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Moka-girl chapter 4 . 2h ago
It had to happen eventually. Without a fight or a conflict of interest between them, the fic wouldn't have been as interesting.
Moka-girl chapter 3 . 2h ago
Aww, Gaston is really trying!
Moka-girl chapter 1 . 2h ago
Very in-character. I'm astonished by your talent. You write well. :)
RPGgirl514 chapter 19 . 2/28
THIS CHAPTER. Alright, so up to this point I've enjoyed the story and I was rooting for gaston and belle, just because I was interested to see how you would convincingly get them together ... But this chapter, with Herve being so ... WRONG for belle, this was what got me thinking gaston was finally the one for her. (I never thought I'd ever think that, so well done!) belle hasn't realized it yet, but she doesn't want to just read about adventure, she wants her life to be an adventure, and she will only get that with Gaston ... I can't wait until she figures it out! :)
melanie.campbell.3348 chapter 31 . 2/19
Loved your story!
melanie.campbell.3348 chapter 1 . 2/15
I didn't know there was Beauty and the Beast ff. This is my first one. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie. I am intrigued at your story. :)
Guest chapter 31 . 2/10
that was the best Belle/Gaston story ever! it was really wonderful and brilliant! thanks for sharing!
PatPattes chapter 31 . 2/4
So it's 3am and my essay due at 9 isn't nearly done, and yet I don't regret the hours I've just spent reading your story. As you wrote it yourself, a GastonBelle pairing sounds weird—and yet you've managed to make it work so well I can't wait to read the sequel!
(I'm not really good at this writing review stuff, so I'll keep it short: thank you so much for your story! Belle has always been one of my favourite characters, and I love what you've done with her (not to mention the literary analyses) :))
raulle chapter 31 . 1/23
Marvelous story! I never thought about this pairing until one day of pondering about the existence of oddities of the world got me to think how these two would work if Belle never met Adam. I like how you worked with their personalities! The fact that it isn't only Gaston who has flaws but also Belle. I was always wary of the way Belle described her town, if only she'd put down a book (though I know it'd be difficult) for a second or two she'd find the adventurous side of life in town...I would know, because I learned that a few months ago and I was pleasantly surprised! Anyway, great job in doing your take in this odd pairing. :)
Guest chapter 31 . 1/9
I just spent 6 hours straight reading this. That might sound a little ridiculous but this was so wonderful, I couldn't stop. While Beauty & the Beast was one of my favorite princess movies growing up, as I get older the plot grew more and more vapid. Simply put, it's "Don't judge a book by it's cover" taken to the extreme.
I always hated the fact that both Gaston AND the townspeople were villianized. And I hated that Gaston was such a flat character. Like what? He was conceded and infatuated with a girl so he's suddenly on Scar and Ursula and Jafar's level? I don't think so.
To me, what you've written here is the true story of Beauty and the Beast. THIS is a more realistic example of a crude and selfish man who grows and changes for the better. I think what I love most about this is that you see a character development in Belle as well that was SEVERELY lacking in the actual movie. In this, Belle realized that maybe she was the root of her own problem; She dreamed of far away places but she hadn't even taken the time to explore her surroundings and she realized that by being involved in her own life instead of dreaming about another, she could create her own adventures and find her happiness. Additionally, Gaston didn't have to HOLD HER AGAINST HER WILL and I loved the parallels between this and the actual story line as well as the hidden Disney references (SOW'S EAR. SILK PURSE. HA.)

Frankly, I could go on about this for hour because it was so wonderfully crafted and, as a person that NEVER reads fan fictions (Seriously ever) I can say that this deserves it's own movie adaptation or at least SOME form of recognition on a grander scale. Very well done.

P.s I cried when he finally recited the poem. Perfection 10000000/10
SoulExecution chapter 31 . 12/10/2014
Wow, I gotta say this has been one hell of a roller coaster. I'll go ahead and say that I've been a GastonxBelle shipper since the first time I'd seen the movie, but this story just made the entire pairing seem even more amazing than ever.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well you were able to keep both Belle and Gaston in character, while still giving them development that would lead to their eventual partnership. The character evolution and depth was also astounding, especially for Gaston. The way you touched upon his knowledge of hunting in contrast to a regular education and how one shouldn't be seen as inferior to the other was particularly something I loved.
Herve was an amazing addition as well, as he played a role that is really uncommon in stories, where you can't call him either a pro or antagonist, and yet he is still so easily dislikable. He is also used to perfection as a plot device to cancel out any "what if" thoughts the readers might have for Belle and a 'educated' man.
I really enjoyed seeing the quotes from both the movie and musical make their way into the story. I loved the way you were able to take quotes from "Me", a song focused on Gaston's self love, and use them in situations to illustrate the closeness of Belle and Gaston. Honestly, Belle's reaction to Gaston reading her the poem by saying that she "just doesn't deserve him" got me tearing up, and several other conversations were definitely pulling at my heartstrings.
Overall, the story was amazing and I look forward to reading the sequel sometime down the road!
Camille JA chapter 19 . 12/7/2014
Belle is turning into something she didnt want to be, always bending sideways to please a man. Instead of considering her wants Herve just wants to do his own thing. Be careful what u wish for Belle!
Camille JA chapter 2 . 12/6/2014
I really like this AU. Who would've imagined it? Your an awesome writer if you can do that! I even read a Peter Pan fanfic where Wendy/Hook was the pairing. It was actually interesting and fresh. THUMBS UP!
May Vulcan chapter 2 . 12/3/2014
Belle is my favorite Disney heroine (well she and Mulan are pretty much tied). Growing up, my love for reading spawned solely from HER adoration for books. I find sheer pleasure in seeing that the book Gaston gave to her was one filled with some of Disney's timeless classics. What's even better is that Belle mentioned Aladdin - which is filled with "far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise" and when the Princess "meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three"!

Gaston's surprise at Mulan's actions in joining the army is nothing less than what I would expect from him. Typically, his ideal girl is one that caters to his every whim and simply cannot think for herself; it is a shocker at all how he's drawn to Belle at all (Wait... I forgot he's only attracted to her beauty). I do, however, find it intriguing how out of all the fairy tales she came across, Belle's favorite was Mulan; of all the Disney classics, Mulan would seem like the most relatable to Belle.

I think that's sweet how Belle is giving Gaston and his trophies a chance. It is only fair seeing as he gave her stories a chance! She's even considered a next time, ah! Splendid.

"... like all women, she would be so happy being busy with babies and housework and doting on her husband, the way she was supposed to..." Gaston, you are positively primeval. Surely, he cannot really expect Belle to give up her books just to please him, can he? I mean I suppose he could, but he certainly shouldn't say it out loud to Belle. AHA! "... except for an occasional Hercules story..." Honestly, that's the way it works for any story. If you find it relatable or if it contains elements that you find enjoyable, it will be an easy and fun read; Gaston just needs to find more books like Hercules, haha.

Though his screen time in BATB was limited to song "Belle", I always truly admired the bookkeeper. As I may have noted while I was reading the first chapter, he seems to be the only one in the town (other than Belle) that understands and appreciates the value of books. In fact, when he insisted that she keep the book she'd checked out twice, it was just sparked my love for him even more! First of all, he actually REMEMBERED that she had checked out that book and he's accounted all the times she's read it. And secondly (and most importantly), he allows to her keep it for herself - encouraging her, the way the rest of the town fails to.

When you're alone for such a long time and ridiculed for doing something you enjoy, it's easiest to find solace in even the tiniest glint of hope; I feel as though that's what Belle is feeling right now with Gaston. While it's not a romantic interest, she is taking SOME sort of interest in him because he's pretty much the friend she's been longing for.

The Bimbettes always did irk me, reminding me of a lot of the girls I went to high school with; however, knowing that Belle and Gaston will probably end up together later on, leaving the triplets without their dream boy, brings me some delight.

"Missing the dance itself didn't bother her; she'd never been one for primping and flirting and batting her eyes. What did bother her was feeling like an outcast..." I feel like that statement alone is the reason why Belle and Mulan are two of my favorite Disney heroines. And I applaud you for putting that feeling into words because despite feeling it, it's very difficult to string the words together to make sense of feelings.

"... a 'diamond in the rough'..." Gaston? That is a riveting thought. Naturally, as a huge Disney fan myself, that line - when mentioned - initially sparks the image of Aladdin. I know the phrase in itself has more meaning in itself that Aladdin, but come to think of it, Gaston could very well fit this statement - especially with the way you have begun to portray his character to your audience. Perhaps he is a person of good character, but simply lacks the education and manners to express his character properly.

Once again, I would like to comment on how spectacular this chapter was. The title in itself was a nice reference to the movie's theme song: Just a Little Change. I'm assuming it was small, to say the least. LMAO, I'll stop with my Disney puns; I get enough of them working for Disney as it is, haha. Anyhow, it is nice to see that you are bringing Belle into the town and showing her interactions with the townsfolk, as opposed to making her isolate herself completely from them all.

Can't wait to finish reading the rest of the story! :)

- MV
May Vulcan chapter 1 . 12/3/2014
I am literally on the first paragraph of the story and I can already picture Gaston saying this to Belle in his overly macho voice. Actually, come to think of it, the more I continue, the more evident Gaston's character from the movie becomes! This is incredible so far. :)

"What do normal men do when they want to impress a girl? Men who aren't irresistibly strong and handsome, I mean?" That line alone had me cackling like a hyena. Well, that AND the fact that Gaston is actually asking LeFou for dating advice; now THAT is priceless! And all this is followed by an even more hilarious exchange between LeFou and Gaston, which makes the scene even more hysterical.

Poor LeFou, even in if it's AU, he's still getting bonked on the head by Gaston. Despite my saying that, I'm sitting at my desk laughing like a loon at all of it. LOL, but I can't help but to feel sorry for the guy; it's like he's Gaston's personal punching bag.

Imagine the bookkeeper's surprise when someone other than Belle waltzed into the bookstore. After all, just based on the movie alone, it seemed as though Belle was the only one other person in town who knew the value of books. And the fact that it was Gaston would burst through the door must've been an even greater shock for the old man. I wonder what the bookseller must be feel right now.

"'I need a book,' Gaston proclaimed in his booming voice." LOL well, he walked into a bookshop. What else would he expected to find there? At least, he went to the right place. I'll give him kudos for that. I really cannot help but to snicker a little after reading that line. Oh Gaston, so oblivious, but with good intentions! So more kudos for Gaston for that latter half of that statement.

Whoa, did Belle and Gaston just share a moment? Did they actually find common ground through books and hunting? Impossible! And yet, you managed to flawlessly transcribe their interaction. Fascinating really!

What's even more interesting is the book with which Belle has presented Gaston. "The Legend of Hercules" seems like the PERFECT story for the burly huntsman. I think it's glorious how you have depicted Belle when she reads the story to Gaston; I have always admired Belle for her love of books, so to have read that part of the story had my heart doing somersaults out of sheer joy.

I think it's quite cute how Belle takes little pauses here and there simply to add dramatic flare to her story. To top things off, Bele practically has Gaston begging to continue to which she responds with his own words about how books are all just made up.

Honestly, this is my first time venturing away from a fanfic that's not Harry Potter related, Kingdom Hearts related, and (more recently) Aladdin related. This story was actually referred to me by Musical FANtasy as I have been frequenting her Aladdin fanfic for quite some time now. Naturally, I ship any princess with her respective prince, but as of right now (and I've only just finished with chapter one) I'm rather enjoying the way you've brilliantly written out Gaston's character as well as Belle's!

Also, I noticed how you threw in some lines from the original movie. Though I'm not entirely sure if that was planned or not, I must comment on how entertained I was to come across little phrases like "the most beautiful girl in town" or "I'm just full of surprises" or even "far-off place".

I cannot wait to continue to the next chapter of this story. So far, so great! :D

- MV
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