Reviews for Thinking About You
Reader101w chapter 2 . 7/21/2010
Sweet story,

Seems like Debra is getting back on her feet, thanks to support of her friends and family who are all there for her.

So now Felix knows the deal, will Debra tell the others as well?

keep up the good writing,

Goinghome chapter 2 . 3/11/2006
You hit a lot of tender spots in my heart with this episode! That was so beautiful how Debra's friends and their families were thinking about Debra all at the same time. She will definitely survive and get through it all with friends like Kim and company. That scene in Felix's van where he presented Debra with a brand new keyboard with all of her original music downloaded in as per Wade's skills just caused my eyes to tear up. You really demonstrated how true love and friendship can help one to overcome and survive major tragedies and setbacks. I love how you changed the scenes from location to location. I could just close my eyes and hear the various voices speaking and smell the various dining room as the respective parties enjoyed or prepared for their dinners. That was so funny when you had Debra's friends call her on her cell phone to wish her well and teasing her about what may happening in Felix's van. Too bad you didn't have Rufus dial in and as Debra and Felix are staring in a stunned manner at the cell phone as Rufus is chittering his good wishes to Debra and Felix. Then before Debra is able to shut down the phone, George calls in. Just a thought. Unless, I've missed it, I notice most of your episodes centered mostly on Kim, Ron, Felix, and Debra. You had an episode centered mainly on the Tweebs once. Any thoughts on an episode centered on Monique? I vaguely recall her major was pre-med. Just a thought, but if it is her major, before Monique applies to med school, some volunteer experience at a hospital will be needed. That experience can run the gamit from the observing in the operating room, working on the Pediatric Ward or the Emergency Room(just be careful not to be in the way when a code happens), helping to transport patients to and from their rooms or ward(she can't really transport Psych patient because they may try to run which may be interesting if you choose to write about this). Another thought would be Monique working in an Anatomy class at Upperton U. How does she react to a cadaver? With so much enthusiasm that Kim, Ron, Debra, Felix, George, and Loretta are turning shades of green during lunch or dinner as Monique share about the fun time she's having in Anatomy and what she found in one of the cadaver(a string of pearls or beads, believe me this is a true story). Anyhu, just to let you know, you're one of a small handfull of authors I look up everytime I get on the Fanfiction website to see what new writings have you done for KP. Great job! Keep it up and keep the series going! Love your other KP writings as well!
flynnyo chapter 2 . 3/6/2006
Anoter great story by JpMod. Keep it up mate don't keep us waiting for the next one to long.

I recon it would have been funny if George called to. I could just imagine Felix going off at him.
Jasminevr chapter 2 . 3/2/2006
Really sweet. I liked this story alot.

In Pain King vs. Cleopatra, it was mentioned Monique had a brother. After Monique shows her support for Pain King in the cafe and then after Kim expressed her surprise, Monique "I know, it's tacky. But my brother hooked me up!"

Anyway, can't wait for more on the Debra's history AND WHAT HAPPENED DURING KIM AND RON'S SUMMER AFTER THE PROM!
whitem chapter 2 . 3/2/2006
This continues to be a great series... I'm very interested in finding out about Debra's history. I really enjoy her as your OC...
campy chapter 2 . 3/2/2006
Very nice story. Lots of tender moments.

Eagerly looking forward to your next one.