Reviews for Uzumaki Sasuke
tayla hayes chapter 1 . 2/13/2016
i think it was really really good u have a great imagination
blinded little adjii chapter 1 . 7/20/2011
Huh. You made it sound like Sasuke is weak..he only got younger but he still got his memory and knowledge of his original self. Therefore he knows how to control his muscles and stuffs. He is still is smart. Him being c0nfuse and panicking isnt an excuse for making him s0und s0o weak! Keh. It isnt a exchange body fic right?
FF's Nightmare chapter 7 . 2/16/2011
Cool Story
FlagsOfDistraction chapter 4 . 1/23/2011
I listened to the song and i think its pretty good. i also enjoy this story as well. i think that sasuke will eventually see that naruto's life was harder than his
Lucy chapter 8 . 11/13/2010
I LOVE IT!SOOOOOO AWESOMEEE...what was the song they where singin through the whole thing(was it move along in japenese or somthin else)?andddd COOL ENDING!
Willwazooka chapter 8 . 4/25/2010
best story ever!
jesi ki kage chapter 8 . 9/30/2008
cool! im going to go look at the rest of your stories now!
onskidrow chapter 1 . 3/21/2007
First chapter's a bit choppy at parts. (Like Sasuke probably would've reacted more to seeing Naruto being struck by lightning) But other than that, it's interesting. I'll be looking forward to the other chapters. ]
NatsuhiboshiStar chapter 1 . 2/7/2007
This is wonderfully origional. Looking forward to further chapters!
dragoness simplicity chapter 8 . 10/12/2006
A truely complete story, filled with truth.

Write again soon.

May your muse strike you pure and true
tanithlipsky chapter 8 . 9/1/2006
Gothic Tigress chapter 8 . 8/31/2006
That was an awesome story
Sano S. Sagara chapter 8 . 8/29/2006
it was a good ending to a good fic, though it seemed a little rushed at the end of of it.

sorry to hear it is done, but it was great while it lasted.
TH3 BROK3N D0LL chapter 8 . 8/28/2006
So sad in the beginning but the end was so KAWAII! I LOVE IT!
Kyree chapter 8 . 8/28/2006
Thank you for writing such a good, easy to read story with such a good moral. To rarely fics have this kind of heart.
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