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J.P chapter 11 . 8/6/2009
Hello! I thank you VERY MUCH for making the link to the end of this story more accurate! The last time I put the link in I guess I messed up and I had to sift through all of the stories in chronological order. I hope I didn't come of as rude/bossy when I asked for a more accurate link. It's just that this really was a great fic that I just had to have the ending to it! : ) I thought what you had written was superb and kept with the characters and their personalities! The last line you gave for Watanuki ( I won't spoil it by typing it here ) was so hilarious! BTW I have to disagree with you in your authors note about you lack of skills when writing. I feel you did an outstanding job, giving the pairing a more realistic moment together. It was tender and invoked quite a number of emotions. You have quite a talent which I would hate to see end. I know it's a readers dream to keep an author writing such fantastic stories (which is why I don't want to sound like I'm kissing your rear end just to keep reading more), but when I read something great I just have to make sure the author Knows that it is indeed great ! So keep up the wonderful writings! X D
J.P chapter 11 . 8/4/2009
Wow this was one amazing story! I thought it was very well written with an intriguing plot. What more could a reader ask for? Well... one tiny little thing. I wanted to read the end of this particular act (Act 304 Scenes 12 thru 14) but I can't seem to find it anywhere! I even removed the spaces too ! : ( IF it were possible to get a more accurate link could you please provide it for your readers? Aside from that, wonderful story that I just finished reading. Hoping to find more of your work online since this one was so fascinating. Keep up the writing you're doing such a fantastic job ! X D
yuMeNami chapter 13 . 1/15/2009
and they live happily ever after! yahoo..very nice story! i love it,.
RebbeLi chapter 13 . 1/22/2007
I love it! Great job, I really like how you made Watanuki so matchure, he's all grownup but still has his time when his old skriming self comes back Love it, And I also like how you made Doumeki, that he got scared, you are one of the first I read that made him seem more human, I don't know if I'm making any scens at all, But I really really love this story! I'll keep it in my "favorites" list :D ( and it was a cute extra whit little Haruka, the got a baby, so cute)


Sorry for my bad english
Dovey chapter 13 . 1/6/2007
You're not a sicko because I write my fics by hand before I start typing them, too. Well, some of them, anyway. XD Maybe it's because I find sitting in front of my comp and thinking is not good, though it is much more efficient to do so, eh? XD Once I have them written on paper, I can revise and make changes if I want when I type it out, and I'll be able to catch the mistakes I did on paper. See? Sick-o's or so you call yourself are merely people who like to do things right (more like careful?), or have ideas and have no access to a comp atm and instead, write their ideas/plots on paper. )

Dovey is not my pen-name so you will not find me if you look for me. X3 (well, I doubt an apsiring writer like you could care less, so tata~ XD)
shiroi-yume chapter 13 . 12/24/2006
Thank you so much for writing another act for us fans!

I love how you portrayed little Haruka and Haruka-jiisan!

Overall, this is a great fic! _

I hope you'll start writing other fics~ I'll be sure to read and review it~
Skies chapter 13 . 12/21/2006
Thank you so much for writing this last act for us. It was really, really sweet- big Haruka visiting little Haruka made me almost cry, and I was very happy with how you portrayed little Haruka! It was very realistic- I was instantly reminded of my cousin, who turned four six days ago.

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be continuing the story, but I loved it all the same. I'll keep it in my "favorites" list, and I'll probably re-read it again someday in the future.

Let me know if you're going to write anything new! I'll be sure to read and review it.
Aria DC al Fine chapter 12 . 12/19/2006
Hoeh? I'm sorry but I think (I think!) I've read all CCS manga (It's only up to 14 volumes, right? Please tell me if I'm wrong) but I never saw Sam anywhere...and why is Fujitaka all-knowing? Clow? I thought at the end of the manga Eriol gave away half of Clow's power to Fujitaka so that Fujitaka can see Nadeshiko and that's it? I'm confused. Please message me!
Aria DC al Fine chapter 1 . 12/19/2006
Wow...this is a wonderfully-written story...You seem to know a lot about Japanese mythical do you do it? Aside from that, I agree with Kiira-san in a sense that you can write Doumeki and Watanuki with minimum OOCness...insert a good angst without being overly emotional (them being boys and all)...the development of the relationship is good too! Sometimes the descriptions are not descriptive enough to make me able to imagine the places, and there are too many 'he' around...many you should use other identifications like 'the blue-eyed young man', or even 'the Steward' (Like that one!) or 'the taller one of the two'. Makes things longer but clarifies confusions. It's only a suggestion though.

Love the way you write this! Cant wait to read more xholic ffs by you! definitely puts this in my fave stories list
joviality chapter 12 . 12/18/2006
What a sweet story, with its difficulties along the way. Nicely written )
shiroi-yume chapter 12 . 12/17/2006
A great ending to a great story! _

I admit that I was a little confused about Act 306, although I read CCS. Read it a few times until I finally got it~

I hope you come up with a new story soon coz you're really great at writing!
puretsubasa chapter 12 . 12/15/2006
Is this THE END? Wah! It was soo good. Hahaha. Loved it!

Skies chapter 12 . 12/15/2006
Oh my gosh...I feel like I'm going to start crying. That ending was so cool, and the story's finally over. It's sad but awesome at the same time, and oh my gosh, I'm SO glad I decided to read this story when I did! The plot was so original, and the scenes were written so well- I couldn't find any grammar mistakes either! I'll be sad to see the story end, but I hope that you continue writing. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for new stories from you, haha...

So until then,

shiroi-yume chapter 10 . 12/6/2006
I read all 10 chapters in one shot~

You're such a great writer! I felt all the emotions you were trying to convey through Watanuki and Doumeki.. And this chapter was just so heart-wrenching! I really hope you give them a happy ending...

Do update soon, ne? I really really wanna read more!
Charadrius chapter 10 . 12/4/2006
Now that I've managed to FINALLY get the chance to review this story, I must say that it is extremely, one-hundred percent original, and awesome! Y'know, I honestly thought that this story was going to be crap when I read the summary and rating, but I finally decided one day that if I didn't read it, I'd regret it for the rest of my life. So I started reading it last night, and now I've finished on chapter ten, scene eleven. I can't wait to find out what happens when Kimihiro gets to Shizuka- I even put this fic on my Story Alert list.

Anyways, great job, and I (greatly) look forward to the next chapter!
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