Reviews for Minor Side Effects Include
Sorikaii chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
It makes a lot of sense to me, in showing the side of Cid that we never see but has always been there.

La Editor chapter 1 . 11/20/2007
I love you.

Just wanted to get that out of the way. Tamatebako was amazing, absolutely amazing, but this just blew my head off and shot me to Nibelheim then Wutai and back. You made my day, in a demented, laugh-and-cry-at-same-time way.

Because I'm really not too much of a wuss, but this made me bawl like a baby. It really did.

Somehow, you made Cid have a very morbidly depressing thought stream, but he didn't -bathe- in it like Cloud and Squall and Vincent tend to do (Vincent mentions with Yuffentine. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH LOVE YOU GET). He kind of stays above that point, lays it off by drinking and chomping on gross dead unlit cigs. If anyone else tried to write this, save a select few people - a VERY select few - it would completely not work and just sound like utter, complete crap. This works. It is AMAZING.

Anyway, the only real thing for C.C is that in the bigger paragraphs, with all the parentheses and these things - - - - yeah, it gets a little confusing, and it's obviously supposed to be that way, of course. It's just that there's a lot of - - - these things and that's not exactly a bad thing, it just detracts from the story a little.

Anyway, DAMN girl, you made me bawl like a little kid who just got spanked, scraped their knee, and got run over by a bike. Which would be a very morbid thing to have happen. Oh, yes, and then laugh while crying. Can't forget that. (This was SO-DAMN-AMAZING. GOOD JOB, AND DAMN YOU FOR MAKING ME CRY. -SO- FREAKING GOOD. NERGH. That is all. :D)

Raindog Bride chapter 1 . 7/7/2007
Love it. Love the Cid and the Yuffieness and the fucked-up unhappiness here that the GAME CHOSE NOT TO SHOW.

And Beatrix. Her with Cid makes sense to me. I loved what she chose to say when really drunk.

(and the sidelines Yuffie prose).

So it was all very depressing and urgent and kind of running together, but it worked. Quite well. So I am favoriting this. Yay for me.
textinct chapter 1 . 2/3/2007
D: I may not know you, but I'M FAIRLY CERTAIN THAT I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIEZ. .. Or, you know. Maybe just give you chocolates and cookies. Because really, who doesn't love cookies?

Cid totally needs more well-written fic!love like this. Such an underappreciated, previously-awesome and buff-not-beer-belly-tubby character. Oh, Cid. Where did the good times go, and why is there a barrel around your waist?

Your writing process sounds remarkably similar to mine. Only my soul was recently shattered not by Orange Range, but by a little song commonly known as Ra Ra Rasputin. The diet coke thing is spot on, though.

And I most definitely have a Yuffie-in-my-head. It's a side effect from long years of roleplaying. I swear to God, she's some kind of muse!squatter. She's not paying her rent, the place is a mess, I've kicked her out, and yet still she stays. D: It's the same with Cid.

Nonsensical ramblings aside, VincentYuffie for the win. Have you read Sunshine In Winter? Go. Read. Be merry. That fic single-handedly delivered me to the Vincent/Yuffie fandom. D: I've never been the same.
Meilibi chapter 1 . 12/31/2006
This is one of the most underrated stories out there. I hardly gave Cid a second thought in the game, but this is one of those great pieces that takes a minor character and fleshes them out incredibly. The grammar is strange in parts, but I suppose in this case it's more a stylistic choice than anything. The author hasn't posted anything in more than a year, which is a damn shame because she's obviously talented.
unwinding fantasy chapter 1 . 11/8/2006


...I love this.

And I'm sorry this review is so sadly inadequate, because you deserve much cookies (or whatever floats your boat) for writing this. Seriously, the best thing I've read in a long time. Can I borrow your talent?

(On a side note, your comment about Orange Range saw me falling off my chair in a fit of giggles. Listening to practically any of their songs even once is enough to send me spiralling into the depths of insanity. Er, not that I needed any help.)

Ashti chapter 1 . 5/20/2006
You mean this didn't? Make sense, I mean. After all, I never played Kingdom Hearts, and managed to get to the end of the fic and actually not get bucked off the chocobo while reading.

That's gotta count for something.. right?

Okay, so it might help that it's actually four in the morning right now, but dude, you write well. So there.

Thanks for putting it up! Cidfic good.
lost dope chapter 1 . 3/17/2006
I just loved it. It's so good to read (though I have to admit that your sentences never seem to have an end but I got used to it .) and though the pairing Cid/Beatrix feels kind of odd to me, I like how you show things. And this dialogue Cid vs. Yuffie in the end is just awesome.

You don't find often such brilliant stories on

If this review is somehow funny to read, then it's because english isn't my mother language and I beg your pardon.

Oh, and I think Cid would be a phantastic pirate, so I wouldn't worry about that _.