sometimes I think. Continue soon!
someone lost XD chapter 1 . 3/13/2006
lovely fic! :D
ZizziHungarian chapter 2 . 3/12/2006
Really nice again! Don't stop it here, continue please! I want to know more about the twins.
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